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Orlando Bloom’s House in Beverly Hills, CA (Listed for $8.99 Million)

The centerpiece of the backyard is the beautiful zero-edge pool that is surrounded by charming wooden walkways augmented by comfortable sitting areas perfect for a relaxing day by the pool. Images courtesy of

Anyone who follows celebrities and enjoys celebrity gossip articles or stories probably understands just how nice of a house Orlando Bloom lives in. Consider the amount of money he earned as an actor with such prominent roles in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and you’ll begin to understand what kind of house he can afford with custom architecture and interior design styles.

Two years ago, he bought a house in Beverly Hills on what is locally known as Billionaire’s Row with the intent of living there for years to come, but upon becoming engaged to Katy Perry decided to sell, so they can build a home together instead of her moving into his house.

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The 4,011 square foot house was originally built in the 1960s, but of course, Bloom had it renovated to include the nicest of modern amenities. It is specifically designed as a wonderful home for people who are socially active and enjoy entertaining. He had a pool added, surrounded by custom Ipe wood decking which serves as an amazing patio, considering California weather it can essentially be an extra room for most of the year. The living room incorporates built-in seating in a sunken floor area, which easily provides room for a dozen people, perhaps more if they are close friends who like to sit close to each other. The house uses energy-saving LED lighting, recessed to provide the needed light subtly while adding an environmentally friendly aspect to the house.

The rest of the interior is designed with wonderful open spaces, providing a sense of freedom of movement spacious comfort. The spaces are outlined with crisp, clean whites, for walls and trim, the built-in cabinetry, and bedroom carpet. It’s up to the next owner to decorate how they prefer, but Bloom has incorporated matching white furniture and hardwood floors without rugs to provide a clean and comfortable sensibility to the home.

The living room and primary bedroom have glass walls facing the private patio and the primary bath has its own walled-in private patio area with sliding glass door access. There are three other guest bedrooms and three more full bathrooms, which is great for friends and family who might stay as overnight guests.

An aspect of the house worth noting is how the clean whites and contemporary design style is perfect for the art collector, as it provides wonderful open wall space that doesn’t distract from the beauty of the artwork. The open spaces and private lot features can be great for musicians to practice or actors to read their lines or conduct the informal aspects of preparing for their next role. The house really is an open canvass for any lifestyle, because of the spacious floor plan which can either be left empty or filled with whatever hobby and interest items the new owner prefers.

The house is currently for sale with an asking price of $8.99 million. It is listed with Jason Oppenheim of The Oppenheim Group, who is familiar with the intricacies of the home because he was the agent who sold it to Orlando Bloom two years ago.

Photo credit: Daniel Dahler