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What is Berber Carpet?

Closeup of a Berber carpet.

What is Berber carpet?

Berber carpets are a unique type of carpet that has a history stretching back millennia. A Berber carpet is defined by its consisting solely of small loops and unique lots that secure those loops. The name “Berber” harkens back to the Berber people who were and are an ethnic group consisting of several nations indigenous to areas of North and West Africa. It was the Berber people who created and popularized this unique style of carpet that is now used the world over.

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Who Uses Berber Carpet

Berber room interior in Sahara desert.

The most significant thing to understand about Berber carpet as a buyer is that the term is used to define the weave of the carpeting and not the carpet’s makeup. In other words, a Berber carpet may be comprised of olefin, wool, or other and it may be any color that can be dyed, but the one thing that will always separate it from the competition is those loops — and those loops provide it with some significant advantages.

The tight loops of the Berber carpet make it a very even and squat carpet, especially when compared to carpets who utilize strands in their design. Because of this and because this style of carpet can be composed of lower-cost materials (i.e. Berbers comprised of olefin can cost as low as $10/yard) and still enjoy fantastic durability it has long been a highly popular choice for commercial spaces, home offices, and basement rec room. But with more and more brands experimenting with colors and materials, Berber carpets have enjoyed a sort of recent renaissance and now you can see this type of carpet being utilized just about everywhere.

Why Use Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet

The economical advantage of Berber carpet is just one of the many reasons why you might use this type of carpet in your home and office. Other key advantages and reasons to use Berber carpet in your next project include:

  • High durability and resistance to foot traffic. Cost is only one part of why this style of carpet is so often seen in offices and rec rooms as, perhaps just importantly, this style of carpet really has durability going for it. The short loop-based woven nature of this carpet makes it incredibly resistant to foot traffic which means it won’t scuff, fade, or become otherwise matted or marred even in places of heavy use.
  • Spill-resistant. Berber carpets are also a great choice for home nurseries, breakfast nooks, and similar types of spaces as its tightly woven loops are renown for being resistant to spills. So long as any drink or food messes are promptly cleaned up, owners won’t have to worry about staining. The one caveat to this is that Berber carpets tend to be easily stained by oil and oil-based products.
  • Many choices for a perfect aesthetic fit. You may find some people using the word ‘Berber’ to describe carpets that are natural-toned with flecks of color. While this is inaccurate labeling in general, it is also true that many Berber carpets are sold with this flecked color scheme, which is great for use in homes where you want a flooring that is easily adaptable to. You can also buy Berber carpet is solitary colors, with complex designs, or in a mix of colors.

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