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Should a Pool Patio Wrap All the Way Around a Pool Or is One or Two Sides Okay?

Practically and aesthetically speaking, a pool patio wrapping all the way around a pool is the best option for your patio. Here are the reasons why you should go for this layout along with some tips on designing your pool area.

Pool patio surrounded by wooden deck.

If you have the space for a pool patio, then it should absolutely wrap around the pool. This makes for a more practical pool area that is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Both friends and family will be free to use all sides of the pool to lounge around and have fun and that’s the whole point of owning a pool, right? Here are some of the many reasons why I think wrapping a pool patio all the way around your pool is a fabulous idea.

Swimming Pools

Backyard pool with stunning mountain views.

The history of swimming pools goes all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC in Pakistan and the first swimming pool was called the “Great Bath”. However, it was only in Britain during 1837 that swimming pools gained popularity. Romans and Ancient Greeks used swimming pools for military exercises, athletic training, and nautical games – in addition to keeping their fish. 

Since owning a swimming pool wasn’t really for pleasure back then, having pool patios was obviously not a priority. When pool patios were finally introduced, the original pool patio was made of wood or concrete which had a broom texture. These days, having a wrap-around pool patio is becoming more of a need rather than a want for various reasons.

It’s Practical

Pool patio with concrete paving.

Having a pool patio wrapped around a pool instead of certain sides is so practical for more than just one reason. Firstly, one of the purposes of having a pool patio is to prevent swimmers from bringing all kinds of dirt into the pool. Cleaning and also maintaining a pool is hard work – and it can be costly – but having a pool patio will limit the amount of dirt that people bring into it. 

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Another reason – and the most important one – why having a pool patio around the pool is a good idea is safety. Yes, safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to things relating to a swimming pool. Having a pool patio – especially one made with material such as concrete – can help prevent people from slipping when they are coming out of the pool. And as always, safety should be to of mind when designing your swimming pool or refurbishing it. 

“While the water is the main focus, it’s the decking around it that determines how well the pool fits into the landscape—and how safe it is for swimmers.” 

Easily Turn Your Pool Area Into a Paradise

Pool patio adorned with waterfalls and flagstone paving.

Ideally, people go into the swimming pool to feel relaxed or to enjoy a pleasurable experience. Nobody wants to have to walk through mud or grass to get into a pool only to end up swimming in the dirt, and nobody wants to spend their time in a pool area that’s bland.  

Pool patios that are wrapped all around the pool help to create a more cohesive space that’s easier to navigate around and decorate. With a few decor pieces added to this area, you can easily create a comfortable ambiance of relaxation. On the other hand, patios with only one or two sides look rather incomplete and they can take away from your home’s curb appeal. 

You Can Choose From a Variety of Designs

Pool patio with concrete paving surrounded by a lush lawn.

Pool patio designs have evolved immensely over the years, making it easier for pool owners to choose a design that suits their specific needs and home aesthetic. 

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There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a pool patio and I believe a concrete pool patio covers most of them. Concrete pool patios are the most versatile around, as patios in this material come in a wide range of designs. 

You can pick decorative concrete that comes in different colors, shapes, sizes, and even textures. Be as creative as you want with concrete patios as they come with a slip-resistant guarantee so you don’t have to be concerned about safety. 

Concrete pool patios are also a must-have because they are easy to maintain and they’re quite affordable. So, you get a great-looking pool area without having to spend too much which makes these patios perfect for every budget – here’s to more savings!

Another great thing about concrete pool patios is that they reflect heat – so your feet won’t get fried and you won’t be jumping around like a rabbit every time you get in or out of the pool after a swim on a hot day.

So, if you’re looking for style and practicality in your pool area, pool patios that are wrapped all around the pool are the way to go. Trust me, your pool parties will take on a whole new, exciting vibe once you install one of these!