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16 Kitchen Ceilings Showcasing Decorative Ceiling Tiles (Photos)

If you want an impressive kitchen ceiling, you must check out these 16 decorative ceiling tiles for kitchens. Full photo gallery of 16 kitchens.

white kitchen with ceiling tiles

Ceiling Tiles for Creating a Magnificent Kitchen Ceiling

One way to enhance the design of your kitchen is to improve your kitchen’s ceiling. A great way to do this is by using decorative ceiling tiles.

What’s great about this option in addition to looking great is they aren’t difficult to install, they aren’t terribly expensive and you have a huge variety of looks, materials and styles to choose from.

Ceiling tiles are growing in popularity as many older buildings are being refurbished throughout the United States. Many of these older buildings have ceiling tiles from years ago and are either being polished or to recreate the original design, are having new tiles installed. I’ve enjoyed many coffees and beverages in old Victorian buildings with incredible tile ceilings.

Therefore it’s not surprising decorative ceiling tiles are making their way into homes enhancing ceilings of many rooms, including kitchens.

Below is our gallery of 16 kitchens that showcase different types of ceiling tiles. Our gallery will give you a good idea of how this type of ceiling will look in your kitchen (fortunately we include a diverse group of kitchen designs as well – white, wood, red wood, country and more).

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wood kitchen with metal ceiling tiles

L-shaped kitchen with natural wood cabinets featuring aluminum ceiling tiles.

white kitchen with styrofoam ceiling tiles

White kitchen design with styrofoam ceiling tiles.

white kitchen with copper ceiling

Interesting design combo here – white kitchen with copper ceiling. It looks good. The copper really stands out nicely.

traditional kitchen with decorative metal ceiling

The aluminum ceiling tiles here give this traditional natural wood kitchen a textured ceiling enhancing the overall design.

small red wood kitchen with faux tin ceiling tiles

Red wood kitchen with faux tin ceiling tiles creates a dramatic kitchen design.

new kitchen with ceiling tiles

Great looking kitchen in white and blue enhanced with a textured ceiling created with styrofoam ceiling tiles.

kitchen with wood beam and styrofoam ceiling

Here’s a terrific idea – combining exposed wood beams with styrofoam tiles to create an intricate and stylish kitchen ceiling.

kitchen with metal ceiling tiles

The shiny ceiling in this kitchen is created with aluminum ceiling tiles.

kitchen with faux tin ceiling tiles

I love this kitchen and think the faux tin tiles turn an already great kitchen into a very special design.

kitchen with decorative metal ceiling tile

The aluminum tiles seen here are probably the most dramatic in this gallery. They really give this kitchen an ornate and historic design.

kitchen with aluminum ceiling tiles

Another white kitchen with ceiling tiles – this one showcasing aluminum ceiling tiles.

kitchen ceiling with polished copper ceiling tiles

The copper tiles seen here create an extremely ornate and Victorian design. It’s not for everyone, but if you like the historic copper look, they really do make an impact.

country kitchen with copper ceiling tiles

The copper ceiling tiles in this kitchen are a perfect fit completing the country kitchen style. Imagine the ceiling in plain old white – it just wouldn’t be the same and certainly wouldn’t have the same country feel.

country kitchen with aluminum ceiling tiles

Here’s another country kitchen, this one using aluminum ceiling tiles for a polished and textured look.

White kitchen with textured styrofoam ceiling

Another one of my favorite examples – this kitchen is immeasurably improved with the chosen styrofoam tiles which result in creating a continuous textured design from the cabinets throughout the ceiling.

I appreciate some of the tiles featured in this gallery aren’t for everyone – however, the diversity in colors, styles and textures these days is impressive. If you’re renovating a kitchen or designing one, these ceiling options are at the very least worth exploring.