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Bungalow-Style House Floor Plans

How much do Bungalow style houses cost per square feet?

The average price range per square foot to build just about any house is between $100 and $155, or $155,310 to $416,250 in total. Surprisingly, despite the fact that bungalow homes tend to be small, they usually come in around the middle to double this range. This is simply because a bungalow is a more complex structure than the average home. Professional estimates for bungalows per square foot cost is approximately $269.

Are there Bungalow style floor plans with a detached garage? Is it possible?

The concept of a bungalow is generally averse to incorporating a garage in the actual structure of the house, but that does not mean it is impossible to have one. Most such homes will have a detached, freestanding garage, or a garage or carport attached to the side of it. However, if you are designing your own home, or working with a custom home builder, there is no reason a bungalow cannot be designed with an attached garage on one side, or even in the back.

Does Bungalow style house usually come with a garage?  

If you’re interested in buying a bungalow style home, finding one with a garage might be difficult. Most homes of this kind do not have one. Many bungalow homeowners will have built one in the back of the house that is accessible via a short driveway, or they will use a carport. Such homes do exist. You will simply have to look harder or commit to building your own add-on garage later.

Is Bungalow style considered a grand or luxury style of home? Is the style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

Bungalow homes come in all sizes. However, because of their relatively more complex structure, they also tend to be more expensive. You can find a few very large, luxury bungalow homes on the market. However, this style of home is usually designed around the idea of being small, compact, and relying more on style than elbowroom.

Is a Bungalow style home ever built as a “small” home? Can it be built economically?

Bungalows tend to be small, averaging around 20 feet in width on a non-city lot. Because of the stylized roof structure, it will tend to cost more than homes of a similar size. But you could simplify the roof structure by adding your upper room to a corner and forgoing the “rolling hills” motif of the average bungalow roof. Also, by choosing a lot that is in low demand, you can easily build your bungalow home for the lower end of the price range at around $100 per square foot, for a grand total of around $150,000. 

Can Bungalow style floor plans be open concept?

The bungalow concept is generally averse to the idea of open design, particularly because it has to support a central upper floor. But that does not mean it’s impossible with two or more significant load-bearing walls or pillars. 

What are popular Bungalow style exterior colors?

Bungalow styles tend to be earthy and humble in nature. You will find a lot of such homes on the market with drab green, mute yellow, dull blue, or light brown. The idea of a bungalow seems to be about humility with style, so your color choices are quite broad indeed.

Can you build a Bungalow style house on a narrow lot?  

Yes, a bungalow can be quite narrow, or even taller than it is wide, as long as it adheres to the traditional upper room component.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

The bungalow concept is very versatile and can be built almost as wide or as narrow as you like. If your design is quite wide, you might need to add extra upper rooms. Otherwise, some folks might not consider it to be a real bungalow.

Can Bungalow style homes be built on a sloping lot?

Yes, bungalow home designs can be made to accommodate a sloping lot as easily as any other type of home. 

How many floors/stories does Bungalow style usually have?

A bungalow tends to have one or two floors. What makes a bungalow is the complex roof structure which tends to incorporate a single added space.

Do Bungalow style houses have a basement?

Most bungalow designs do not have a basement, but there is no reason one cannot be designed with a basement in mind.

Does this style of house ever come with a bonus room?

The idea of a bonus room is very close to the heart of the bungalow concept. Though, technically, if you want a bonus room you will have to build one onto an existing structure- or buy a bungalow that has had such an add-on built.

Do Bungalow style floor plans come with energy-efficient options?

The bungalow concept can be energy efficient depending on the climate it is built-in with that highly insulating roof structure. Otherwise, yes, energy-efficient options are available for these style homes.

Is a porch a common design feature with Bungalow style houses?

Cozy” is the key word when it comes to bungalows. For that reason, you would be hard-pressed to find a bungalow that does not have a porch.

What types of roof does a Bungalow style house typically have?

A bungalow is a very flexible concept. It can incorporate an A-frame roof or even a flat roof. But the most common roof type is a mishmash of what is called “hip and valley” and “m-shaped” roof styles. In other words, the typical roof style of a bungalow is whatever strikes the designer’s fancy.

Does Bungalow style work well with a rustic interior decor, or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

The most common interior style for a bungalow is what we might call retro-contemporary. That is to say, it is in the style of a 1950s, 60s, 70s, or 80s home. However, the real norm for these types of homes is whatever best suits the location and the tastes of the owner. 

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