Unique Urban Craft Center by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The Urban Craft Center is a place for artists to work in a studio atmosphere. With its eye-catching design, people will surely love this.

a beautiful craft centerThe Urban Craft Center is located in Santa Monica, California. It’s a retail location that was built in 2009 in the Edgemar Mall.

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects built the Urban Craft Center with a specific intention in mind. The 3,000 square foot place is a place for artists to work in a studio atmosphere, in addition to the retail function of the business. The architects found a creative way to have these two different operations in one location.

Two Concepts in One Location

As you enter the space, you’ll notice a fabric divider as soon as you walk in. The divider displays instructions relating to the purpose of your visit. If you’re visiting the retail location, you’ll be instructed to go left. If you’re an artist looking for studio space, you’ll go right.

The fabric in the entrance is more than just a sign. It’s also a decorative piece of art that helps speak to the demographic entering through the doorway. The eye-catching design also draws the attention of people passing by the doors, which encourages them to enter and find out more.

There is a wall running through the center of the space that divides the retail side from studio side. At each end of the wall, there is an opening so you can easily pass from one side to the next, but the two sides function without disturbing each other. Wool felt wraps the wall and acts as a dampening effect for sound, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing for art lovers.

The ceilings at the Urban Craft Center are 24 feet tall. However, there is additional felt that runs across the top of the space, which shortens the visible ceiling to 14 feet. Just like with the walls, the felt is used to reduce sound, but it also creates a more intimate atmosphere for people shopping or working in the space.

Since the studio is so visually available to pedestrians passing by and other shoppers at the mall, it encourages memberships at the Urban Craft Center. People may walk in to check out the retail location, but end up getting a studio membership as because of the layout of the store.

The architect used polished concrete floors and industrial shelving to help add to the atmosphere of this shop. They also used a dye made with Kool Aid powder to make a creative and unmatched color palate throughout the store.

Overall, the Urban Craft Center has a unique concept, and the architectural design helped achieve exactly what the retail location needed.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

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