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Top 21 Swimming Pool Builders

Top Swimming Pool Builders

When you are considering pool options, the company to trust with your pool is a major decision.

If you are constructing a pool, you want a trusted builder that will do quality work, in a timely manner. One that has experience, and has specialized skills that are fit to your particular needs.

If you are going for a pre-constructed model of pool, you want to know that the brand of pool you are investing in is quality. You want to know that your money is being well spent. Here is our guide to quality builders of various pool types and styles.

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In Ground Pools, Backyard Pools, Infinity Pools, Small Pools, Plunge Pools

With in ground, backyard, infinity edge, small and plunge pools, a company that can handle one can more than likely handle the rest. Top builders in the field of in-ground pools are versatile, and have the ability to make custom pool sizes, shapes and can incorporate a numerous number or features, such as an infinity edge.

1. AquaTerra – This builder works not only in stunning pools, but amazing landscaping as well. They also have an amazing selection of water features that they are capable of incorporating into their designs

2. Caviness Landscape Design – These builders are experts in making lovely landscaping, and pools with appealing and beautiful stone waterfalls. Their incredible environments and luxury pools are something to behold.

3. Premier Pools & Spas – This company is rich with expertise, and they are experienced in custom and beautiful designs. They even have extensive experience working in small spaces, and working with small pools.

4. Cody Pools – Cody pools is considered one of the greatest pool companies in the country, and with good reason. They have great designs, and magnificent landscaping ideas that can make any area incredibly appealing.

5. Platinum Pools – This company specializes in custom pools, and has a variety of eco-friendly products to help your pool area environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

6. Hamlin Pools – These builders have elegant and sleek small pool designs, as well as amazing features to really emphasize your pool area.

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools have special considerations that need to need to be taken. When building an indoor pool, there is less emphasis on landscaping, and more on the construction and architecture of the structure that surrounds the pool.

7. Carefree Pools – While carefree pools has a wide range of skills, they make stunning and quality indoor concrete pools. They have over 60 years of experience, and are part of the AQUA 100, the 100 finest pool builders in America.

8. Mill Burgen Pools – With multiple awards, Mill Burgen pools has an experienced team of specialists dedicated to the unique engineering challenges that building an indoor pool presents. Based in New York, they have a great deal of experience building pools in limited spaces indoors.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are a popular and more affordable alternative to in ground pools. Above ground pools can range in style and shape, but it is important to make sure that the pool you get served your needs.

9. Doughboy – Doughboy pools has over 60 years of experience in the business of above ground pools. Doughboy builds pools, focusing on making their product as affordable, attractive and durable as possible.

10. Crestwood Pools – Crestwood pools builds real wood on ground pools, that incorporate a number of features from both above-ground and in-ground pools. Features such as walk in stairs, and their natural wooden appeal, set these above ground pools apart from others

11. Eternity Swimming Pools – Eternity pools focus on durability. They build above ground pools that are made from steel and are designed for longevity.

12. Splash-A-Round – Splash-A-Round pools are soft sided and easy to install. Their pools are easy and affordable. This is a great option for a temporary, easy and affordable option.

Inflatable Pools

13. Intex – There are countless manufacturers of inflatable pools but if you are looking for a name that is synonymous with quality large inflatable pools, that name is Intex. Intex has inflatable pools that nearly rival above ground pools in size, for a fraction of the cost. Easy to install, and simple to store, Intex are the quintessential inflatable pool.

Pool Slides

14. Paradise Pools – When building a custom slide for your pool, Paradise Slides has you covered. They make amazing, sleek, and beautiful slides that they work to fit with any pool.

15. Inter Fab – Inter fab is a great supplier of prefabricated pool slides. If you want a slide that you can install without a great deal of landscaping, or taking up a great deal of space, they will have a model that will suit your needs perfectly.

Pool Covers

16. Meyco Pool Covers – Meyco makes high quality safety pool covers, and custom ones at that. No matter the shape of your pool, you can count on Meyco to make a cover that will keep your pool safe and covered.

17. Pool Cover Specialists – If you are looking to invest in an automatic pool cover, you can’t do better that to trust Pool Cover Specialists to provide that cover for you. They make stunning, durable, and custom covers for a variety of pools. They have experience, and a real eye for design.

18. Merlin Industries – Merlin uses top quality materials and thoughtful design to craft pool liners and safety covers to the very highest standards. With 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing when it comes to your pool’s safety and sanitation.

Kids Pools

Kids pools are so easy to build, there are countless manufactures of plastic and inflatable pools. The best thing to do when looking for the highest quality product in this field is to look up reviews for specific items online. Amazon is a good place to start.

Rooftop Pools

Rooftop pools are a specialty item that take a certain level of experience and specializations. When constructing a rooftop pool, make sure to find a builder that has the knowledge and skills to manage such a challenging task.

19. Diamond Spas – With a litany of awards and certifications under their belt, Diamond spas is a great bet when looking to build rooftop pools. With additional beautiful water features that they offer, your rooftop pool is sure to look glamorous.

20. Chester Pools – Chester pools is a manufacturer and installer with experience and expertise in building elevated and rooftop pools. They have some great designs and are knowledgeable on rooftop pool construction.

21. Mill Burgen Pools – Again, Mill Burgen pools is a great option for rooftop pools. In New York, there is limited space for pools, and if you can’t fit one inside, you may be able to fit one on the roof. Mill Burgen has a wealth of experience with both indoor and rooftop pools.

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