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24 Types of Beer Glasses (Detailed Chart and Descriptions)

Beer sampler with 4 different beer glasses

A pint is a pint is a pint, you might think?

Think again. Amazingly, there are 24 different types of beer glasses for many different types of beer. We put together a terrific graphic followed by a detailed list of all the beer glass options. And this is just beer glasses… when it comes to glassware, there are many types of glassware.

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Beer Glass Chart

Chart: The 24 Types of Beer Glasses

1. Weizenbier

2-piece set of clear, crystal pint glasses.Generally used to serve wheat beer, these glasses are often mistaken for Pilsner glasses, but they actually have a curve to them whereas Pilsner glasses have straight, angled sides.

They are a little taller than a typical pint glass, and the wider top works to both provide room for the typical fully wheat beer head and also allow some of the aroma to escape.

While it’s popular for some bars and restaurants to stick a piece of fruit on the rim of this glass to complement the beer’s flavor, it’s important to be aware that doing so will can destroy the foam head of your beer, so you will want to remove the fruit right away if you want your beer to keep its foamy head.

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2. Pilsner

Pilsner type with a solid glass construction.These glasses are perfect for a lighter beer, such as a Pilsner, from which they get their name. While they do vary in size, their standard shape is perfectly formed to allow your beer to stay carbonated.

This ensures that every sip is just as delicious as the first. The broader top ensures that your beer keeps its head. These skinny and tall glasses will have a little curve towards the bottom, but will straighten out up to the top. The skinny shape of the glass ensures you can see the carbonation of your beer, while the broader opening ensures you can enjoy all of the aromas of your beer.

Pilsner glasses come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important for you to find ones large enough that you are not always filling up your glass.

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3. Footed Pilsner

Tall and stretched, footed pilsner.Very similar to a Pilsner glass, these have a small foot on them, generally an inch or less. Some people believe this creates a more attractive appearance for their beer.

It is not a long enough stem to hold your glass, the way a wine glass stem is, so it does not do much in terms of keeping the warmth of your hand from affecting the flavor of your beer. Pilsner glasses, however, are ideal for drinking a lot of different kinds of beer.

Footed Pilsner glasses are also known as a European Pilsner. They are often compared to taller and stretched out fluted glasses, or tulip pints. The crisp and bright Pilsners you pour in these glasses will stay bubbly, light, and delicious the whole time you drink them.

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4. Tulip Pint

Clear, tulip type of beer glass.The bulb shape of this bowl allows you to gently swirl your beer so you can really enjoy the flavor and aroma of what you are about to drink.

With a slight outward curve in the lip, they are designed perfectly to keep a large head on the beer. These glasses are appreciated because of how well they improve not only the aroma, but also the physical appearance of the beer.

They have a short stem, but it is large enough so you can hold onto your glass without worrying about warming your beer. In addition, the broad base of the glass ensures it will not fall over if you accidentally knock into it while drinking.

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5. Conical Pint

Classic pint glass in a conical figure.Pint glasses are some of the most common beer glasses you will find on the market. If you go to a local bar and order a beer, it will most likely be served in a regular, conical pint glass.

While this is not a specialized glass that will bring out the best in your beer the way a Pilsner or tulip pint will, it’s still a great option, as they are open enough at the top so you can really enjoy the aroma of the beer you are drinking.

While many different kinds of beer glasses are available in a number of materials, pint glasses are generally only available in glass, crystal, or acrylic. This ensures you can easily see the beer you are drinking and keep an eye on the head when you are pouring your drink.

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6. Nonic Pint

A slightly conical pint glass with an outward bulge near the top.These pint glasses are very similar to conical glasses, but they have an outward bulge in the glass a few inches from the top. Besides being attractive, this bulge serves a number of purposes.

It reduces the likelihood that a beer will be dropped because it is easier to grip, keeps the rim from chipping, and makes them easier to stack. Besides all that, they have all of the benefits of the conical pint glass, including making it easy for drinkers to see their beer.

The bulge can be a little more difficult to clean than the straight-edged conical pint, so you will have to make sure you thoroughly clean these glasses when you are done using them.

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7. Willi Becher

Clear and durable, Willi Becher type of beer glass.Long considered the standard German glass, this glass is very popular for a number of reasons. The glass is conical up to a few inches below the top, where it very gently curves back inwards a little.

This opening, while not as small as some other beer glasses by any means, is still a lot smaller when compared to a typical conical pint glass. Again, it is due to the opening and the overall shape of the glass that makes drinking out of them so pleasant.

While many beer glasses have their optimized for a certain type of beer, most any beer will be delicious when served in this glass, making it a great choice for a home bar on a budget.

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8. Stange

Tall and narrow glass with a cylindrical shape.Perfect for carrying multiple beers at once, as they can be easily slipped into a special tray, these tall, cylindrical, and narrow glasses are not only enjoyable to look at, but to also drink out of.

They showcase the color and carbonation of the beer due to their shape. There are a number of other names you may use for this glass, including rod, pole, or stick glass. While more recent stange glasses are getting larger and larger, they are typically only able to hold about 6.5 ounces.

They are used with very delicate types of beer so that the volatiles will be concentrated, allowing the drinker to really be able to enjoy the flavor. You wouldn’t want to drink a very strong or heavy beer out of this glass, as it may make it not as enjoyable to drink.

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9. Flute

Crafted flute glass with detailed diamond cuts.These glasses are incredibly similar to champagne glasses due to the shape and the benefits it offers. They are usually used to serve fruit beers, and their shape is a huge benefit to enjoying these drinks because it helps retain the carbonation of them.

Their narrow shape also showcases the color and active carbonation, making them fun to drink out of. They differ from champagne glasses in that they don’t have as long of a stem, making it easier to accidentally heat up your drink with your hand.

It’s important for you to be aware of this when you are drinking so you can remember to not hold your glass for too long, as the heat from your hand can ruin the carbonation of your beer.

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10. Pokal

A pokal beer glass has a short height and a narrow mouth.These classy glasses can be used almost interchangeably with the conical pint glass as well as add a little more flair to the beer that you are enjoying. They sit on a stem that is about an inch tall and have a foot to ensure you can’t easily knock over your glass.

The narrow mouth combined with the slightly larger bottom ensures all of the aroma of your beer is directed to your nose and mouth when you take a sip, which greatly increases the pleasure.

It’s important for you to look for a glass that has a smooth curve between the lip and the bowl, as you don’t want your beer to be interrupted when you are drinking from an uneven surface. A smooth transition between the bowl and the lip ensures the best drinking experience.

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11. Snifter

Snifter type made of durable soda lime glass.These glasses are generally only used when serving cognac and brandy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them for your beer. They are great at enhancing the flavor and aroma of your drink, just as they do for certain liquor.

They are rather small and bulbous, with a much smaller opening than the other glasses. Sitting on a very small stem, they look like you can easily fill them up with a lot of beer, but it’s best to resist this impulse. You don’t want to fill the glass too full, as that will stop you from being able to fully enjoy your beer.

Their unique shape allows the drinker to swirl their beer, which will improve the aromatics and overall drinking experience. Beer lovers generally use sniffers when they are going to be drinking very strong beer.

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12. Goblet

Metallic, silver goblet with detailed grape design.This is a large, bowl-shaped glass that sits on a thick stem. They are perfect for serving heavy beers and offer a wide opening which makes it very easy to fully enjoy your drink.

The stem is there to ensure you do not accidentally warm the beer with your hand. Goblets tend to have much thicker glass walls than chalices, and sometimes this is the only way to really tell them apart. Goblets also have taller stems than chalices do, although it can be very difficult to tell the two types of glasses apart.

When selecting a goblet for home use, you will want to make sure it fits comfortably in your hand, is large enough that you won’t have to fill it repeatedly, and that its style and décor matches your personality.

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13. Chalice

Thin, bulb-shaped glass with thick stem and a printed design.Incredibly similar to goblets, chalices are perfect for a hearty type of beer. Choose one that has straight sides if you are going to be drinking a beer that does not have a large head, otherwise you will want sizes that slightly curve in so they can hold the large head in place.

Chalices have thinner glass walls than goblets do, and this presents your beer in a very dramatic fashion. They look great if you are going to have a vintage party, and will remind people of drinking at feasts in castles.

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14. Oversized Wine

Large, stemmed glass with detailed cuts.These glasses are very similar to a goblet or a chalice and are generally used to serve craft beers. They offer a lot of flexibility of what kinds of beer you can serve, which is making them very popular among home brew enthusiasts.

The bowl can generally hold more than 20 ounces, and the long stem ensures it will remain at a constant temperature while you are drinking. When you have trouble finding an oversized wine beer glass, you can easily substitute a large chardonnay or cabernet glass.

They have a similar size and shape, although the beer glass will be a lot larger.

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15. Tulip

Modern-style, crystal-clear tulip glass.Not only does a tulip glass work perfectly to trap the aroma of your beer so you can enjoy the smell with every sip, but it also helps build and maintain a large head, which can be very visually pleasing.

Their bulb-shaped bowl will allow you to gently swirl your beer to increase the aroma, and the curved lip is functional as well as attractive.

Tulip and pokal glasses are often mistaken for each other, but you can more easily tell them apart when you pay close attention to the curve in below the lip of the tulip glass.

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16. Thistle

Thistle glass with gold accents and detailed designs.The thistle glass is a little shorter than the tulip and has a much more pronounced bulge at the bottom. This works to trap the aroma of the beer so you can enjoy every sip.

This glass also has a lip that doesn’t curve as much as the tulip does, and is generally used to serve Scottish ales. While it does have an opening at the top about the same size as the tulip glass, it appears to be more pronounced because the glass has a more pronounced curve in it between the bowl and the lip.

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17. Tumbler

A set of Emerald Green tumbler glasses.Easy to hold and drink out of, the tumbler is very similar to a conical pint, but does not have completely smooth sides the way a pint glass does.

This design makes it a little easier to hold. There is plenty of room at the opening of the glass to allow your beer head to form, and you will be able to easily get your nose near your drink so you can smell it.

They are easy to stack and clean due to their straight walls, making them a favorite at home bars and in restaurants.

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18. Hopside Down

Double-walled, inverted beer glass great for insulation.This double-walled beer glass does a great job insulating your drink while making everyone laugh due to its clever shape and appearance. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves to drink beer and enjoys humor with their beverage.

It is shaped like an upside down beer bottle inside of a regular conical pint glass. With a large opening, you’ll experience all of the benefits of a conical pint glass, including less chances of accidentally warming your beer due to the double-walled insulation.

While drinking out of this beer glass, you will enjoy all of the benefits of a pint glass without having to worry about warming up your beer. In addition, beer drinkers who love their bottled beers will still be able to enjoy a pint with their friends.

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19. Yard

Extremely tall pint glass with a wooden stand.This is an extremely tall beer glass that is generally used for drinking about 2.5 pints of beer. The actual volume will depend on the diameter of the glass.

There is a bulb at the bottom and a gently widening shaft to the top. Because of their shape, height, and difficulty in staying upright, they are often served with a supportive wooden structure. While you can drink out of them at your favorite bar, they are often more common at celebrations such as Oktoberfest.

It’s important that you don’t forget and try to set your glass down without its wooden support, as it will easily fall over, possibly break, and you will lose all of your beverage.

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20. Boot

A contemporary, boot-shaped beer glass.This glass has a long history with soldiers who enjoy drinking out of the boot to celebrate a successful victory.

It’s important to know how to drink from them correctly so you do not end up with beer spilled all over you. Instead of holding the boot with the toe away from your body, make sure to drink with the toe pointed towards you.

This will allow air to gently enter the toe instead of causing it to all spill out on you.

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21. Stein

Beer mug made of glazed ceramics and gold details.These mugs are generally ornamental and can be made out of a variety of materials, including glass, stoneware, silver, wood, crystal, porcelain, and pewter.

They usually have lids that are operated by a hinge you can control with your thumb, come in a number of different sizes, and are generally well-decorated. Steins are available in many places nowadays, but they are mostly used as ornaments and not for drinking.

Most people would prefer to drink out of a tankard, mug, or pint instead. Of course, at an Oktoberfest celebration, your stein may fit right in with the ones your friends are using.

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22. Dimpled Mug

A sturdy beer glass with the traditional dimpled design and a strong handle.Traditionally used in England, these mugs are now very popular in America, where people love how sturdy they are. The sides are mostly straight, while some do have a slight curve to them.

They come with a strong handle, and the dimples serve a dual purpose. Not only do they make the mug easier to hold so you are less likely to spill and have an accident, but they also make it very easy to measure how much beer you have poured.

This is great when you are at a party and want to make sure you can monitor how much beer you are putting in each mug. They are shorter than a tankard or a tumbler, and many people are quite taken with their squat shape.

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23. Tankard

Clear tankard with a thick and durable glass material.Very similar to the more popular beer stein, these beer glasses don’t always have lids on them. They do have one handle and are cylindrical. Made of many materials, including glass, pewter, ceramic, wood, and even leather, they are often given as gifts more than they are used as a functional glass.

They have a very thick wall, which ensures your beer will be insulated from the warmth of your hand and of the air. This combined with the thick and sturdy handle, ensures you can enjoy your drink to the very last drop.

The clear glass ensures you can enjoy the color and clarity of your beer as well as keep an eye on the head and on the carbonation while you are drinking.

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24. Oktoberfest Mug

Big-sized, Oktoberfest mug with detailed designs and subtle prints.These are huge mugs that will generally hold about 33 ounces of your favorite beer. Like an oversized dimpled mug, they have a sturdy handle and the dimpled pattern that is so popular on German beer mugs.

The thick walls help to insulate the beer and will prevent the mug from chipping easily if you set it down too quickly on a hard surface.

These thick walls also make sure that when you are clinking glasses with your family or friends you won’t accidentally damage your glass. They are hard to stack and to store, but make a great conversation piece when you have people over for a party.

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