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27 Types of Bar Glasses (Illustrated Chart)

Learn all about the different types of bar glasses here including shooters, collins glasses, tumblers, highball glasses, cocktail glasses, margarita, martini and more. Includes different bar glass materials, features and styles.

Photo of shooter glasses in a bar

I loved my days serving tables drinks back in college. I learned a lot about fine dining and bar service including the different types of bar glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses and glassware in general.

At first it was a lot to take in, but in short order I knew which drink went into which glass. It was a fun skill to learn that’s now applicable to our own bar service for dinner parties.

I dug into my serving past and put together this extensive article setting out your bar glass options, including materials, features and styles.

A. Types of Bar Glasses

Chart showing the different types of bar glasses

Expanded List of Bar Glasses

1. Cocktail

Used to serve drinks without any ice, this classic glass has a cone bowl that has been inverted.Used to serve drinks without any ice, this classic glass has a cone bowl that has been inverted. They usually hold up to six ounces, although it is possible to buy smaller ones. Because the mouth of the glass is so large, you can easily get your nose and face close to your drink, which will allow you to breathe in the aromas of your beverage and fully enjoy it.

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2. Highball

Green highball glassesWider and shorter than a Collins glass but taller than an Old Fashioned glass, Highball glasses are perfect for most mixed drinks and cocktails. They hold 8-12 ounces of liquid and are generally used for drinks that have more mixer in them than alcohol.

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3. Zombie

Zombie bar glassOriginally used to serve a drink called the Zombie, these glasses are still very popular due to how straight the lines are and how stylish they appear. This glass is generally taller than other glass options and can actually be around 7 inches tall. They are frosted or clear, and both will showcase the beauty of the drink and its unique colors. Due to their taller size, they generally hold about 13.5 ounces of liquid.

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4. Collins

Collins glassThese glasses average about 12 ounces in capacity, but some will easily hold 14. They are tall, cylindrical, and normal made of regular or frosted glass. While you can use a Highball glass in a pinch, it is nice to be able to serve your beverages in the correct glass.

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5. Sling

Sling bar glassesThis tall and thin glass is perfect for a lot of drinks but most notably used for Long Island Ice Teas. They have a small foot at the base, which make them perfect for parties, as they are much more difficult to knock over than other glasses are. Due to how slim they are, they are easy and comfortable to hold and while they are designed for a certain beverage, they will hold any drink that you want to enjoy in style.

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6. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee glassIf you are going to be enjoying a warm alcoholic beverage then you will want this type of glass, as they have small handles and are heat-resistant. This ensures that you can easily drink your beverage without burning your hands. The flared opening of these glasses allows there to be some foam on top of the drink.

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7. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned drink glassAlso called a “lowball glass”, these glasses have a solid base that are perfect for muddling drinks in them. They are squatter and more solid to hold than a Highball glass. Some people also use these glasses when they are going to be drinking their liquor neat and enjoy that the glass can easily be held in a number of ways without worrying about dropping or spilling their drink.

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8. Rocks

Rocks bar glassesThis glass is ideal for any kind of cocktail that you want to enjoy as well as having liquor straight up on some ice. While they are shorter glasses, there is plenty to hold on to so that there is no risk of accidentally dropping the drink. In addition, they are wide enough to easily hold plenty of ice to keep the drink nice and cold and still accommodate a stirrer. The wide opening at the top ensures that the drinker will be able to smell and really enjoy their beverage.

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9. Tumbler

Tumbler glassThis is a great glass that can be used in a number of ways. While there is no stem, which means that the drink will heat up more in the hand, the curve of the glass ensures that the beverage smells and tastes great. This is a flat bottomed glass that is perfect for most uses, and although it’s possible to buy ones that have smaller openings on the top, opting for one that is nice and wide will ensure that the drinker can really enjoy their beverage.

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10. Martini

Martini glassServing sizes have gotten larger and martini glasses have grown with them. They are similar to a basic cocktail glass but the bowl is usually larger and completely conical at the bottom. Again, like margarita glasses, you can have stems in a number of designs. From classic to funky, there’s something for everyone.

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11. Margarita

Margarita glassesThis is a variant of a cocktail glass and is traditionally only used to serve margaritas. They come in all sizes, from small to fishbowl, and can have different types of stems, depending on your preference. From straight to curvy to zigzag, you can pick a stem that will match the rest of your glasses and décor. Margaritas are often served for parties, and having a set of fun glasses makes this drink even more enjoyable.

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12. Hurricane

Hurricane glassThis is a very familiar shaped glass and is so named after the drink being poured into hurricane-shaped glasses. A staple in New Orleans, this glass adds a lot of flair to any bar.

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13. Poco Grande

Poco Grande Glass SetSimilar to a hurricane glass, the poco grande has a longer stem that makes the drink sit up a little higher. It’s a very attractive glass to showcase beautiful beverages and perfect for cold or blended drinks as the warmth from the person’s hand will not negatively affect the quality of the drink. With a rounder bottom and a smaller mouth, it’s a much daintier glass than some of the other bar glasses available and is a nice addition to any home bar.

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14. Sour

Sour glassSome people know this glass better as a Delmonico glass. It has a stem, a wide opening, and almost looks like a smaller champagne flute. Generally used to serve whiskey sours and other sour drinks, it holds about 5 ounces. The opening directs the smell and flavor of the drink directly to the nose of the person enjoying the beverage. They can be difficult to find, so in a pinch a smaller champagne glass is a great replacement.

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15. Milkshake

Milkshake glassThese glasses look retro in the best way possible. Anyone who has ever been to a soda fountain before will remember drinking a milkshake out of one of these glasses. They have a very distinctive shape, with a wide opening for the mouth and gently curving sides that end in a large, heavy foot. This is to be sure that the drink does not spill and allows the person enjoying it to stir it with a straw.

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16. Coupe

Coupe-glassesThis long-stemmed glass has a very wide and shallow bowl that brings a certain retro quality to the drinks that you’re serving. They are often used to serve drinks such as the Side Car, Martinez, and Aviation. They can be a little tricky to drink out of because of how shallow and top heavy they are, but they add a lot of glamour to your drik and many people think that they are worth the extra fuss and effort.

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17. Snifter

SnifterBrandy snifters have been perfectly designed to improve the drinking experience of any brandy. With their classic shape that is easily recognizable, nothing will stand in as a good substitute. It’s important to have quality brandy snifters to ensure that you have the best experience when drinking. The right shape and size mouth will greatly improve the drinking experience.

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18. Wobble

Wobble bar glassesThis glass is great to use if you want an updated version of a brandy snifter or brandy glass. They are contemporary and look great at any home bar and rely on their wide mouth to help intensify the flavor of the beverage. It can be tricky to keep the glass from falling over if you aren’t careful, but correctly designed wobble glasses generally are sturdy enough to prevent this from happening. They are a fun way to serve a drink and are sure to invite conversation when you have people over for a beverage.

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19. Nosing

Nosing drink glassThese glasses are specifically made to help capture the aroma and the flavor of the drink. Because of this, they are generally used when drinking straight whiskey. The wider bottom narrows to the top, and this top can sometimes flare out a little so that the aroma is allowed to waft out of the glass. They are heavy enough and have enough weight to them that they are not as fragile as some other available glasses. Because of this there is not as big of a risk of them being knocked over as there is with some other types of glasses.

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20. Pousse Café

This glass was created to serve beautifully layered drinks. The gentle curve in from the wider bottom makes it very easy to layer drinks without worrying about the layers blending in together. They are rather small and generally hold less than 4 ounces. In addition to being ideal for layered drinks, these glasses work very well for serving liqueur. Again, because of the longer stem, these glasses ensure that the drink will not get warm. The attractive design and shape of the glass only serve to enhance the attractiveness of the drink, especially when it is layered. Careful pouring ensures that the layers stay separate and are able to be clearly seen.

21. Cordial

Cordial glass setHolding only 2 ounces, this is a very small glass but still a great one to have in any bar. Just like the Pousse Café, it does a great job holding and displaying layered drinks and is often used for an after dinner aperitif or for liqueur. It is perfect for this because most people will not want a lot of a sweet drink after they have eaten a large meal. While some people will serve cordials in other glasses, especially brandy snifters, these glasses have been perfectly made to ensure that they offer the best flavor possible from the beverage.

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22. Grappa

Grappa glassGrappa glasses are named after the drink that they were created to hold. Grappa is a very fragrant beverage and is sensitive to temperature changes, hence the long stem on the glasses. The very narrow and small bowl curves in sharply before opening in a dramatic flair. Not only does this look very attractive, but it ensures that the drinker is able to enjoy the full aroma of their beverage. If you enjoy drinking grappa then you know that there is really no good substitute for this glass. Due to its unique shape, it has been perfectly made to capture the flavor and aroma of the beverage and ensure that the drinker is able to fully enjoy it. Using a different glass will decrease the enjoyment of drinking grappa.

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23. Liqueur

Liqueur glassThese smaller glasses are ideal for holding and serving sweet liqueur. In general, most people will not want to drink a lot of liqueur at one time, so these small glasses are a great portion. They offer a very flared opening that allows the drinker to bring their nose close to the surface of their beverage, intensifying the smell. Some liqueur glasses are very dainty and can be easily broken, so it’s important to make sure that the ones you have are strong enough to stand up to use. Of course, thinner glass will make for a more attractive drink and glass.

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24. Shot Glasses

Shot glassesUsed primarily to take shots of liquor, these glasses are shorter than all of the others and generally fairly skinny. You can buy ones that are a bit more conical in shape, although some are just straight-sided cylinders. They come in all kinds of styles and appearances and are often picked up as a souvenir when people are traveling. The design of the shot glass does not at all affect the function, and plain ones can easily be stacked in a cupboard or on the bar until they are needed. Since they are used so quickly, there is no need for a long stem to protect the flavor and aroma of the drink.

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25. Shooter

Shooter glassShooter glasses are taller than shot glasses and may flare out slightly at the top. While shot glasses are generally used to serve a single serving of alcohol, shooter glasses are large enough to hold a mixture. This makes them ideal for serving custom mixed drinks that need to be drunk quickly as a shot. In addition, for people who want to take a double or triple shot, these glasses can be used in a pinch. Of course, this makes it more difficult to drink all of the liquid at once, but can make for an enjoyable drink.

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B. Wine Glasses

There are a wide variety of wine glasses for different types of wines. In fact, there are different wine glasses for red, white and dessert wines.

We put together a dedicated article listing and describing all the different types of wine glasses

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C. Beer Glasses

There are even more different types of beer glasses than wine glasses.

We put together an extensive beer glass guide listing each type of beer glass along with photos of each type.

=> Click here for the different types of beer glasses

D. Bar Glass Materials

1. Acrylic

Acrylic glasses are sturdy and last for a very long time.Acrylic glasses have come a long way in recent years. Far from being easy to break, they are now sturdy pieces of drinkware that will enhance your drinking experience. They come in a number of colors that you can choose from and are not nearly as easy to break as glass.

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2. Copper

Copper glasses are not only good-looking, they are beneficial to your health too.Some people argue that there are health benefits to using copper cups while others just enjoy the way that they look. No matter what camp you are in, there are some amazing copper glasses out there for you to choose from. Whether you want all of your glasses to be copper or just want to accent with a few pieces, they’re both beautiful and functional.

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3. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate wine glasses that do not shatter when fallen.Made from a strong, clear plastic, these glasses will stand up to being dropped, will last a long time, and won’t shatter if they do break. In addition, they can be put in the dishwasher without worrying about damaging them and won’t discolor with age.

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4. Crystal

While they tend to break more easily than other glasses, crystal glasses feel pleasantly heavy when you hold them, are very attractive, and tend to be much more ornate than some of the other types of glasses available.

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5. Glass

A bar glass looking expensive at a cheaper price.If you love the look of crystal but not the price tag that comes with them, then you will want to consider glass as your material of choice for your new bar glasses. While not as durable as polycarbonate, it is still a great option for anyone looking for beautiful glasses that will last – as long as you don’t drop them.

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6. Pewter or Stainless Steel

Detailed, printed bar glass made out of stainless steel.Depending on what you are drinking, you may enjoy the slight tang that is commonly felt when you drink from these glasses. Even if you are not drinking something acidic, you may enjoy the appearance of these glasses as something a little different than what anyone else will have.

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E. Features

1. Dishwasher-Safe

A dishwasher-safe bar glass with tints of orange tones.At the end of a party, there’s no task more dreadful than having to wash all of the dishes and glasses that you used. You can avoid this frustration by buying bar glasses that are dishwasher-safe so you can easily throw them in the dishwasher and have them cleaned for you. Advances have been made so that even some of the most ornate and gorgeous glasses can be put in the dishwasher without fearing that they will break.

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2. Set

A set of pink-stemmed wine glass.You won’t have to every worry about whether or not your glasses match when you buy them in a set. This ensures continuity across your dinner party and looks great. While some people do prefer a more eclectic style that allows them to mix and match their glasses, if you want something more cohesive, then you will want to buy your glasses in a set.

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3. Personalized

Personalized wine glass with a printed initial in front.Perfect for a gift or to show your family pride, personalized glasses never go out of style. The extra step of having your initial etched on them makes them even more special than regular glasses and will elevate your dining or drinking situation.

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4. Decorative

Decorative bar glasses with detailed and creative designs.While some people prefer to have their glasses plain so that the drink will speak for itself, others like to express themselves through their glasses and buying ones with decoration is the best way to do that. You can buy all sorts of decorations, from animals to witty sayings, and mix and match until you have the bar glasses that express your personality.

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5. Lead-Free

Safe-to-use, lead-free wine glass with an abstract design. If you are going to be drinking out of crystal glasses, then you will want to make sure that they are lead-free. This ensures that you and your guests are perfectly safe when using your glasses. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or beauty, though, as these glasses are stunning.

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6. Hand-Blown

Hand-blown glasses are not perfectly made but they are visually-appealing.While hand-blown glasses may have some small imperfections, these are delightful and add to the visual interest of the glasses. When you buy hand-blown drinkware, you know that you are getting a quality piece that someone worked hard to create. Each piece will be specially made and will last for a long time.

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7. Sake Set

A set of porcelain white glassware with a goldfish deisgn, made especially for Sake.Sake requires its own set of cups and pitcher if you really want to enjoy the experience of drinking it. If you are not interested in making a set out of different cups and want everything to match perfectly, then you will want to buy a set that includes both the pitcher and enough cups.

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F. Style

1. Contemporary

A wine glass with a contemporary design.Contemporary barware is going to catch your eye. While it is just as functional as traditional-type glasses, they will often have a fun and different twist. Your glass may have swirls, sparkles, and glass bubbles in the piece itself to draw interest and set it apart from other choices.

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2. Modern

A modern type of bar glass in a unique, diamond cut.When you buy modern bar glasses, you will find that they fit in perfectly with the rest of your updated décor. They have strong lines and angles and are designed to be as attractive as they are functional. No matter who you have over for a drink, modern pieces are sure to spark conversation and get your guests interested in your glasses.

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3. Eclectic

Eclectic bar glasses with creative sippers.These bar glasses are a lot of fun to buy, look at, and drink out of. You can design a whole set of eclectic bar glasses that really speak to your personality when you choose from ones with feet, beautiful paintings on the sides, and even funny sayings. They are a great way to spice up your bar and keep things interesting when you have company over for a drink.

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4. Traditional

Traditional glasses looking gorgeous and timeless.Traditional glasses are gorgeous and timeless and will look great in any home and when used for any occasion. From a fancy dinner with your whole family to a nightcap on the back porch with your spouse, traditional glasses look great, feel nice in the hand, and will improve any situation. Because they are so timeless, you never have to worry about them being out of place or inappropriate for the occasion.

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5. Industrial

An industrial bar glass that is smart-looking and functional.Industrial bar glasses are all about function, strong yet simple lines, and fun materials. It’s smart to have some that are glass, as many people prefer to drink out of glass than other materials, but you can let your imagination run when finding great quality industrial-style pieces for your bar. Look for copper and steel options to round out your collection and don’t be afraid to mix and match as this style is very forgiving.

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6. Beach

Colored bar glass with short stem, perfect for beach parties and getaways.Perfect for a day on the shore, when you drink out of these glasses, you will feel at one with the ocean. While you can buy some beach-style glasses that are a little more obvious with fish and mermaids painted on them, some of the less obvious ones are just as beachy and beautiful. These glasses will be seafoam green, turquoise, and other blues, and will be light and delicate. Look for ones that can stand up to a lot of use as you will love feeling as if you’re on the beach on vacation even when you’re at home.

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7. Scandinavian

Scandinavian wine glasses looking simple and elegant.There is something very simple yet elegant about these bar glasses. Although they have a less ornate design than a lot of other available glasses, they hold their own in your bar. Many people are drawn to their simplicity because they allow the drink you are enjoying to really shine.

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8. Craftsman

Bar glasses with a craftsman-style finish.Just as Craftsman furniture is easy to pick out due to its quality, fine lines, and dedication to detail, these bar glasses are sure to stand out from others that you may have. They’re perfect for any event and will fit right in with the theme of your bar. Some of the most beautiful ones are flight glasses served on gorgeous planks of wood. The color of the beverage inside will perfectly complement the grain of the wood, making this a drink that you’ll remember.

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9. Mediterranean

Bright and colorful bar glasses looking all funky and groovy.If you’re looking for bright, fun, and funky bar glasses that are as enjoyable to drink out of as they are to use, then you will want to search for Mediterranean style glasses. They are gorgeous, with bright colors and a lot of contrast, and often have ornate designs etched into them.

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10. Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style glass with a steel lid and a strong handle.If you’re lucky enough to live in a farmhouse in the country or just wish that you did, then you will want to invest in some fun farmhouse-style glasses for your bar. They are just as functional as they are fun and will carry the theme and décor of your home throughout the bar, as well. When you’re looking for farmhouse barware, look for solid pieces that can stand up to a lot of use and ones that won’t be chipped or broken if someone sets them down too roughly. This style of bar glasses is sturdy, dependable, and tough.

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11. Mid-Century

Bar glasses with a mid-century style and a copper finish.Perfect to place on your table with hairpin legs, mid-century bar glasses are gorgeous, refined, and look great with a bit of whiskey or brandy in them. You’ll love how they remind your guests of fun times in the past and how well they stand out. You can easily add a touch of class to your meal with these glasses.

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12. Southwestern

Southwestern bar glasses with minimal designs.If you want something to remind you of your last trip out west, then you will want to pick up some southwestern-style glasses. They have simple and plain lines that ensure that they look as classic as possible but usually come with wonderful designs on them. You can pick up a few pieces to spice up your collection or look for matching glasses.

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13. Tropical

Short bar glasses with tropical designs.There’s no reason why you can’t live every day as if you’re on vacation and tropical glasses will bring a bit of wild flair to your bar. They can border on mid-century at times so you have to be careful when choosing your pieces. Although you can easily buy some painted with flamingoes or ferns, if you want the more subtle look, then keep an eye out for glasses where the design is in the glass, not just painted on it.

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14. Rustic

Rustic bar glasses with nature-inspired designs. There’s something about rustic bar glasses that make you feel instantly more comfortable and at home. They often feature nature-inspired designs on them and will make you feel as though you are on a cabin retreat when you are drinking out of them. Enjoy a warm drink in one of these glasses by the fire after a long day hiking.

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15. Transitional

Transitional flute glasses with minimal designs and a subtle metallic touch.Partway between modern and traditional bar glasses, transitional ones meld the best of both worlds. They have strong lines as well as an attention to detail that is sure to please. Metal accents are common as are blowing techniques that result in bubbles, raised dots or lines, and swirls.

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16. Victorian

Victorian-type of glasses with an impressive finish and embossed details.The most ornate bar glasses that you can buy are going to be Victorian. These are showstoppers and are sure to impress everyone who sees them. They’re characterized by a mix of glass and metal, ornate carvings and designs, and gold details. Their beauty ensures that every drink you have tastes and looks amazing.

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