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Tribu Apartments by Arista Cero

Architects: Arista Cero
Area: 1450 m²
Year: 2019

Tribu is a set of 21 apartments located within the Luum Zamá complex in the Tulum jungle, Quintana Roo. The project seeks to respect and adapt to the natural context as well as to generate an interior-exterior connection in a precise manner. The proposal is developed in four towers that are integrated into the terrain and organized around a central courtyard, which functions as a transition from public areas to private areas. This arrangement of volumes allowed us to house all units and respect 50% of the vegetation of the plot.

The access passes through two stone walls on which a wooden structure rests and generates a porch overlooking the central courtyard. There is a Ceiba tree at the center of the courtyard that functions as a pivot to give access to two wooden structures that make up the vertical circulations and in turn function as viewpoints to contemplate the vegetation at its different levels.

The complex has four typologies of apartments which are assembled in the four towers according to their program, generating different interior environments. On the ground floor, there are five pent gardens of 50 m2 each and three of 90 m2 divided into two floors with a zapote wood structure that works as a mezzanine at a height of one and a half of the social area.

On the first floor, there are five apartments of 50 m2 with balconies that allow the user to have direct contact with the vegetation. The last level contains three penthouses of 50 m2 with balconies oriented towards the treetops generating a dynamic rhythm in the facade, two penthouses of 80 m2 distributed on two floors with a rooftop on the top floor, and three penthouses of 90 m2 with the wooden mezzanine and a rooftop area with a terrace and a pool.

The materials chosen for the project are ones that age with dignity and give character to the building. The interior floors and walls are of bare polished cement with contrasting elements in zapote wood for the mezzanines and tzalam wood in the kitchens and closets. On the exterior, the walls are painted with a mixture of clay from the region which contrasts with the rustic wood of the facade.

The outdoor paths are realized with tezontle rock to have the greatest amount of permeable areas and in order to help the thermal sensation of the complex. In Tribu, a spatial experience, rather than a material luxury is sought for, returning to the origin, to the essential, a change in the life of the users, a lifestyle in community, an adaptation with the outside and the vegetation of the context.