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17 Different Types of Floating Shelves for TVs

Photo collage of different types of floating shelves.

The area around the TV is a great opportunity for home decorating especially when the TV screen easily gets everyone’s attention.

If it’s a built-in or a wall-mounted TV, then that area can be turned into an accent wall with the TV as the focal point. To up the drama, add floating shelves to serve as extra storage or to hold displays and knicknacks.

Floating shelves are so-called because the shelves’ hanging hardware is concealed and so gives it a “floating” appearance. No matter the type, these shelves are practical, they look chic and they can make your TV stand out.

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Different Types of Floating Shelves for TVs

Floating TV Stand

Floating TV stand

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Source: Houzz

If you have a particularly large room and an open wall where you want to put your TV then you may be able to get away with having something that is larger than your typical floating shelf.

This will not only provide ample space for your TV but also help to ground the room so that the TV appears to be a bigger part of the room and less of an afterthought that you placed on a shelf.

These floating TV stands have additional room in them that will allow you to easily stash remotes, DVDs, and other items up and off of the floor while still keeping them near your TV for easy use.

Having your TV off of the ground saves floor space and can help to give the illusion of a larger home.

Single Shelf

Single shelf for TVSource: Home Depot

A strong single shelf can be used to float your TV on the wall, helping to clear up visual clutter and keep the space in your home nice and neat.

If you do not have a lot of room in your home or on the wall for a larger entertainment stand then you will want to opt for a single shelf that you can install on the wall that is large enough to hold your TV and possibly your remote, as well.

By limiting the amount of items that you store on the wall you can make sure that your home doesn’t look cluttered or messy.

When choosing a single floating shelf if it is not specifically labeled as being designed to support a TV you will want to make sure that the weight limit is high enough that you won’t have to worry about your TV falling.


Open Storage

Open storage for TV shelf

Source: Etsy

Rather than having to find another place in your home to store the remotes and discs that you want to play on your TV, when you opt for a shelf that has open storage then you can keep everything together in one location.

Not only does this make it very easy to find what you are looking for, but it will limit the amount of clutter in your home. Open storage may or may not have an open back, so if you want to place a DVD player or video game console in the open storage then you may have to drill a hole through the back.

This is not a big deal for many people, and will help to control the amount of cords that you have showing around your TV, eliminating that cluttered look of cables left hanging and in the way.

Cable Management

Cable management for TV shelf

Source: Wayfair

There are few things more unattractive or frustrating for a homeowner than a cleanly wall-mounted TV that has a lot of cables showing. This can easily distract from watching TV as it can be very difficult to not see the cables all of the time when you are looking at the TV.

While some people are comfortable with trying to handle these cables by themselves and may even drill holes in the wall of the room to stash the cables, you can easily avoid the problem of visible cables when you opt for a floating shelf that has wiring grommets to make it easy to connect your TV, video game console, and even DVD player.

This is the best way to control the amount of cables that you have and to keep them from being too visible.

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable TV shelf

Source: Wayfair

Just because you want to get your TV up and off of the floor doesn’t mean that you want to relinquish all of your control over the storage space included.

Get the most out of your floating shelves by ensuring that they are adjustable, which will allow you to store items of most any size, to switch them around without frustration, and to customize the look with very little hassle.

Adjustable shelves are generally very easy to use and will ensure that your floating TV shelf will meet your needs.


TV shelf with drawers

Source: Etsy

Drawers in your floating TV stand make it really easy to quickly stash items out of the way and out of sight when you need to clean up your space.

Instead of worrying about the way that remotes and DVD cases look when they are scattered all over your home, when you opt for floating shelves that have included drawers then you instantly have a great place to hide items when you want to tidy up.

This has the added benefit of allowing you to know exactly where your remotes are at all times so that you never have to search for them when you want to watch TV.

Cabinets Included

TV shelf with cabinets includedSource: Wayfair

Just like drawers, cabinets make it very easy to clean up your living room when you are in a rush. You shouldn’t have to worry about stray remotes or cases around the space, and being able to shut a cabinet door on the mess will give you peace of mind.

Cabinets are also a great place to place your gaming console, as you will need to open the cabinet in order to play but can shut the door when you are done and the console will be hidden away.

Keeping your area streamlined and clean is important to many people and can easily be accomplished when you buy a floating TV stand with cabinets.

Solid Wood

TV shelf made out of solid woodSource: Houzz

Wood is a great option for your floating TV shelf and is strong enough to stand up to even the heaviest TV and all of the games and consoles that you want to store on the wall.

When it comes to your expensive entertainment equipment, you want to make sure that it is all protected, which is why it makes sense to buy the most durable and reliable floating TV shelf that you can.

While you can save a little money opting for shelves that are made with particle board or other materials, if you want to make sure that you have strength and durability as well as style when choosing your floating TV shelf then you will want to opt for one that is made of solid wood.

Reclaimed Wood

TV shelf made out of reclaimed wood

Source: Etsy

If you love the look of a wood TV shelf but want to make sure that you are being as environmentally-friendly as possible then you will want to opt for reclaimed wood.

This is a great way to get a strong and durable floating shelf or stand without worrying about the costs to the planet involved in its production. In addition, many reclaimed shelves have amazing stories about where the wood came from, which many people find very enjoyable to hear and to know.

In addition to knowing that you are helping the environment, you can have a piece of history in the form of something like an old barn on your wall supporting your TV.



Minimalist floating TV shelf

Source: Wayfair

This floating TV shelf looks great in any home that is decorated in a minimalist style. Rather than visible shelving or knobs, this TV shelf has smooth, straight lines, and is very attractive in its minimalist style.

It will not stand out in a room that has been decorated with other types of furniture, but if you have embraced minimalist style then this is a perfect floating TV shelf for you as it provides a place for your TV as well as some hidden storage space that will not detract from the overall quality and appearance of your room or home.


Modern TV floating shelf

Source: Wayfair

High gloss and straight edges make this floating TV shelf look incredibly modern and will help it pop in a room that is decorated in this style.

There isn’t any adornment on the piece itself, leaving the high gloss decorating that you do around the piece to speak for it.

It’s a great way to draw attention to your TV without making a sound, as anyone who visits your home will find their eye instantly drawn to the shelf in interest.


Farmhouse floating TV shelfSource: Etsy

For a great farmhouse look in your living room or wherever you watch TV, look for a floating TV shelf that is made of rustic wood and is left unfinished.

While you want the sharp edges of the piece to be sanded so that you don’t have to worry about splinters or anyone getting scraped when they brush up against the shelf, by opting for something made of natural wood you can let its beauty shine through.

These floating shelves look great in any farmhouse or home out in the country and will make you feel calmer and more relaxed just looking at them.


Industrial floating TV shelf

Source: Hayneedle

The industrial look is all about exposed metal or pipes as well as wood that has an attractive and dark finish on it.

While you can easily buy floating TV shelves that have exposed piping on them as an accent, it’s important to remember that the pipes don’t always add to the structure and stability of the shelf, so you still want to be careful when choosing what you are going to store on the shelf as you do not want to exceed the weight limit. Look for dark oil rubbed bronze pipes when shopping for the industrial look for your home.


Contemporary floating TV shelf

Source: Houzz

For a contemporary look that you’re sure to love in your home, opt for a floating TV shelf that has interesting lines and angles, as these will add a lot of interest and dimension to the piece.

While some people confuse contemporary and modern furniture, when you buy modern you will be buying something that looks a little more futuristic, especially when it comes to a floating TV shelf, while a contemporary shelf will generally be made of solid wood but just have more interesting lines to draw the attention of guests.

Beach Style

Beach-style floating TV shelf

Source: Etsy

Capture the feel of the beach in your home with a floating TV shelf that has been lightly washed with a light stain to mimic the appearance of timber that has washed up on the sand.

To ensure that you feel like you are on vacation at your favorite beach, you will want to avoid dark colors and stains and instead search out lighter whites, grays, and even blues.

These colors will invoke the feeling that you get while on vacation at your favorite beach and will make it easy for you to imagine that you are there, and not at home.



Wooden floating TV shelf

Source: Etsy

For solid construction that you can trust to last even with a very heavy TV, you will want to opt for a floating shelf that is made of solid wood.

It is easy to find some shelves that are made out of a single piece of wood, which will only give the structure even more strength and stability and decrease the chance of an accident occurring.


Floating TV shelf made out of plywood

Source: Etsy

If you want a floating TV stand or shelf that has a little more visual interest without the added weight or increased price then you may need to choose one that has plywood included in the construction.

This allows for some visually interesting parts and will also lighten the entire structure so you do not need to worry as much about how it is anchored onto the wall. Unfortunately, plywood won’t last as long or as well as solid wood will, and water damage from a very humid or damp home is a concern.

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