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Sleek Apartment Renovation and Interior Design by Normless Architecture Studio & Workplace

An Athens apartment received a sleek redesign thanks to Normless Architecture Studio & Workplace. The company provided both renovation and interior design to improve the functionality and satisfaction of the space for the owner. The living room is particularly eye-catching with it linear fireplace serving as a focal point. You will find pictures of the apartment in the gallery below.

The Renovations

The improvements made to the apartment provided a more open layout, while still maintaining separate spaces. The living room and dining room, which share a single space thanks to the openness of the apartment, still feel like different areas thanks to the linear fireplace. An open kitchen also means that the person cooking does not feel disconnected from the rest of the apartment.

A large glass sliding door offers access to a balcony where you can relax and enjoy the view of nearby homes and scenery. The floor to ceiling glass also draws in plenty of natural lighting. Sleek wood floors add a sense of modernity and comfort. A combination of white and dark gray walls appears sleek and stylish, and even a hint of industrialism to the apartment.

The Design

The interior design featured throughout the apartment feels aesthetically pleasing and functional. A large, comfortable, L-shaped sofa highlights the living room area. At the back of the couch, the wall features several solid oak shelves. Track lighting on the ceiling offers soft lighting during the evening and nighttime hours.

The couch faces the linear fireplace made with a dark colored mortar. You will find custom made furnishings throughout the apartment, such as the custom coffee table. The materials mainly used the furnishings include metal and wood. For instance, a large table graces the dining room and features a metallic base and a solid oak top. Above the table, you will find perforated metal luminaries.

The uniquely designed furnishings continue into the primary bedroom and bathroom. In the bedroom and bathroom, you will find designs such as:

  • Custom wardrobe vestibule: The vestibule that holds clothing consists of solid oak, which is then highlighted by dark lacquer knobs
  • Custom bathroom storage: In the bathroom, you will find two box-shaped counters of differing lengths – one made of wood and the other from cement
  • Custom bedroom furnishings: The bedroom contains a large bed with a movable fabric headboard and a matching bedside table made from wood

The headboard in the bedroom consists of a plush, dark colored fabric that is similar in color to the fireplace and one of the living room walls. The consistent design from room-to-room of both gray and wood maintain the sleek, industrial appearance that encompasses you from the moment you walk through the front door.

Overall, the renovation and interior design of the apartment create a space that is as inviting and relaxing as it is functional. A combination of skills ensured that space also looks as good as it feels, thus creating beautiful accommodations within a 156sqm, 2-bedroom apartment. The area could have felt cramped and crowded, but it feels open and inviting thanks to the renovations and design, which welcomes conversation among family and friends.

Design by Normless Architecture Studio & Workplace

Design by Normless Architecture Studio & Workplace