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8 Different Types of Stone Siding for Home Exteriors

A collage of different types stone sidings.

Utilize natural stone for a sustainable and hard-to-beat look for your home by checking out the different types of stone siding for home exteriors that you can choose from.

Stone siding for the home exterior is a popular option among homeowners who want a distinct look for their homes.

The beauty of stone is incomparable and more durable than wood siding which is porous and can rot over time. Natural stone is built to stand the test of time and can last indefinitely.

The most obvious drawback for cladding the exterior of your home with authentic stone is its cost. You can easily spend $4,000 on materials alone for just 500 square feet.

Installation should be done by a professional to avoid gaps or mistakes and this can take days or weeks to complete. Expect to spend an additional $2,000 on labor and tools.

The material you choose for your home’s exterior can have a profound impact on your home’s curb appeal – as well as its resale value! Stone siding is a popular option because of its quality and aesthetic appeal.

However, due to the fact that solid stone as a siding material can be so expensive, you may want to take a look at some cheaper options.

An alternative to natural stone would be the synthetic stone veneer siding. As expected, they have inferior qualities but are much cheaper and installation comes faster and easier.

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Types of Stone for House Exterior

Below you will find:

  • Types of exterior house stones
  • Exterior stone veneer options
  • Faux and natural stone siding options

Solid Stone Siding Options

Solid Stone Siding

If you want to have the most legitimate stone siding possible for your home, then you will likely want to consider buying solid stone siding. There are some issues with this type of siding that keep it from being a truly practical choice for everyone (most notably the cost).

Even still, those who do make use of solid stone siding wind up really enjoying it. It has the potential to create a really interesting look for your home and has an undeniable beauty.

This type of siding is made out of real natural stone. This means that the stone has not been processed or manufactured in any way.

The advantage of this is that you get something with a lot of natural beauty and fantastic durability. The negative aspect is that this type of siding weighs an absolute ton.

The weight of this type of siding can actually make it significantly more expensive. Transporting this siding costs more money than transporting other types of siding. You will likely have to make a significant investment in order to install solid stone siding on your home.

It is just a lot more difficult to deal with than other methods, making your costs run high if you truly want to have solid stone siding.

The labor that is necessary to install this type of siding is significant, as well. The people who are doing the work will need special equipment to be able to properly install the stone.

This heavy stone needs to be handled with care, and not all modern professionals are used to working with this type of material. Solid stone siding isn’t the most common siding solution that people turn to in the modern era.

Most people see solid stone siding as a bit of a throwback to a bygone era. In the days before the technological revolution, the solid stone was what kept people’s homes safe.

The durable nature of these stones and their beauty was always something to be admired. They are still in use in the modern era, but they are just far less common.

You will also likely need to turn to some type of specialty dealer in order to get the stone material that you are looking for. The other options that are represented on this list will be available at major retailers.

These retailers do not carry large and heavy solid stone siding, though. This is an option that will really only appeal to those who have the means to make it happen, so you may wish to move on to the other options, like a natural thin stone veneer (if faux stone veneer simply won’t cut it).

Manufactured Stone Siding Options

Manufactured stone siding is much more common than the solid stone siding mentioned above. This type of siding can still be somewhat costly but it is far more affordable when compared to solid stone siding.

When you look at the modern manufactured stone siding, you will be able to see that it is superior to the natural stone siding in several ways.

Many of the problems that hold solid stone siding back from being a practical option have been completely taken care of during the manufacturing process.

It should also be quickly noted that sometimes manufactured stone siding is referred to by other names. Another common name for manufactured stone siding is cultured stone siding.

This refers to the process by which the siding is created. Molds are used to culture individual cement stones that replicate the look of traditional stone siding.

If you decide to make use of manufactured stone siding, you will be able to enjoy the look of stone siding and many of the fantastic benefits, as well. This is a very durable siding option that will stand the test of time and protect your home.

It is significantly lighter than the solid stone siding, but it still retains that same durability. If you want to have siding that feels substantial and is going to be reliable for you, then this is a good option.

The beauty of solid stone siding is replicated quite well with this manufactured stone siding as well. You will have many different options to choose from when it comes to the look of this siding.

There are several shades of stone that you can pick out, and it will definitely look great on your home. You’ll be able to pick out the siding option that appeals to you the most and matches up with your personal sensibilities.

Being able to replicate the look of natural stone without having to deal with the negative aspects of it is quite appealing. You won’t have to worry about the practicality issues that present themselves with solid stone siding.

This siding isn’t necessarily lightweight, but it is far lighter than the solid stone siding. This makes it a lot easier to transport, and people can also work with it far more readily.

It won’t be nearly as much of a pain to hang manufactured stone siding as it is solid stone siding. It is still a bit of a process and you will want to hire professionals who have experience with this type of siding.

Regardless, your manufactured stone siding is going to turn out gorgeously, and it will really add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. It isn’t an inexpensive siding option, but it is far more affordable than solid stone siding, so you can take solace in that, at least.

Polyurethane Faux Stone Panel Siding

Polyurethane Faux Stone Panel Siding

You will also find that there are faux stone panel siding options that are primarily made out of a polyurethane base. When you first hear about this type of siding, your instincts might be to think that it would be an inexpensive imitation.

This simply isn’t the case, as faux stone panel siding can actually look really fantastic when it is done right. The manufacturing method for this type of siding is very interesting, and it can produce some truly spectacular results.

This siding is faux stone, so it isn’t going to appeal to people who have their hearts set on buying real stone siding.

Even so, there is definitely a place on the market for this stone siding alternative. This siding is manufactured out of polyurethane that is densely rendered. It manages to be very thick and sturdy despite not being made out of actual stone.

Working with this type of siding is so much easier than working with natural stone. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is significantly lighter than either of the previous options on this list.

The dense polyurethane faux stone is leagues lighter and is much easier to install because of it. Many of the problems that make installing stone siding difficult are completely washed away when you make the decision to use faux stone panel siding.

Another reason this siding is an easier choice to make is that it is far less labor-intensive. You will be able to get this siding installed in a much shorter period of time. With the two stone siding options mentioned above, you will be installing everything on an individual stone basis.

This is something that will take a long time and will be quite laborious, but faux stone panels are completely different.

Installing faux stone panel siding is a lot more straightforward due to the way it is designed. The faux stone is made into panels, and this allows you to install large chunks at a time, rather than just one piece.

This means that installing this faux stone panel siding yourself is something that is actually plausible if you have some know-how.

If you decide to hire professionals, then you won’t need to pay out as much money for labor.

This is likely going to be the most cost-effective way to achieve the look of stone siding for your home. If you want to have siding that looks really nice and is quite durable, then the faux stone siding panels will do the trick.

It isn’t really natural stone, and this may wind up taking the wind out of certain people’s sails. If you are willing to overlook that this option isn’t technically the real deal, then it winds up being much more practical, while still giving you the look that you have been desiring.

Natural Stone Cladding

Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is another option that has become popular among people who wish to use natural stone. There are some specific differences between the natural stone cladding and solid stone siding that you should be aware of.

The biggest difference is that this type of siding isn’t sold as natural stones that have been found. These stones are cut into large slabs and sold that way.

There are many different types of stone cladding on the market. You will find many popular stone varieties being sold as natural stone cladding. These large slabs are great for putting on the side of your home. The way that you install them isn’t dissimilar to the way that brick is installed.

Professionals will generally install the stone cladding in a staggered pattern. It attaches to a substrate and should generally install very nicely. It will fit tightly to the side of your home and will look fantastic when everything is done properly.

It can take a lot of skill to make this process go well since the stone slabs are heavy and not necessarily easy to work with.

Many professionals do find natural stone cladding to be easier to work with than solid stone siding. It has some of the same difficulties as solid stone siding but being able to install things one slab at a time versus one stone at a time makes things simpler.

It isn’t quite as onerous and it gives people a chance to get the job done in a faster done. This isn’t something that is going to be finished overnight, but it can be a smooth process when you hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Much like with the solid stone siding, the natural stone cladding is very heavy. You will have to pay a fair price to get this stone, so you will need to be prepared for the cost that is involved.

This isn’t as affordable of an option as the faux stone siding panels, but it can still be a good option to consider. If you want to have siding on your home that looks really nice and is impressively rugged, then natural stone cladding will be a good choice.

It should be noted that natural stone cladding does have a few peculiarities that you will want to know about. For instance, this stone can be very susceptible to freezing.

If you live in a very cold weather area, then you will want to be aware that moisture can penetrate this natural stone cladding and cause it to freeze.

This shouldn’t wind up being a big deal, but it can cause some issues if you are not prepared for it.

Also, much like with the solid stone siding, this type of siding is not going to be readily available at major retailers. You will have to turn to specialty dealers in order to procure the natural stone cladding that you want.

It isn’t too hard to find natural stone cladding, but you will just have to seek out a business that specializes in selling stone. This should allow you to get what you need without too many problems.

One of the most popular types of natural stone cladding is granite, so this is likely to be the type of cladding that you will find most readily.

Exterior Stone Veneer Panel Stone Siding Options

Veneer panel stone siding might be the best choice that you could possibly make for siding when you’re interested in the look of natural stone.

This type of siding has many of the benefits of faux stone panel siding while being able to provide people with a more legitimate stone siding experience.

You see, this veneer panel stone siding is made from real stone, making it an option that will appeal to the people who have their hearts set on using real stone.

You will be able to get veneer panel stone siding installed without it being too much of a hassle. This siding option is designed to have the panels click together very easily.

This makes the installation process a lot quicker than it is with most of the other methods. It is very similar to the faux stone panel siding mentioned earlier in this list.

All of the positive qualities of the natural stone siding types are still present when you make use of the veneer panel stone siding. You will be able to enjoy siding that is very durable and will last for long periods of time.

On top of this, the siding is going to look fantastic. That natural beauty of the stone will still be able to shine through when you are using veneer panel stone siding.

This is one of the most affordable options that you will be able to consider, as well. Generally speaking, veneer panel stone siding is similarly priced to the faux stone panel siding.

The veneer panel stone siding options may be a little bit pricier due to being made out of real stone, but they are both going to be the most realistic options for most people.

If you want to be able to have really nice stone siding without having to break the bank, then going with veneer panel stone siding is smart.

Due to the installation process being easier than with many of the other options, this siding job won’t be as laborious. This means that you should be able to save a bit of money on hiring professionals to do this for you.

Installing this type of siding yourself should also be possible, but you may not want to attempt it if you haven’t ever taken on this type of project before.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll just want to ensure that the installation goes well so that you can enjoy your siding for many years to come.

Materials Options for Stone on Houses


Stone wall

Many of the stone siding options are really made out of completely natural stone. This means that the siding is going to be very beautiful, but it also comes with a few drawbacks.

As you are likely aware, the stone is a very heavy material. This makes it somewhat difficult to work with and can also increase the cost of this siding significantly.

When you want stone siding in its most natural form possible, you are going to have to be willing to pay for it. Options such as solid stone siding and natural stone cladding can be fairly costly.

This makes it a siding option that is mostly used by those who are well-off and are looking to replicate classic looks from many years ago. The faux stone options are much more common than the natural stone ones for that reason.

Despite the fact that stone siding can be pricey, it is still very sought-after in many circles. There is an elegance to the stone that people are drawn to. It has a lot of charm and it can really bring out the character of your property.

If you want to enjoy stone siding at a reasonable price, then veneer panel stone siding is going to be the most cost-effective way to do so while using real stone.

You also need to know that you’ll have to hire experts that know how to work with stone siding to get this job done. Sometimes stone siding is very difficult to install due to being so large and heavy.

Many of the stone options need to be installed one single stone at a time, but the veneer stone panel options are more convenient. It can be quite a process to get stone siding installed, but once it is done, you’ll be able to sit back to admire the beauty of it all.


Stacks of polyurethane foams and a lever.

Polyurethane is the primary material used to create faux panel stone siding. This type of siding is very nice overall, and it replicates the look of stone siding very well.

Despite not actually being made of stone, this type of siding is actually more common in the modern era. It is a much more affordable solution that will appeal to more people.

The faux stone siding panels are a lot easier to install than most other types of stone siding. If you want to be able to have an easy time installing your new siding, then this option is going to work out nicely for you.

The panels should be able to be installed quickly, and they will look nice when they all come together. This should allow you to save some money on the installation of your siding, making it an option that you can afford even more easily.

This type of siding shouldn’t just be seen as a budget option for people who can’t afford real stone siding. It is a type of siding that will work well for your home due to being able to replicate real stone siding so well.

It takes many of the positive aspects of stone siding, such as durability, and it manages to eliminate the negatives. You won’t have to worry about the siding being so heavy when you purchase polyurethane-based faux stone siding.

You should be able to find this type of siding at many major retailers, as well. Panel siding like this is easier to keep in stock than heavy natural stones.

You will be able to buy this a lot easier than many of the stone options, and it makes more sense for a lot of people. This is a great material for siding that will definitely make you happy, so long as you can come to terms with it not being made from real stone.


Rough cement wall

Cement is also used as stone siding when people purchase manufactured stone siding. The process of creating this siding involves culturing stones to create siding that replicates the look and feel of stone siding.

It winds up being a lot lighter than most other types of stone siding, too. This makes it something that has the positive aspects of stone siding while being more practical to use.


Is stucco siding the same as stone siding?

Stone siding and stucco siding are not the same thing.

While both can be used to give the impression of a stone exterior, stucco is a construction material made of aggregates, a binder, and water” which is a fancy way of saying that it behaved a little like cement, a little like concrete and a little like plaster.

Is fiber cement siding the same as stone siding?

Fiber cement siding is sometimes known as fiber cement cladding. It is not the same as stone siding, because it does not use real stone or veneer, and is made from cement reinforced with fibers.

Does stone siding use quarried stone?

Stone siding can use natural quarried stone that has been cut into natural shapes and processed into cladding or panels. This is the primary way that natural stone is sourced on a commercial scale.

What is the difference between cultured stone and stone veneer?

Cultured stone veneer is a manmade product that has been created to have the appearance of real stone, but is in fact made up of composite materials. Cultured stone is real quarried stone that has been dug from the earth and either shaped or lightly processed.

What are the main types of stone siding?

The main types of stone siding are natural stone siding, solid stone siding, manufactured stone siding, and faux stone siding.

Within these categories, you can find other types of stone siding, such as stone cladding, veneer panel stone siding. These can be created to mimic different types of stone, even brick siding.

What is faux stone siding made of?

With iron oxide pigments used to create the color, Portland cement is used for creating the faux stone.

Since it is manufactured in large quantities, it may be sold at a lower cost. This is also the reason why it is lighter than stone veneer. It sometimes comprises real stones. 

How long does stone siding last?

Siding made of manufactured stone veneer, depending on the quality, can last the duration of our home itself with regular cleaning and sealing.

Stone veneer, sometimes known as “fake stone,” is created using natural aggregates and cement to simulate the look of real stone. Like the natural granite it was modeled after, it is both stunning and durable.