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Vivienda GT in Asuncion, Paraguay by Grupo Culata Jovái

 House facade reinforced with concrete, bricks, and glass in between with the boundaries.

Arquitectos: Grupo Culata Jovái
Project Equipment: Miky González Merlo, Emmerick Braun Enciso, Mariángeles González, Camila Fernández, Hassan Yaryes, Carlos Giménez, Gabriela Benegas
Location: Asunción, Paraguay
Year: 2021

Ways of life are as uniform as they are infinitely diverse. Each family and each person are unique and unrepeatable universes, exactly the same as absolutely every family and person on the planet.

The commission itself, the program of a house, turns out to be an exercise that allows us to recognize, control and tame the ego of the person who designs it. An opportunity to understand that it is not about the architect and the possibilities that surround the work, but, above all, about the people who are going to inhabit it.

“Do you remember that I always told you that one day you were going to build my house? Well, it seems that day has come”

A young couple of friends, people blessed by the universe, whose life guides are enjoyment, work, sincerity, happiness and sharing with loved ones. A place for peace, rest and celebration. An answer to a way of life.

A house, an object, not ostentatious, but consistent with the corresponding lives and aspirations.

And finally, but with great emphasis:

“We want the architects to feel proud of this house, to do it as they believe this house should be done, following the flow of their work”.

It is a very big contradiction when one is convinced that it is not about oneself but at the same time, one is confronted by an enormous possibility of flowing freely and of proposing ways of doing things. It is a great challenge, a great commitment.

A house between boundaries in a transition zone in the city of Asunción, on a typical lot of 12×30 meters.

A construction that uses the traditional and common ways of building, in terms of materials and the ways of using them. Reinforced concrete and brick are used as starting points, adding from there what the future inhabitants desire. Materials are not wrong in themselves, they exist to be used.

This house meant exploring the limits of what is sufficient, understanding that this does not mean that luxury is not valid, but rather that luxury is possible thanks to efficient management of available resources.