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11 Great Small Mirrors for Your Home (Round, Oval and Rectangular)

Check out this collection of 11 terrific small mirrors for your home. We feature round, oval and rectangle shapes. They're all fairly small for when you don't have huge amount of wall space for a mirror.

Bathroom with two small mirrors side-by-side with light gray frame.

Mirrors are super handy. We have a good number in our house including a narrow one in our front hall. It’s often a good idea to double check appearances before heading out. You never know.

We also have a small mirror in our bedroom (in addition to a large, full-length mirror). I like small mirrors at shoulder height for checking my face.

While I prefer larger mirrors in a bathroom, not all bathrooms can accommodate a large one. If that’s the case with you, look for the best small one. The side-by-side look is a good one as well.

Below is a large collection of a huge variety of smaller mirrors in a variety of shapes including oval, round, and rectangle.

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A. Oval Mirrors

1. Heart to Heart Decorative Oval Wall Mirror

Oval mirror in a white wooden frame with lace designs. A cute lacey white wooden frame and oval mirror make this a pretty addition to a bathroom, vanity, or girl’s bedroom. It also comes in three sizes, and the small is 12.9” wide and only 15.1” high. Designed to look like a fairy tale, it can also fit either vertically or horizontally to go in the space.

This mirror is made from recycled wood fiber painted white, so it won’t warp and will last a long time. It comes with a mounting bracket and even a template, so you can hang it straight the first time! As an extra bonus, it’s nice and lightweight, so it’s easy to hang. It weighs less than three pounds.

Who’s the fairest one of all? You will be, looking at yourself in this mirror each day.


  • Cute and feminine design
  • White neutral color
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically


  • Comes with a strong paint smell

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2. Red Barrel Studio Oval Wood Wall Mirror

Classic oval mirror with a frame made out of solid wood.This oval wood wall mirror is one of those design staples that could fit into any sized home and any décor. For that reason, it would make an excellent gift, too. It comes in plenty of colors – brushed nickel, chocolate brown lacquer, matte black lacquer, matte white lacquer, or oil rubbed bronze.

The classic frame is molded and solid wood, while the gently contoured mirror has a 1” bevel frame of its own. That’s a nice decorative touch that isn’t over the top. It gives you plenty of reflective viewing area, too.

This mirror could go in any room, from the bathroom to entry, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. In size, it’s 33” high, 25” wide, and 1” deep, with the mirror itself being 27” high and 19” wide. It weighs about 15 pounds and is made to last for years of use. With quality like this, you can buy such a nice mirror and enjoy it for a long time.


  • Classic, go anywhere design
  • Mirror has a bevel
  • Plenty of colors to choose from


  • Frame could warp

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3. Décor Wonderland Frameless Freddie Wall Mirror

Frameless mirror in an aesthetical shape, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Yes, indeed, this mirror, nicknamed ‘Freddie,’ is truly frameless! However, it makes up for the lack of a frame by having contoured glass edges that bevel inwards. The style is really unique and contemporary due to the shape as well. It’s a cross between an oval and a rectangle – an ovangle? Anyway, it is very stylish and modern. You won’t see many mirrors like this one.

Overall, Freddie measures 23.5” wide, ½” deep, and 32.5” high. He’s made of strong 3/16 glass, with metal mounting brackets on the back. It comes with mounting hardware, too. A small mirror like this one really increases the size of the décor around you, so if you live in a small space, this is a great accent piece.

Freddie would look ideal in your bathroom or bedroom and doesn’t stick out too much from the wall. He weighs 14 pounds, so a bit on the heavy side, but nothing too substantial that you couldn’t hang him yourself.


  • Cool oval rectangular shape
  • No frame
  • Beveled glass


  • Very thin glass

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B. Rectangle Mirrors

1. LEJU Makeup Mirror

A rectangular mirror with a stand, ideal for your vanity desk.Give yourself perfect winged eyeliner by using this adjustable and rotatable little rectangular mirror. It’s perfect for doing your make up since you can move it up to 70 degrees back and forth, or rotate it all the way around. Plus, having a rectangular mirror gives you more viewing area than an oval mirror of the same size. Aren’t you glad you paid attention in geometry class?

It’s got no frame around the mirror and a sleek, stainless steel base. There’s a tiny pole at the bottom where you can move the mirror without touching – no fingerprints!

Sit this little mirror on your vanity or bathroom shelf, and it won’t take up much room at all. It’s only 12.8” high, 7” wide, and 5.1” deep. As a nice touch, it comes with a polishing cloth to take care of fingerprints or makeup foundation smudges. A great gift for a fashionista or beauty guru in your life!


  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Tilts back and forth quite a bit
  • Mirror itself is high quality


  • No magnification on either side

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2. Wade Logan Rectangle Magnifying Wall Mirror

A foldable mirror with a thick, silver frame. Wall mounted foldable rectangular mirrors are a pretty old design, and you can find brass antique versions since they’ve been useful for over a century. This one is an updated style, and it’s just as great to have one today.

The mirror itself has a thick frame and can be swiveled 360 degrees to see either side. One side is a 1x magnification, and the other is 5x, excellent for personal grooming. See yourself in high definition and try not to get too freaked out by the size of your pores!

The foldable frame on this handy mirror pulls out from the wall, and it comes with two extendable arms and all the hardware you need to mount it. You can pull it out up to 14” towards you. This is a great mirror for tall people (or really short people) since you can put it at the height you need. Its overall dimensions are 13” high, 5” wide, and ¼” deep. The mirror itself is 12.13” high and 5” wide.


  • Perfect size for a makeup mirror
  • The stainless steel frame is durable and will last for years
  • Two types of magnification


  • No light included

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3. Missoula Small Mirror, Natural

Rectangular mirror with wooden frame in a nostalgic, vintage style.For rustic or Nordic style or shabby chic cottage decorating, this small rectangular mirror fits right in. The frame is heavily distressed wood with a blue-green overlay finish and older wood undertones rubbed with a slight coating of antique ivory. The pretty little mirror inside has a 1 ¼” bevel to make it stylish. You can hang it either horizontal or vertical.

Whether you hang this in a bedroom, living room, or bathroom, you’ll be pleased by its simplicity and functionality. It measures 34.5” high, 26.75” wide, and 2.5” deep. That’s almost three feet high for this price, so you get quite a good-sized mirror. It’s large enough to fit in a dining room, entry, or as a family bathroom mirror.

Overall, this mirror has a heavier weight of about 17 pounds. That’s because the frame is made from MDF, which is much denser than real wood.


  • Vintage aged design
  • Beveled mirror
  • Hang vertically or horizontally


  • Frame made of MDF, which is not as durable as real wood

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4. Blomus Muro Mirror, Small

A small and simple rectangular mirror that doesn't need a certain style of interior to fit in.Tall, skinny, and contemporary, this rectangular mirror adds a pop of modern style to any little space in your home. It provides a little slice of your reflection as you pass by. It would be great in a hallway or in a little apartment or condo, where space is at a premium.

The frame is made of solid stainless steel, so it’s just as easy to clean as could be. It’s really high quality and would last for years, if not decades! The mirror sits flush in the frame, with no bevel, making the design elegant.

In size, this rectangular mirror is 27.56” high, 13.78” wide, and only 1.18” deep. It weighs less than seven pounds, so wouldn’t be too heavy to hang by yourself. It’s skinny but also wide enough to be able to see yourself. It would be great in an office, too, to provide last minute checks before you head out the door.


  • Durable, long-lasting stainless steel frame
  • Contemporary style
  • Lightweight and simple to hang


  • Can only be hung vertically, not horizontally

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C. Round Mirrors

1. NIKKY Home 8” Round Metal Hanging Mirror

A pocket mirror incorporated with a cute black ribbon.A black velvet ribbon bow and a decorative round pocket-watch style make this cute mirror a fun decorative accent, as well as being able to see your reflection in it. It’s in the French country style, but could just as easily go with traditional or vintage inspired décor.

The frame is made of heavier weighted iron metal, with an acorn finial on top, which is attached to a ring and is hung from the fabric bow. Very durable and not made of plastic!

The mirror itself is a perfect round circle of 8” in diameter. You can hang it from the O-ring or from the included bow. Overall, it’s 11.38” high, 8.12” wide, and 0.75” deep, perfect for an entryway or an office.


  • Cute vintage style
  • Comes with a hanging bow or could be hung from a ring
  • Small, hang-anywhere size


  • Mirror size itself is quite small

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2. Chateau Framed Mirror

A highly fashionable and elegant mirror that is both functional and decorative.Decorate your home with an upscale, elegant style reminiscent of 18th century Versailles with this gorgeous Chateau mirror. The design is Baroque, with shell design on top and draped floral swags decorating the horizontal framed mirror. The mirror hangs from a sturdy, thin 5” long chain.

The frame and the decorations are made of pewter, so it’s not plastic and will be much longer lasting than one made of lesser materials. While small and delicate, it gives the impression of a vintage antique at a fraction of the price.

In size, this little mirror is 13.5” high, 10.25” wide, and about 0.63” deep. It weighs less than two pounds, so it’s easy to hang yourself.


  • Beautiful antique-inspired design
  • Floral swags and shell accents
  • Pewter metal brushed frame and accents


  • Smaller than expected

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3. Three Posts Traditional Worn Ceramic Distressed Wall Mirror

A small mirror in a ceramic ivory frame creating the perfect Parisian style. Give your wall a touch of antique Parisian style with this little mirror. It has a unique ceramic ivory frame that’s lightly distressed with brown, giving it the look of vintage china hanging on your wall. It’s great for French country, shabby chic, or country cottage décor styles. There are fleur-de-lis accents circling all around the frame. It’s a stylized lily flower first used by a French king in the 12th century, which is why it’s associated with French style to this day.

It’s a small mirror, measuring only 6.25” in diameter, with a depth of about 0.78”. Group it together with a couple of other small mirrors as decorative accents. It would also be a sweet gift for a girl or student heading off to college.


  • Nice ceramic frame
  • Vintage style
  • Small size


  • No mounting hardware included

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4. Dani Mirror, Small

Round, beveled mirror in a gold frame looking all so regal and fancy. A thin molded and antiqued gold frame surrounds this perfectly round beveled mirror. It’s reminiscent of a Hollywood Regency style or glam décor from the 1930s to the 1950s. The classic, elegant look would suit any room, and it’s large enough to be a bathroom mirror, vanity mirror, or living room mirror. It’s simple and sophisticated.

This mirror in size is 14” in diameter, with a depth from the wall of about 1”, and it weighs only six pounds, so it’s easy to hang. The mirror itself is beveled. On the back, there’s a hanging cleat, but it doesn’t come with a nail or any other mounting hardware.


  • Simple and elegant style
  • Mirror is beveled
  • Great size to go anywhere


  • No nails included to mount the mirror

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D. Conclusion

From ultra-modern and stainless steel to designs based on Marie Antoinette and Baroque styling, these small mirrors come in plenty of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from! They are the best precisely because of their size. They can go anywhere and fit into any existing décor you have.

Small mirrors are also great gifts, especially for those who live in limited sizes like dorm rooms, apartments, condos, or cottages. They provide the perfect accent not only to show off your lovely reflection but to reflect the room around them and make space appear bigger. Most decorators love using mirrors for precisely this reason, which makes them both decorative and useful!

Shopping for a mirror is fun because the variety is pretty astounding. These are the best small mirrors that will last you through many makeup sessions, last-minute checks, and eyebrow tweezing for years to come. Take your pick from these cute styles!