29 Stunning Pictures of Infinity Pools: Refreshing Just to Look At

Modern home with cliff-side infinity pool

An infinity pool takes the luxury of a swimming pool and adds an ineffable mystique that can only be achieved through the unique construction which allows the water to vanish into the horizon.  The edge of the pool terminates at a weir just below the surface, allowing water to flow over and down into a catch basin, where it is pumped back into the pool.  During this process the water is filtrated.  Because that water isn’t stagnant and is treated whenever it replenishes itself, it is much less maintenance than a regular pool.

A costly investment is required to build these special pools, so they are almost always placed within view of an eye-catching vista, all the better to show it off.  Not sure if infinity pools are right for you? Check out our cost overview of infinity pools and more in our definitive swimming pool guide.

Another drawback to having an infinity pool is if you don’t have a naturally sloping landscape in your backyard, the pool and catch basin won’t seem to be as picturesque.

However, as you can see by the gallery below, the infinity pool may just be one of those most luxurious features of a home.

We have collected an assortment of the best infinity pools around in order to give you a taste of what makes these structures so unique and visually powerful.  Scroll down to view 29 pictures of stunning infinity pools set in different locations and environments.

Check out more infinity pools here, these are truly incredible.

Rooftop infinity pool
Here we have a grand rooftop infinity pool, allowing swimmers to feel as if they are floating over the cityscape below. A subtle, near-seamless glass wall ensures safety and uninterrupted panoramas.
Infinity pool meets the ocean
This unique strain of infinity pool design allows the pool to blend with the ocean itself, ending directly in the larger body of water. The pool edge sits just below the surface, defining the area subtly without dividing the visual.
Infinity Pool
Infinity pool down a few steps in the evening with lights and a seating area.
Infinity Pool
Here is an infinity pool in a tropical setting. Beautiful views of the ocean and palm trees.
Infinity Pool
Luxurious infinity pool leaking over a view of beautiful down sloping landscape. The covered areas for lounging if the sun gets too hot.
Infinity Pool
A picture perfect photo of a picture perfect infinity pool set up. Beautiful sunset over the ocean that your infinity pool overlooks.
Infinity Pool
This infinity pool is on the side of a beautiful property. The water slides out into what appears to be the ocean.
Picture of infinity pool on the beach
Here’s a typical beachside infinity pool, standing on a light hardwood deck over the sand. From within the pool, the water appears to continue out to sea.

Seaside infinity pool
Here’s a seaside infinity pool resting far above the shoreline. Wrapped by a white raised patio platform, the views afforded are priceless.
Infinity pool with comfortable patio chairs
Here’s another elevated infinity pool, equipped with floating hardwood platforms, allowing for poolside lounging, literally on the water.
Lounge seats in infinity pool
A close view of the floating platform reveals a natural wood structure with a pair of white cushioned lounge chairs, attached to the patio via simple block structure.

Half the beauty of a pool is the surrounding patio.  Check out our massive patio gallery here.

Tropical infinity pool picture
This tropical infinity pool blends in with its jungle surroundings seamlessly. Without an edge, the water reflects the tree canopy perfectly.

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Infinity pool in manicured gardens
This elevated infinity pool floats above manicured gardens, affording both seaside and colorful botanical views. Intricate multicolored tile base can be seen beneath the water.
Infinity pool in rice fields
Here we have a fresh twist on the concept: an infinity pool nestled within rice fields. The appearance mimics the look of the rice fields themselves, integrating beautifully with the environment.
Infinity pool among trees
Innovative deployment of an elevated infinity pool sees this model overlooking the top of a forest canopy, with greenery, mountains, and a huge skyline reflected in the water.
Infinity pool in nature
Pastoral settings allow this infinity pool an extra sense of contrast and scale, floating over grassy fields.
Infinity pool on canal
Resting on a slope above a pristine canal, this pool is defined by an organically curved edge, nestled between pockets of palm trees.
ocean-side infinity pool
This image highlights the visual impact of a great infinity pool, with the waters edge completely undefined from this angle. The curved structure disappears into the nearby sea.
Infinity pool running into hot tub
This tile-bedecked pool in an angular setting spills directly into a lower tier jacuzzi.
Beautiful tree on side of infinity pool
Viewed from directly above the water surface, this is another perfect example of the horizon-disappearing effect an infinity pool can have when built near a body of water.
Stunning large infinity pool on the ocean
Here’s another great example of an ocean-side infinity pool, with only an underwater wall dividing the pool itself from the wider ocean.
Light blue infinity pool with hut
This pool is equipped with a built-in bar hut, with roof for shelter from the sun. Standing so close to the sea, the effect visually blends the two bodies of water.
Luxury infinity pool and hot tub with amazing view
This highly elevated infinity pool and jacuzzi combination affords expansive views over the surrounding countryside and ocean.
Runway-style infinity pool
Lengthy, runway-style infinity pool stands above a beach on an elevated wood patio. The two bodies of water are separated only by color.
Simple L-shaped in-ground pool wrapped with wooden deck and pool house
Here we have an L-shaped in-ground pool wrapped around a large wooden deck with a pool house, situated next to a small lake.
L-shaped light crystal blue pool with wood deck on edge of mountain forest
Here’s a second L-shaped pool nestled between edges of a hardwood deck, with expansive vistas over a forested mountain.

Simplicity is often the best.  The above infinity pool is particularly simple.  Check out a diverse set of regular pools (100 swimming pools).

Picture of long rectangle infinity pool steps away from indoor-outdoor style tropical home
Standing beside an ultra-modern open design home blending the indoors and outdoors, this lengthy infinity pool cascades toward the ocean between minimalist grey tile slabs.
Photo of backyard pool surrounded by red wood deck with hot tub over looking forest
The forested backyard setting of this infinity pool grants it a cozy feeling, nestled between swaths of rich hardwood deck and just below a complementary jacuzzi.

Here’s some more stunning indoor pools.

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