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Cortijo Juan Salvador by Marion Regitko Architects

Cortijo Juan Salvador by Marion Regitko Architects

Architect: Marion Regitko Architects, Marion Regitko

The Cortijo Juan Salvador home is nestled on a hill with magnificent views. It has a classical beauty that’s reminiscent of the historical past. This Spanish style home is clad in a stark white stucco exterior and is topped by clay-tiled roofs. Ridge turrets, wooden trims, and small windows complete the exterior of the home.

The Spanish home features a rustic double door leading to the courtyard which extends its living space. A homey interior graced with beamed ceilings, terracotta flooring, and open archways contribute to the home’s appeal. White exterior walls are mimicked inside creating a seamless flow.

The home includes a spacious balcony where breathtaking views of the mountains and hills can be much appreciated. There are plenty of seating areas to host large scale gatherings. Beautiful fresh potted plants are also everywhere adding nice touches and fabulous ambiance to the home.

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