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27 Different Types of Dining Room Lighting Ideas


Dramatic lighting over a dining table.

Lighting is important especially to the dining room because this is where you gather with family and friends during the evenings. When you’re talking with your kids over dinner or they’re doing their homework at the dining table, you want to have brighter lights. But when you’re drinking wine with friends, you’d like to encourage an intimate atmosphere with a low-level warm light.

This kind of lighting is also flattering and makes everyone look prettier. Aside from setting the mood, you’d also want to invest on the lighting fixture in your dining room for visual appeal. A lighting fixture can demarcate a dining area to an open concept space as well as serve as a statement piece.

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Westinghouse 6333600 Stella Mira Six-Light Indoor Chandelier Finish, Barnwood and Oil Rubbed Bronze

Source: Amazon

One popular type of light to include in your dining room is a light that is fixed to the ceiling. These can hang down, like chandelier and pendant lights, or they can be flush with the ceiling itself. Either way, using lighting in your dining room that attaches to your ceiling is a wonderful way to provide light to a large area of the room without requiring a number of different light sources. Because there are so many types of ceiling lights to choose from, it is easy to find one that will fit not only your needs but also the décor of your home.


Lysed LED Acrylic Wall Lamp,6W Warm White,Wall Light Night Light Wall Sconce Fixture Plug in or Hardwired for Kids Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom(White Style)

Source: Amazon

Wall lighting is another popular choice for a dining room, and it is usually in the form of a scone. These lights do not provide as much light as chandeliers or pendant lights do, but they are often used to draw a person’s interest or attention to a specific area in the room. They are great when installed on either side of a piece of artwork, as this will encourage people to look at the art. They can also be placed around a plant or near the window. It’s important that you do not rely on these lights as your main source of illumination in your dining room.


Drake Mission Collection Tiffany Style Nightlight Table Lamp

Source: Amazon

Lamps are the final way to light your dining room, and they are great for filling in the gaps when your ceiling lights do not provide enough illumination. Lamps come in a variety of different styles and sizes, with the most common being either table lamps, which are significantly smaller and can rest on a piece of furniture, or floor lamps. Floor lamps generally will release significantly more light than a table lamp will, but they do require more space. Being able to quickly and easily change the lamp shades on your lamps makes it very easy to update your dining room lighting without overspending.


Shaded Chandelier

BAYCHEER HL371927 Vintage style Iron Shaded Glittering Large Crystal lighting Beads Hanging Pendant Light Chandelier use E26 bulb with 1 light, Black

Source: Amazon

Shaded chandeliers are very attractive and will usually have an even number of bulbs. Each bulb will have a small shade that fits over it, which helps direct the light downward and also ensures that a person does not hurt his or her eyes when looking at the chandelier. Because you can easily find shades in different sizes, colors, and designs, it is easy to update your chandelier without having to replace the whole fixture when you change the décor of your dining room. These chandeliers are very popular because they are both classy and timeless, and they will look great in almost any dining room space.

Candle-Style Chandelier

Progress Lighting P4346-20 5-Light Americana Chandelier with Delicate Arms and Decorative Center Column, Antique Bronze

Source: Amazon

For a chandelier that looks a little bit more old-timey and classic, it’s a good idea to opt for one that is in the candle-style. Many years ago, these chandeliers typically would have had candles instead of light bulbs to produce light in your dining room, but it is not very common to have a chandelier that actually uses candles anymore. These chandeliers add a lot of light to your room due to the fact that there aren’t any shades to cover the bulbs. To ensure that you get as much beauty out of your chandelier as possible, you will want to use attractive bulbs that will add to the visual interest of your chandelier.

Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Chandelier - Rustic Antique Vintage Ceiling Pendant Light - Lightweight and Durable - Authentic Looks - Premium Quality - 6 Lights - Dry Locations - Internal Wiring - Move 'Em Out!

Source: Amazon

While this type of chandelier is very attractive and interesting, it doesn’t have all of the glam and glitz that some fancier chandeliers are known for. This makes it a perfect lighting fixture for your dining room if you have a simpler décor or design. It’s also great in a dining room that has a simple country style, and your chandelier will be able to add visual interest to your space, as well as adding plenty of light to your room without being too ornate and fancy. These chandeliers have a number of bulbs on a circle, and the circle is held together by wires or bits of metal that up from below like the spokes on a wagon wheel.

Drum Chandelier

CO-Z Antique Bronze 3 Light Double Drum Pendant Chandelier Lighting Fixture, Convertible Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Fabric Shades and Diffuser for Kitchen Island/Dining Room/Bedroom

Source: Amazon

A drum chandelier offers plenty of light, and it relies on a lampshade to help diffuse the light so that it is not too harsh or too bright in your dining room. While other chandeliers have individual lampshades for each light, a drum chandelier has a large circular shade that goes around all of the light bulbs at once. This means that the light is perfectly diffused, and you won’t ever have to worry about the shades being skewed or off center.


3dRose lsp_164677_2 White Chandelier with Black Damask Double Toggle Switch

Source: Amazon

Novelty chandeliers, or pendants, are a wonderful way to add visual interest to your home, and they also create a conversation starter. These lights work well by providing plenty of light to your space, and they come in various designs that are interesting and different from traditional chandeliers. For this reason, they work well in modern homes, and they will look out of place in a home that is classically decorated. One problem that some people have with this type of light is that they tend to collect dust and need to be cleaned regularly in order to look their best.

Crystal Chandelier

Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier Pendant Ceiling Lighting fixture - 5 Lights

Source: Amazon

A crystal chandelier is very fancy and the second most ornate type of lighting fixture that you can use in your dining room. They look great in formal dining rooms, but they will be out of place in smaller spaces that are decorated in styles such as Scandinavian or cabin. As long as the crystals are kept nice and clean, your chandelier will do a great job not only producing light, but also reflecting it throughout the room. This can result in a lovely appearance and one that will draw a lot of interest from visitors to your home. To ensure that your crystal chandelier does not appear out of place, it is important to decorate the rest of your dining room in a similar style.

Sputnik Chandelier

BONLICHT Modern Sputnik Chandelier Lighting 6 Lights Brushed Brass chandelier Mid Century Pendant Lighting Gold Ceiling Light Fixture for Hallway Bar Kitchen Dining Room

Source: Amazon

For the perfect combination of visual interest and function, a sputnik chandelier is a great way to brighten up your dining room. First invented in the 1950s, these standout chandeliers were made as a response to the country’s fascination with all things NASA and space. The name refers to the Soviet Union’s satellite that was launched in 1957. It was in the shape of a beach ball and had four poles that emanated from the inside. The sputnik chandelier was created during a design period called the “Atomic Age.” Pieces from this time used science as their inspiration.

Empire Chandelier

French Empire Crystal Chandelier Chandeliers Lighting H26" X W23"

Source: Amazon

Easily the most recognizable and the most glamorous type of lighting on the market for your dining room, empire chandeliers are surprisingly affordable considering how elegant they are. They feature a domed look that will add a lot of three-dimensional interest to your chandelier, while at the same time bathing your dining table and room in a soft light that has been diffused through the crystals. While often considered a more classic type of design, this chandelier is at home in almost any dining space, as long as the rest of the décor is updated as well. Even very modern spaces can house an empire chandelier without it looking out of place.


Westinghouse 6341800 Stella Mira Three-Light Indoor Chandelier, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish with Highlights

Source: Amazon

Global chandeliers are spherical in design and have a globular cage that surrounds the light bulbs. This adds an interest to the piece as the light bulbs appear to be protected because they are encased in the cage. To really enjoy a lot of light from your chandelier and to ensure that your global chandelier works as a piece of art in your dining room, make sure to buy one that is large enough for your space. Smaller globular chandeliers simply will not provide you with the visual interest and overall impact that you want from your chandelier.


Light Society Geodesic Pendant Light, Matte Black, Geometric Vintage Modern Industrial Lighting Fixture (LS-C110)

Source: Amazon

Instead of opting for a chandelier that is rounded and has smooth and soft sides, choosing one that is geometric will brighten up your space, while adding some contrast to your home. This is especially true when you pair your geometric chandelier with a round dining table, as the juxtaposition will create interest in your space. To ensure that your geometric chandelier always looks its best, it is important to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis. This is especially true if there are a number of angles and corners as they can easily attract dust. Keeping your chandelier clean will also ensure that you get plenty of light from it.


Yue Jia Rustic Lantern Pendant Lamp Industrial Vintage Style Glass Shade Lighting Fixture for Living Dining Room Kitchen Restaurant (1 Piece) W7 x H15

Source: Amazon

A lantern chandelier mimics the shape of an old classic lantern, making this ideal in taverns as well as country homes or cabins. They are not nearly as formal as other types of chandeliers, but they are interesting in their own right. They are similar to global chandeliers in that the light bulbs are encased in a cage, but they also have the angular shape and interest that you get with a geometric lantern. For the most visual impact, make sure to choose a lantern chandelier that has plenty of negative space so that you can easily see the light bulbs and so that light will not be obstructed.


Acclaim Lighting IN21123ORB Brooklyn Indoor 8-Light Pendant, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Source: Amazon

Square or rectangular chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to choose ones that are either small enough to fit over the middle of your table or large enough to extend almost all of the way across the room. Square pendants are very popular for a modern twist on an old favorite, while long rectangular chandeliers offer plenty of light from a number of different bulbs. One benefit of choosing this type of chandelier or pendant light is that you can often easily change the bulbs without a lot of hassle, which will ensure that you have plenty of light in your dining room at all times.



Tenergy Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp, Remote Controlled 30W (150W Equivalent) Standing Lamp with Stepless Touch Dimmer, Two-Part Trip-Proof Cable, 90° Adjustable Top, Warm White Light

Source: Amazon

To ensure that you always have the perfect amount of light in your dining room, it is important to that you buy a light source that is dimmable. Buying a dimmable lamp, hanging light, or wall light has several advantages. You can enjoy a brighter light when you need to be able to see what you are eating or want to clearly see the people you are dining with, or you can have less light when you need to turn the light down for a more romantic or intimate meal. Having control over the light also makes it easier for your dining room to serve more purposes than simply sitting down for meals, such as allowing children to work on a craft project or on homework and ensuring that they will have plenty of light to do so.

Sloped Ceiling Adaptable

Felton White Aluminum and Wood 14" Wide Pendant Light

Source: Amazon

Unless your ceiling is completely straight and flat, it can be difficult to hang a light from it unless you buy one that can adapt to your slope. Rather than getting your new light fixture home and realizing that you can not install it on your ceiling when you narrow down your search to look only for options that can adapt to sloped ceilings, you’ll find that it is significantly easier to install your new light. This also opens up the possibilities of the types of light you can have in your dining room, and you will no longer have to rely simply on lamps and wall lights as your sources of illumination.

Bulb Included

LightInTheBox Bulb Included Pendant Lights Vintage/Traditional/Classic Chandelier for Living Room/Dining Room 3 Light in 1 Plate

Source: Amazon

When you want to be able to install your new light as soon as you get home, it is a good idea to opt for one that has included bulbs. This not only means that you can quickly install your new light without having to shop for new bulbs, but it also ensures that you will have the right type of bulb. With so many different varieties of bulbs available on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your light. For this reason, choosing a light that has the necessary bulb included makes it significantly easier to brighten up your dining room without any hassle.

Swag Light

HMVPL Swag Lights with Plug in Cord and On/Off Dimmer Switch, New Transitional Hanging Pendant Lamps with Clear Glass Lampshade for Dining Room, Bed Room

Source: Amazon

Unless your wiring is directly over your dining room table or positioned exactly where you want your light to be, you will want to opt for a swag light. This allows you to attach your light to the ceiling in your desired location, and then drape the wire and chain in an attractive way either to the electrical outlet on the wall, or up to the ceiling where the light box is located. This ensures that you are able to get the right light in your home without a lot of difficulty.



mirrea Crystal Chandelier Pendant Light, 4 Lights, with Crystal Beaded Drum Shade Chromed Finish

Source: Amazon

Beaded lighting fixtures can look very glamorous and perfectly update your dining room when used correctly. You will want to take care of them on a regular basis so that they do not collect dust. One thing to consider when buying a beaded fixture is the size of the beads themselves, as you do not want them to be so small that they are difficult to see. This is especially important in larger dining rooms since lighting fixtures that have small components can disappear into the background of your room. They then will not stand out as the interesting focal point you want them to be.


Wood Pendant Light, Aooshine 1-Light Modern Ceiling Lights, Solid Wooden Pendant Lamp Fixture for Kitchen Island Dining Table (Pack of 1)

Source: Amazon

When you choose wood as the material for your lighting fixture, it will add a lot of warmth to your lighting fixture and room. One great way to enjoy a wood as a part of your lighting fixture is to look for a drum chandelier that uses this material for the shade. Due to its natural color and warmth, wood will impart amazing interest on your home, especially when combined with other natural elements throughout your dining room’s décor.


Borang Double Heads Retro Rope Lights Loft Vintage Lamp Bedroom Dining Room Pendant Hand Knitted Hemp Rope 200 Cm

Source: Amazon

As a natural substance, the rope will bring a certain beauty and lightness to your lighting fixtures, making it a very popular material for accent work. While it’s not going to be the main material that holds together your lighting source, a rope can be used to cover exposed metal and even to hang your lighting fixture. As a result, you and your family will enjoy the natural appearance of this material, as well as its function. Rope looks great in many different types of homes, including beach houses, cabins, and even homes that are decorated in a Scandinavian style.

Wrought Iron Pama Chandelier, 6-Light Large Chandelier, Ceramic and Wrought Iron Chandelier, Lighting Fixture for Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom GH-8465

Source: Amazon

Wrought iron is not only incredibly attractive when used for lighting, but it is also very durable so you will never have to worry about whether or not your lighting will be damaged or broken. When left a naturally dark color, wrought iron can appear either very modern, when surrounded by updated décor, or a little bit more rustic. A great choice for almost any home, it is fairly easy to find wrought iron lighting fixtures for your dining room and to incorporate them into the décor of your home.


EFFORTINC Vintage Style Resin Deer Horn Antler Chandeliers,4 Lights(Bulbs Not Included)

Source: Amazon

Perfect for the home of a hunter or in a cabin in the woods, lights that have antlers will immediately fit into the décor of the home. While antlers will not negatively or positively affect the way that the light works or how much light is dispersed through the dining room, they will tie together the décor of your home, and you will not have to worry about whether or not your dining room lighting looks out of place. This type of lamp or chandelier is ideal for a hunter as it helps to perfectly express their interests and hobbies.

Crystal Accents

Crystorama 4474-AB-GTS Crystal Accents Four Light Mini Chandeliers from Maria Theresa collection in Brass-Antiquefinish,

Source: Amazon

Glass and crystal are both incredibly popular materials for lighting fixtures in the dining room because they will help to brighten up your space and reflect the light. As a result, your whole room appears brighter and better lit. This is especially important in homes that are darker or when a dining room does not have enough natural light coming into the window. Crystal accents will help to reflect the light and make the space appear brighter and more comfortable. While some crystal accents can definitely add to the overall cost of your lighting, it is still worth considering this as a material to use because you will enjoy its many benefits.


Aero Snail 3-Light Round Chandelier with Round Capiz Seashells Natural White DIY Pendant Light for Living Room Bedroom (shells are PRE-CONNECTED)

Source: Amazon

For a lighter and more unique look that is at home both in a beach house and in a more modern home, lights that are decorated with seashells are very fun and add a lot of interest to the space. Capiz shells are very popular for decorating lighting fixtures because they have a unique design and they can be dyed to specific colors, if desired. Made from a specific type of oyster, these mollusks are native to Southeast Asia, and their shells are very popular for use on lighting fixtures.


Kira Home Orbits II 15" 4-Light Modern Sphere/Orb Chandelier, Chrome Finish

Source: Amazon

Chrome lighting fixtures are perfect in a dining room that is open and airy, as this light and bright material will fit right in. Rather than using a darker material that will appear out of place in a light and bright room, when you opt for chrome, you will know that the material will fit in and look its best. Chrome has the additional advantage of reflecting a lot of light in the space so that your dining room will appear larger than it actually is.