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10 Different Types of Soundproof Room Dividers

A collage of different types of sound proof room dividers.

I often find that I have difficulty concentrating when working from home. It always seems there is a lot of noise around me when I am trying to work. I find it completely distracting, and I do not get much work accomplished. I struggled with the noise until I found an amazing solution that changed everything for me.

Soundproof room dividers were a game-changer when it came to working from home. I found a few options that worked for me, and now my concentration problems are a thing of the past. If you have the same difficulty concentrating that I do, continue reading to find out more information about soundproof room dividers.

You may be surprised to learn about all the different soundproof room divider options. You are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

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Benefits of Soundproof Room Dividers

There are a great number of benefits to soundproof room dividers. The most obvious one is they absorb ambient noise. They can typically absorb more than 75 percent of the noise that prevents you from peace and quiet. Loud work environments often lead to difficulty concentrating, which can lead to a reduction in work production.

Another great feature is the dividers put a barrier in place, so people cannot stare at each other. Some workers feel like they are being watched, and that makes them nervous. A room divider can help eliminate the concern of someone staring at them.

A folding room divider can help to create a private area that separates a worker, or set or workers, from visual and audible distractions. This allows businesses to create individual spaces without having to build or move. They can save a great deal of money because they are solutions that do not have to permanently change the structure of the building or office.

Soundproof Room Divider Materials

There are a few different material types that can be used for a soundproof room divider. Each one has its own advantages.

Acoustic Divider Panels

Acoustic Foam Panels Fireproof Sound Absorbing Panels Studio Foam Wedges for Walls, 1" X 12" X 12", Black and red 24Pack

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This type of divider panel is made with material that is similar to the acoustic material that is found in a recording studio. This material provides sound absorption, insulation, and noise reduction to record studios, as well as any place you purchase a divider. These panels typically have a metal frame that is thin with an interior that is the core insulation.

Then there is fabric placed around the entire sound dampening panel to give it a finished look that will not impact its ability to absorb sound. This is a versatile option and comes in many different colors. While this panel works well in an office situation, it will not hold up against extreme conditions.

Polycarbonate Divider Panels

This type of divider panel is more durable than an acoustic panel. It can stand up to chemicals and other types of abuse. These panels are polycarbonate plastic that is hard and durable.

They can be cleaned with any type of cleaning product. You are most likely to find this type of panel in a hospital or factory. If the panel is needed in a location that produces a lot of mess, spray, or tends to be dirty, this is the better option. The polycarbonate panels are easy to clean and maintain.

Soundproof Room Divider Set-up

There are a few different set-up options when it comes to a soundproof divider. You can find partitions on that slide. These can be solid partitions or more like a curtain divider. They are mounted to a rail that allows pieces of partition to slide together or away from each other. You are more likely to find this style in buildings that have large rooms or conference centers.

Rolling dividers, or partitions, have wheels on the bottom of them. These are easy to move because you just roll them wherever you need them to go. They can be rearranged easily and may fold up for added convenience.

Folding partitions usually are smaller in size and have panels that are connected to each other with a hinge. You can easily open them or fold them back up. You may also find partitions that are attached to the ceiling and hang down or built into the wall. These options are more permanent, and you have to commit to keeping them.

Types of Soundproof Room Dividers

Acoustic Wall Partitions

This is a close look at the walls and doors that are padded for soundproofing.

Acoustic wall partitions are some of the most common partitions you will see. They are often plain and have neutral colors. They can add a professional touch to any office open space. Depending on the type you purchase, you may be able to find more colors. They are covered in a fabric that allows you to hang items on them with thumbtacks.

The best dividers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and you are sure to find the one that will fit your needs. You can find them in varying widths and lengths. These panels are easy to put together or to separate. They have zippered connections to keep them together and allow for simple separation.

They can typically be moved in any direction. They will provide a physical barrier between people and spaces in your building. They can set a visible barrier, so employees will not stare at each other.

They will provide an adequate amount of sounds suppression. You can find them on wheels or with solid feet that do not move. Some versions of these partitions are environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials, as well as produce in a way that limits the impact on the environment.

While this soundproof partition wall is plain and appropriate for professional spaces, they may be considered boring. They can be heavy and not easy to move by one person. This is probably not the option you want in your home.

360 Accordion Portable Partition

The accordion type of portable partition is versatile and has many diverse uses. It can fit into any situation you have. They are on wheels and easy to move from one place to another. Each wheel has a brake, and you are able to set the partition in place without the worry of it rolling away. This panel is light and can be moved by just one person.

They come in varying heights and widths. You can find them as low as 4 feet or as high as 8 feet. You can find partitions that are as long as 25 feet. You could easily section off one entire side of a large room with this partition. They come in a large selection of colors to easily match your office or home space. They can add to your decor and not take away from it. You can hang items easily on the panel by buying push pins.

These partitions have a hinge that allows you to move each individual panel in any direction you wish. If you can picture an accordion door, that is what this panel looks like. Each panel can be individually closed or opened. They have locks on them that make them safe to move from one place to another.

Acoustic Room Dividers

This is a close look at acoustic and decorative room divider.

Acoustic room dividers are sold as individual panels. Each panel has feet and can stand alone. You can purchase multiple panels and zip them together. You can easily extend the length of your divider by adding more panels. They typically come in standard widths of 24 inches or 72 inches. They are 66 inches tall.

The panels are wrapped in acoustic fabric to help dampen the sound. They can dramatically decrease the amount of sound that passes through them to make a more peaceful workspace. These panels are offered in a variety of colors. You can find panels that are made of recycled materials, so you can feel good about your purchase.

The benefit to these soundproof room dividers is you can use them in a small space and by themselves. They are easy to move and expand if you need to. One person can completely surround themselves with individual panels and create their own separate space. The downside to these panels is that you are purchasing each one individually.

Foldable Panel Partition Wall Divider

Roundhill Furniture Seto 4-Panel Room Divider Screen, Silver

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A foldable panel partition wall divider is so versatile you can use it inside and outside of your home or office space. You can use it to block portions of your yard that you may not want your neighbors to see. Perhaps you have a hot tub, and you want to provide some privacy. You can even use them to provide a screen from the sun when you are outdoors. These panel partitions are a great way to create portable soundproof walls.

These partitions are one solid piece and most often what you will find used inside homes. They come in many different colors, designs, and materials. You can easily find one that will match your style, taste, and decor.

They block others from visually seeing you, as well as dampen the sound even when you are outside. Each folding partition has separate panels that are attached. The number of panels depends on the partition type. One downside to this partition is you cannot take it apart. How you receive, is how it will always stay.

These panels are foldable and require no assembly at all. They come fully assembled, and you can enjoy them as soon as you receive them. The panels can fold in either direction, making it easy for you to set up in a way that makes the most sense for your space. These partitions are incredibly lightweight and easy to move.

One person can move the partition. When you are finished using the partition, you can fold it up into a compact design, making it easy to store. These partitions are affordable and easy to find. Because of the diverse options, you are sure to find the right one for you.

Conference Room Panels

This is a close look at a large conference room with padded walls for soundproofing.

Conference room panels are what you are most likely to find in a large office space or conference center. They are effective and efficient. Conference room panels are incredibly flexible. They can be moved by one person, and you do not need a track on the floor to move them.

Even though you are most likely to find them in conference rooms, they can be used just about anywhere. You can easily use them to create many smaller areas in a large room.

They provide privacy while giving the room a nice and professional look. They are customizable and come in different heights, widths, and thicknesses. The thicker the panel, the more sound absorption it provides. If you opt to go with a thinner panel, it will not reduce as much noise.

Desktop Panels

Clear Protective Sneeze Guard,Classroom Privacy Shields for Student Desks Desk Partitions Desktop Sneeze Guard Desktop Privacy Panel for Reception Counter Office School Cashier (4pcs)

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Some partitions are not intended to stand on the floor. Instead, they can sit right on your desk. It provides direct privacy for someone sitting at the desk. There are a few different styles to these desktop panels but many mount to the desk in some form. They can also be used on a table instead of a deal.

They may have a screw clamp that fits on the edge of the table or desk to hold it in place. These clamps are safe for your furniture and will not cause any type of damage. The dividers are easy to remove when you no longer wish to use them.

Dividers are available in different sizes, and it is important to know the space available on the desk or table. Desk dividers are typically about 18 inches tall, which is a great height to mount on a desk. It provides privacy without getting in the way. The lengths often vary from 23 inches, 29 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches in width. You can put several of these dividers on one desk to provide a wider range of privacy and sounds dampening.

There are desktop panels available in trifold options. These panels give you the ability to separate the space for a long table. If you have employees or students working at a long table and some students are on one side, while some are on the others, a tri-fold is a great option. This is the ideal way to separate two sides of a long table.

Hanging Acoustic Panels

This is a close look at a music hall with a ceiling that has Hanging Acoustic Panels.

You may find that you need panels to be a little more permanent and not moveable. Hanging acoustic panels may be the answer. They hang down from the ceiling. They are durable and perfect for sound dampening. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These panels provide a completely different look to your space and may be exactly what you want.

These hanging panels are more permanent and require construction to put them in place and remove them when you want. These panels are a hanging room divider that can also provide ambiance to your space in addition to sound dampening. They can act as partitions without actually looking like them.


This is a close look at a curtain divider for soundproofing.

Another great soundproofing amount is a soundproof room divider curtain. They provide slightly different sound dampening qualities based on the different types of curtains. The size of the room makes a difference with the type of curtains you want to consider.

The heavier the soundproof divider curtain means the better able they are at absorbing sound and provide you a quieter space. Thinner curtains may look nicer, but they will not absorb as much sound.

Curtains the have more fiber will dampen more sound because the fibers are closer together and will not allow sound to pass through. Velvet and suede materials are great options to absorb sound. You might want to consider finding curtains that have a liner. This liner gives you an extra layer to block out sound. Curtains the have thermal insulation are great for windows because they can block as well as sound.

One downside is that curtains must be hung. You will need curtain rods on which to hang a soundproof curtain. You also must install the curtain rods, which require construction. The also makes curtain rods, and curtains are semi-permanent.

You will be able to use a curtain rod to move the acoustic curtains open and closed. Pleated curtains provide you more sound dampening capabilities. Not all curtains are pleated, which means the material is bunched together at the top. The deeper the pleat is, the more sound absorption it provides.

Wall Panels

This is a set of gray padded wall panels that match the gray wall behind it.

Wall panels are affordable and easy to way to add soundproofing to your home or office space. They easily blend in with any type of decor. Many of these types of panels can absorb 100 percent of the sound. Some of these acoustic panels can become expensive, so you want to know what you are purchasing. Black panels can absorb sound and light. They can reduce the amount of reflection from monitors and television screens.

Glass Partition

This is a large office space with glass partitions.

A glass partition is a great option for soundproofing. This acoustic partition can provide ideal insulation, as well. Glass is dense, and it has a large amount of mass in a small amount of thickness. Glass is not porous, and it does not have any holes, so the sound will not leak through it. Glass is an inexpensive option to use for a soundproof room divider.

Where to Buy Soundproof Room Dividers?

There are a number of places you can purchase any of the soundproof room dividers mentioned in this article. You can go to a hardware store and purchase these items. You can visit a large number of websites that will allow you to purchase acoustic room dividers.

You can go to their websites and purchase them online. You can order these types of dividers from Amazon or Wayfair. You can order more decorative trifold room dividers online from Amazon. They have a large selection from which you can choose.

History of Soundproof Room Dividers

This is a close look at various samples of wall soundproofing panels in different colors.

Acoustic, soundproof partitions started around the 7th century in China. At that time, they were used mostly by those who were considered royal. These partitions were ornate and heavy and could not be moved.

As we moved into the 8th century, those in Japan began using an updated version of room dividers. They became portable and much lighter. The dividers were used for religious events, ceremonies, and processions.

After European travelers saw the screen dividers used in Asia, they created their own version of the dividers. The European version was made from leather, silk, wood, mirrors, and decoupage. Today room dividers and partitions vary from simple and plain to the most ornate and decorative.

Today these partitions are used in a wide range of locations from schools, business offices, restaurants, homes, and conference centers. These dividers can be permanent and built into space. They can be built into a room as a sliding partition. They can be placed on the wall or hung from the ceiling.


What Other Uses Are There For Soundproof Room Dividers?

There are many ways to use a soundproof room divider. While you can use them to block sound from outside your room and inside a room, there are some other uses for a room divider. They can be used for decoration and ornamentation. You can use them to add color, texture, and even pizazz to your room. You can use them as a headboard for your bed.

What To Look For in a Soundproof Room Divider?

There are some features you want to look for in a room divider. These features include density. This is the amount of mass to volume of an object.

This also means how closely packed together the molecules are in the object. The higher the density of an object means that the sound gets dampened. You want to understand the porosity of the object.

The more porous it is, then the more it will absorb sound. This is what alters the energy of the sound waves. You want to know how much flow resistance there is to noise. The cell size of the item has to be smaller than the sound wave. If the object has an open-cell arrangement then it will be a better absorber of sound.

What Materials Can Be Used to Create a Soundproof Room Divider?

Room dividers can be made of a large number of materials. These materials include plexiglass, fabric, wood, pleated fabric, and even mirrors. You can even use objects that you would not normally consider to be a room divider, such book cases, shelving, and plants. Room dividers can be panels that fold or are on wheels.

Can I Completely Soundproof a Room?

Yes, it is possible to completely soundproof a room. It does require that you hang soundproofing on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Doing this will create dead air around the entire room. This dead air will prevent sound waves from passing through the space. The sound will not be able to come in or go out.

Can I Soundproof My Walls By Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?

Depending on what option you select to soundproof your room, you may need a professional to help you. If you are considering a temporary option, you will not need a professional. If you are interested in a more permanent solution, like hanging them from the ceiling, or attaching panels to the wall, you should consider reaching out to a professional. You do not want to make any mistakes when it comes to soundproofing, and you should consult someone who is experienced.