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How to Pick a Dresser for Teenagers (+ 30 Picks for Every Style)

Dresser showcase for teens

As someone with three teenagers in the home, I can absolutely relate to the amount of clutter that quickly builds up. From socks and t-shirts to jewelry and bags, keeping a home tidy without a properly functional wardrobe and dresser setup can be quite a feat.

If you’re in the market for a new dresser for a teenager in your own home, there are a few styles, designs, and considerations to keep in mind before choosing the solution that is just right for your household. Picking a dresser for teenagers can be done by getting organized and brainstorming a vision alongside your teen before you even get started with the process of shopping for a new wardrobe. 

Calculate Available Space

When you are thinking of investing in a new dresser for your teenager, you will first need to calculate the space you are working in and have available. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin comparing desk options:

  • How big of a dresser does my teen need?
  • Where will the dresser be placed in my teenager’s room?
  • What type of clothing and/or accessories will the dresser hold? 
  • How much clearance does my teen need for where the dresser will be placed?  

Leaving anywhere between 3 and 4 feet of clearance on either side of the dresser is highly advisable, especially if you intend to move around the room or prefer to live in open spaces. If you are limited in the amount of space you have available to work with, consider a taller vertical dresser. You can also consider using stackable storage units as an alternative to traditional dressers and wardrobes. 

Whenever you are shopping for dressers of any kind, it is also important to measure the space you have available while calculating specific dimensions that are included with each of the dressers you are considering for your teen’s room. Not all dressers are built or displayed equally, which is why it is highly advisable to measure the space you plan to use for your teenager’s new dresser before finalizing your decision.  

Style & Design 

Finding the right style of dresser for your teenager is one of the most important aspects of adding new furniture to the room of any teen. Because it is your teen’s own personal space that will be renovated and updated, discussing their own style preferences and opinions can go a long way once you begin your quest to find the perfect dresser, wardrobe, or armoire. 

Traditional Wood and Classic Styles for Teenagers

If you are looking for a classy, yet modern approach to your teen’s dresser, consider the following selections:

Traditional wood dressers for teenagers


  1. Williams 7 Drawer Standard Dresser/Chest
  2. Mercury Row® Teen Coalmont 31.5” Wide 4 – Drawer Chest
  3. Millom 6 Drawer 59.33″ W by Three Posts Teen
  4. Brookside 4 Drawer Chest by Storkcraft
  5. Bellevue 6-Drawer Wide Dresser
  6. Callum Triple 3-Drawer Wide Storage Cabinet 

Modern White Classic Dressers for Teenagers

Modern and white wood dressers are useful for minimalist spaces as well as spaces designed for fairy princesses or with an antique look in mind. Some modern white dressers that are suitable for teen girls include:

Modern white dressers for teenagers

  1. Essex 31.5″ Wide 4 – Drawer Dresser
  2. Raine Drawers for Kids
  3. Kennel 5 Drawer Standard Dresser/Chest by Three Posts Teen
  4. Chelsea 6-Drawer Wide Dresser
  5. Hampton 5-Drawer Dresser
  6. Blaire 6-Drawer Wide Dresser

Tall/Vertical Dressers Teens Love

If you are limited on space or if your teen prefers a smaller, thinner, and more compact dresser, consider one of the following tall and vertical dressers designed with teens in mind: 

Tall vertical dressers for teens

  1. The Elyza 6 Dresser
  2. Millom 5 Drawer 30.91″ W Chest by Three Posts Teen
  3. Blaire 5-Drawer Tall Dresser 
  4. Colette 5-Drawer Tall Dresser (White)
  5. Kenan 5-Drawer Tall Dresser (White)
  6. West Elm X PBT Modernist 4-Drawer Tall Dresser with Jewelry Storage

Wide Dressers that Work Great for Teenagers

If you have the space available, your teen might prefer a wider dresser or one that is lower to the ground and larger horizontally rather than vertically. A few of our top choices for wide dressers that work in rooms designed for teenagers include:

Great wide dressers for teens

  1. Brighton 6-Drawer Wide Dresser (Pewter/grey)
  2. Hampton 9-Drawer Wide Dresser (White/ivory/cream)
  3. Fynn 54.38″ Wide 6 – Drawer Double Dresser by South Shore (Black)
  4. Epitome 6 Drawer 62″ W Double Dresser by Hashtag Home (White/Modern throwback design)
  5. Hype 6 Drawer 57″ W Double Dresser by South Shore
  6. Indra 6 Drawer 47.25″ W by AllModern

Colorful Pattern Dressers Examples that Some Teenagers Might Find Fun

If your teen is not as interested in classic wood dressers or if they have a theme and color scheme in their room they would like to stick to, there are colorful dresser options available for both boys and girls, such as:

Sorbus 12 Drawer Kids Dresser Organizer, Large Kids Bedroom Organization, Clothes Storage for Kids Teens Boys & Girls, Tall Closet Organizer, for Playroom, Fabric Bins - Wood Handle

Sorbus Dresser with 5 Drawers - Furniture Storage Chest for Kid’s, Teens, Bedroom, Nursery, Playroom, Clothes, Toys - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Fabric Bins (Tie-dye Purple)

Sorbus Kids Dresser with 8 Drawers - Furniture Storage Chest Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Tie-dye Fabric Bins (Pastel 1)

Budget-Friendly Dressers for Your Teenagers

For those who use Amazon and are in the market for quick and affordable solutions, fabric-based dressers are also available. From Amazon, the WLIVE 9-Drawer Dresser is an excellent choice for both boys and girls. Additional budget-friendly dressers that are suitable for both boys and girls alike include:

INTSOFT Dresser with 5 Drawers Storage Organizer for Kid’s, Teens, Bedroom, Nursery, Playroom, Extra Wide Dresser Storage Tower for Clothes, Toys ,Easy Pull Fabric Bins , Light Gray

JOYMOR 7 Drawer Chest of Drawers, Closet Organizers and Storage Unit for Clothes - Metal Frame, Wood Top, Vertical Fabric Dresser for Kids Teens Bedroom Nursery Playroom

WLIVE 10-Drawer Dresser, Fabric Storage Tower for Bedroom, Hallway, Nursery, Closets, Tall Chest Organizer Unit with Textured Print Fabric Bins, Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle, Dark Grey

Ask for Input

If you are working with your teen to find a dresser that is right for them, ask them the following questions:

  • Do you have a material preference in mind for your new dresser?
  • What do you plan to store and organize inside of your dresser? 
  • How much space do you believe you need when it comes to a new dresser?
  • Do you prefer a dresser that is wide, or a space-saver?
  • Where do you plan to place your new dresser? Do you have a location and vision in mind already, or are you open to new ideas and suggestions? 
  • Is there a specific color scheme or aesthetic that you are going for in your room or that you would like me to consider and keep in mind when I begin shopping for your new dresser?
  • Are you open to changing the layout of your room depending on the size of your new dresser? 
  • How important are drawers to you versus open spaces or graduated-sized drawers?

Q&A – How to Pick a Dresser for Teenagers 

Where is the best location to place a new dresser in a teenager’s bedroom? 

Placing a dresser in a teenager’s bedroom should be done against a wall to prevent the tipping of the dresser or accidents from occurring. Keeping the dresser out of walkways and areas where traffic is heavy is highly advisable when redecorating the bedroom of a teenager. 

What use will my teen get out of their new dresser?

Dressers can be used for more than just storing traditional pieces of clothing. Your teen may use their dresser to store personal items, accessories, makeup, and even sporting gear. Consider your teen’s needs before choosing a dresser style that is most suitable for them. 

What should I consider when choosing the material for my teenager’s new dresser? 

You should consider the age of your teenager, their level of responsibility, as well as how often your teen will be using their dresser before choosing a dresser material that is right for your home. Avoid investing in real wood if your teenager has a tendency to spill drinks and food, or if they are more careless and clumsy than the average person. Choose a fabric or faux wood solution if your teenager is still going through puberty and the process of maturing.  

How do I shop online for the best dresser for my teenager?

Shopping online is one of the most convenient methods of finding dressers for teenagers and individuals of all ages today. Some of the most popular retailers that are trusted and well-known for purchasing furniture, such as dressers, include WayFair, AllModern, and Amazon. Other online retailers that are suitable for the purchase of dressers include Overstock.

How do I ensure the dresser I purchase online is of high quality? 

When shopping for a new dresser for your teenager’s room online, research each individual retailer. Search for reviews and testimonials from credible users and shoppers of your preferred shopping outlet. Always read reviews of individual dressers you are interested in.

Seek out photo reviews and testimonials of the dresser you are thinking of purchasing for your teenager’s room to ensure it is the right size and proper quality. Use online reviews to determine which brands and manufacturers are authentic, legitimate, and of high quality before making your decision and finalizing a purchase of your teenager’s new dresser.