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Suburban House in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam by 90°design

Suburban house customized living area with rounded center table, oak color furniture and cabinets connected to kitchen.

Location: District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
Architect: 90°design
Area: 60 m² (3 bedrooms)
Material: Steel, White Painted Solid Brick, Oak Wood
Year: 2018

Subdivision houses in residential areas on the outskirts of the city are the choice of the majority of families with average living standards. The design land is facing south, near the small river branches.

The project consists of 1 ground floor, 2 floors and 1 rooftop, which is the residence of a family of 3 generations with 6 members. With a modest cost, but the demand for space is quite a lot, there is a car park, 3 bedrooms, a common living and working area.

The design team prioritizes funding for the architectural space, the interior will invest in the necessary items, and then will be gradually added in the future.

The plan is to actively arrange the core of the ladder neatly to one side, open the skylight in the middle and at the end of the house, helping to get light for the toilets and air convection. The stairs are aligned from front to back, creating a channel to catch the cool wind deep into the building.

The space under the ladder is fully utilized to make kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. The white paint color is the main tone, the raw bricks are not plastered along the stairs to create a rustic and simple look.

The oak color is chosen for the furniture, with a minimalist, neat form, in order to free up maximum free space, but still fulfill the storage needs. The project is a prime example for middle-income customers in new residential areas.

The design team wants to direct customers to prioritize investment in architectural spaces as a core value, both suitable for financial ability, and to avoid modifying the building when in long-term use.