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Bill Koch’s Ranch in Aspen, CO (Listed for $100 Million)

Bill Koch has put his Elk Mountain Ranch up for sale, finishing off the holding of what is likely one of the most amazing combinations of rustic country architecture with a private art collection and a majestic mountain range in the backyard. You just need $100 million to buy it.

This is a look at the large living room with a tall wooden ceiling, a large stone fireplace and wooden log walls that match the tone of the hardwood flooring. Image courtesy of

When your estimated net worth is over $1.8 billion, you don’t settle for a simple home trapped in the hills of Los Angeles or a penthouse in Manhattan for a few million dollars. You go and get yourself some sizable property out in the country and build yourself a proper ranch; at least that’s what Bill Koch did.

Now listed for sale for a cool $100 million to the next available buyer, the Bill Koch Ranch is an immense complex including 13 separate buildings and a sizable footprint of 82.6 acres. That also includes 28 separate bedrooms, a full gym, an indoor basketball court, a personal theater, a wine room some could make as a separate home, and plenty of ponds stocked with trout dotting the grounds.

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Bill Koch, one of the Koch brothers famous for their business success as well as heavy financial involvement in national politics, developed the currently listed ranch property on Elk Mountain in Colorado. This Aspen area offering boasts an amazing internal décor and design in the country rustic look done professionally, especially when your tastes are part of the bona fide 1 percenters.

Think large mounted hunting kills on the timber hewn walls alongside some of the rarest and most expensive artwork in a private collection in the U.S. The main lodge also boasts a quaint eating nook in log cabin style familiarity and almost a bit of Swiss influence matched by a working two island counter kitchen with some of the finest wood flooring and granite countertops available. It’s clear the Ranch property is a place where Bill Koch showed people his private strength.

Solid beam roofing timbers hold up the wood slats providing an amazing view in the bedrooms of wood carpentry while the room and hallways walls provide a blank white canvas for the amazing art collection Bill Koch collected and put on display around the property. The same appeal to wood roofing, wall paneling, and flooring carries over to the master bathroom as well.

A more striking location on the property, however, is the internal workout gym. The facility literally could provide a simultaneous exercise session for 15 people at once with room to spare, and it too shows a dedication to woodwork carpentry and rustic design. One of the eye-catching centerpieces involves a reindeer antler candelabra to boot.

And, because it is in Aspen, no ranch is complete without the amazing natural view from the location of the local Colorado mountain ranges and forests. From one outside deck, a person can easily see across the valley to the snow-covered mountains on the other side, while from the other side more mountains seem to be sneaking up on the ranch when nobody is looking. During the winter one could easily mistake themselves for being in Bavaria or Switzerland.

The property in total is a finished tribute to what a person is capable of bringing to fruition in a home complex when money is not a limitation. No surprise then, the listing price for the Elk Mountain Ranch is also not for the faint of heart, serious buyers only need apply.