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Russ Weiner’s Two Mansions in South Florida (Listed for $71.5 Million)

A beautiful mansion with wide glass walls and tall columns complemented by warm yellow lights glowing from the interiors as well as a couple of tall tropical trees. Images courtesy of

The energy drink craze hit the carbonated beverage market in the early 2000s, and Rockstar Energy Drinks quickly made its entrance to provide some of the most caffeinated, largest, and most highly sought after of all energy drinks available.

Taking up a whopping 14% of the entire energy drink beverage sector, Rockstar quickly rose to prominence. By 2013, the company offered more than 20 different energy drink flavors and in 2020, it was appraised at just over $3.85 billion.

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Even more interesting is that the founder of the company, Russ Weiner, owns two massive mansions in South Florida which together are appraised at .5 million. More interesting still is the fact that one of these two homes is next door to the Obama family home. One wonders if the former President ever partakes of the Rockstar line of beverages to get the energy he needs for his busy public speaking schedule.

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The first of the two homes opens to the street over the course of a long walking path of heavy stone, lined with palm trees (the kind that only grows to a specific height), leading up to a door of metallic orange- close perhaps to the color of some of the company’s most popular beverages.

Inside the entryway, we find a steep and angular stairway that we would need a slug of caffeine and sugar to ascend apace. The steps are made from a reddish, and finely polished wood and the frame of the stairs appear to be heavy in marble and glass.

Once at the top, we find more marble- lots more- hardwood floors, and intricate latticework acting as bookends for expensive-looking ferns. This scene overlooks a conversation area facing a series of large patio window-doors which offer a view of a nearby line of palms- close enough to touch.

Passing through this causeway and conversation area, we find ourselves in the primary bedroom. The vaulted ceiling is supported by immaculately polished beams of ebony. A large, but not conspicuously expensive bed sits opposite two face-to-face recliners, clearly arranged for the facilitation of the exchange of ideas. A wall covered in curtains opens to reveal yet another long view of palm tree-laden property outside the home.

Outside on the ground level, there is, yet another sprawling conversation area adjacent to a large and well-manicured lawn. Caddy-corner from that is a semi-enclosed pool. The conversation area looks like it might be tough to maintain, being hard-wood out of doors, but it is quite well-maintained looking anyway. Being just a short walk from what looks to be quite a large and attractive pool area, it seems likely that business dealings with Mr. Weiner frequently lead to house parties of one manner or another.

One of these two homes is currently for sale for an estimated $35.9 to $40 million. It’s hard to say where the future of Rockstar drinks is headed, but with his frequent business dealings with a wide list of high-rolling participants- one might guess that Weiner’s options are as wide open as a fast-pour can.

Photo credit: Douglas Elliman


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