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The Best Place to Put Your Garbage Container in the Kitchen

Photos of our kitchen island garbage container

We got lucky with a few things about our house when we bought it this year.  None of them were the reason we bought it but we’re liking them.  Specifically, it came with a sauna. I love that. It wasn’t a requirement but it’s sure nice.

Another bonus about our house is the kitchen garbage set up.  If you’re designing a kitchen, IMO, this is what you need to do.  We love it. The kids love it. Guests think it’s brilliant.  I think you’ll love it.  The downside is it needs to be planned out in advance.

Where is the best place for the garbage?

In a large pull-out cabinet on the end of the kitchen island.  Check it out:

Kitchen island with garbage cabinet

Why this is such a great location is it makes cleaning up while cooking an absolute breeze.  Just wipe it into the garbage.  Seriously, it comes in handy every single day.

Here’s what it looks like closed:

Kitchen island closed cabinetry with concealed garbage

Another benefit is the garbage is concealed in the kitchen.  In the past we had a large stainless steel garbage container which looked good but it was visible in the kitchen.

I’m no fan of garbage being under the sink because you have to bend over every time you want to throw something in the garbage – very inconvenient.

I can say without hesitation that of all the different spots and garbage containers we’ve had over the years, this is the very best.

We also have pull-out cabinets for our recycling containers which conceal them and makes it super easy to use.

Here’s a side view of our kitchen island garbage cabinet

Side view of kitchen island with garbage

We have a similar set up for recycling containers except they are in the counter cabinets

Recycling tubs built into kitchen counter cabinets

Recycling tubs concealed in kitchen counter cabinets