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How to Convert a 2D Floor Plan Image to 3D Floor Plan (that You Can Edit)

Example of 2D floor plan converted into 3D floor plan that you can edit

For example, suppose you’re looking to build a house and are researching house plans. You find a design you love but want to see what it would be like to adjust the floor plan.

Instead of drawing out the floor plan from scratch, which is time-consuming, use our floor plan software that automatically converts 2D floor plan images to 3D floor plans that you can edit.

Here are the steps involved to automatically convert your 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan.

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Step 1: Register for software

Register for the floor plan creator software for free.

Step 2: Go to the AI portal as follows

Click on your profile icon in the top right to pull down the menu. In the drop-down menu, click “Profile”.

Home Stratosphere Floor Plan Creator Software

Then click the “AI” option at the top as follows:

Software section that converts 2D floor plan images to 3D floor plans

Step 3:  Upload your 2D floor plan image (.jpg or .png only)

Scroll down until you see option to upload your 2D floor plan image as follows:

Upload section for 2D floor plan image to convert to 3D floor plan

EXAMPLE:  For this tutorial, I uploaded a 2D floor plan from Architectural Designs. Here it is.

Sample 2D floor plan image

Once uploaded, you’ll get the following notification:

Wait while software converts 2D floor plan into editable 3D floor plan

Step 4: Check your email

IMPORTANT:  It can take 30 minutes for the software to do the conversion. Don’t expect to receive the email instantly. For this example, we waited about 30 minutes until the email came through.

The email subject is “Your Plan Recognition Complete”.

Open the email and there’s a link to your converted 2D floor plan in the software account you registered.

When you click the link, you’ll be taken to the 2D version in the software. What’s great about this is you can now fully edit this floor plan.

Here’s the converted example from the above floor plan we uploaded:

2D floor plan converted into floor plan software

NOTE: At this point you should save this as a new project so you don’t accidentally lose it.

At the top of this screen you can view it in “2D” or “3D”. If you click “3D”, this is what you get:

3D floor plan converted from 2D floor plan image

Again, it’s important to note that once this floor plan is in your account, you can fully edit it.

Step 5: Export your new design

Once you’re happy with your modifications, you can export your design.

That’s it. That’s all there is to converting a 2D floor plan image into an editable 3D floor plan.