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25 Vinyl Stair Riser Decal Ideas (Good Idea or Abomination?)

Photo collage of different types of vinyl stairs.

Are you the type of homeowner who likes to get people’s attention with your decor style by doing something different? Or, maybe you have kids who like to decorate beyond the norm (most kids do)? If so, one inexpensive and easy way to really grab attention is to slap on vinyl stair riser decals.

Never heard of them? If not, check out our eclectic collection below. If you have, have a gander below to see the different design options.

You can go subtle, interesting, inspiring, festive or grab-you-by-the-throat interesting.

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Are Vinyl Stair Riser Decals Tasteful or Abominable?

Now, there are some vinyl stair riser decals that are so out there in terms of design that they can just ruin the flow of the room. It’s hard to vouch for using those. However, if you want to create a bit of design contrast, or just bring in an element that is not found in most homes, you can’t go wrong with vinyl stair riser decals.

They even work as additional Christmas décor! In this article, we will highlight 25 different stair riser decals that you can use if you feel like your home could benefit from the introduction of a bolder design element. There’s something here for everyone so please check them out!

Diverse and Interesting Collection of Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

1. Yazi Stair Stickers

yazi Stair Stickers Decals Peel and Stick Viny Tile Backsplash Stair Brick Pattern Stair Riser Refurbished Stair Treads Decals Removable Staircase murals Christmas Decorate 7''W x 39''L (Set of 6)

To kick things off, let’s check out the Stair Stickers from Yazi. I love the colors these stickers feature and they also have that distinctly Mediterranean vibe that instantly brings more life into any room they’re used in. You can argue that they are just a bit too colorful and that they may take all of the attention away from the other decorative pieces you want to showcase.

But if you want something that can just grab a visitor’s attention and hold it for a while, you can’t go wrong with these decals.

2. CoCo Living White Lines Stair Stickers

CoCo Living Stair Stickers Peel and Stick Staircase Tiles Decals Stair Riser Stickers Self-Adhesive Backsplash Tiles Decals Removable, 7"x39", 6 Pcs/Set, White Lines

Don’t like something that will stick out like a sore thumb inside your home? Then maybe you’ll find these White Line Stickers from CoCo Living to be more acceptable. They can blend easily into just about any room while filling up some negative spaces inside your home.

Another advantage of using these decals is that they hold up longer. You don’t have to worry about their colors fading over time. You’re not getting away with using these decals as focal points of a room, but they work great as complementary pieces.

3. 7E Colours Cartoon Mouse Staircase Decals

Staircase Decal Stair Mural Decals DIY Tile Decal Waterproof Home Decoration Family Stair Decal Wall Decoration Sticker Creative Building Stairs Sticker Decal (Cartoon Mouse)

There’s a mouse in the house! Oh, but in this case, the mouse is in the house by design. These Staircase Decals from 7E Colours are quite unique and I’ve got to say, they’re great!

The decal designs are reminiscent of old school silent cartoons, and that’s a good thing. They possess plenty of personality because of that. I also appreciate how each individual decal tells a story of its own.

4. D.L. Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Stickers

Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Sticker White Bright Moon Star Stairway Stick Mural Waterproof Self Adhesive Staircase Decal Decorative Floor Step Pasting Poster House Decoration 13 Piece Per Set

You’ve heard of mood lighting, but what about mood staircase decals? The Black Dark Ocean and Night Sky Stair Stickers from D.L. are what you need if you want to turn the stairs up to your room into a more memorable passageway. The images don’t appear as clear as you want them to, but the quality is still passable.

I do want to remind you to place additional lighting somewhere close to your stairway if you want to use these decals. That lighting should help you avoid stumbles that could be brought about by the darker decals.

5. Eyourlife Brick Stone Stair Stickers

Eyourlife 6 PCS Self-Adhesive Stair Stickers Removable Tile Decals,Stair Riser backsplash for Living Room, Hall, Kids Room Decor (Brick Stone)

Indoor stone stairs are a luxury. They manage to be highly durable and elegant at the same time. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have stone stairs installed inside their home because of how expensive they tend to be.

So, what can you do if you still want stone stairs? What about faking it ‘til you make it. Eyourlife’s Brick Stone Stair Stickers won’t bring the same durability that real stone stairs will, but they can replicate the look pretty well.

Set them along a staircase with white walls to create a more eye-catching effect.

6. GMDdecals Dr. Seuss-Inspired Stair Decals

GMDdecals Dr Seuss Inspired Quote Assorted Set Vinyl Stair or Wall Decal [Black] 24" Wide by 2-4" Tall per Quote Lorax Cat in The Hat Storybook DecorOne stair, two stairs, red…err, white stairs.

Dr. Seuss’ clever writings have made an impression of millions of people all over the world. Now, you can bring his quirky writings to your stairwell too. The Dr.Seuss-inspired Stair Decals from GMDdecals feature quotes from some of the author’s most beloved works.

The designers of these decals understand that Dr. Seuss’ words can stand out on their own, which is why they went with a simple, white background to complement them. Oh, the places you’ll go when you have these decals!

7. Newsee Decals In This House Staircase Quotes

Wall Decals Staircase Quotes in This House. we Love Stair CASE Stairway Stairs Quote Wall Vinyl Decal Stickers Bedroom Murals

Perhaps Dr. Seuss quotes aren’t your thing, but you still want some inspirational words lining your staircase. In that case, these Newsee Decals may be more to your liking. These decals feature comforting “In This House” quotes.

They serve as good reminders of what being in a family is all about. If you’re squabbling with a loved one, maybe seeing these quotes as you’re running up the stairs will help put things into perspective. The black and white color scheme is classic, but you can change things up if you so desire.

8. Zhiyu & Art Décor 3D Flower Stair Decals

zhiyu&art decor 3D Stair Decals Stickers-Landscape Stair Risers Stickers Removable Staircase Decals Stickers Mural Wallpaper for Home Decoration 6Pcs/Set

It’s hard to keep plants inside the home, especially when you have pets around. The next best thing may be to rely on stair decals to bring some bloom into the room. I do want to warn you that the Flower Stair Decals from Zhiyu & Art Décor are meant to be 3D stickers.

That’s important because the stickers could end up playing tricks on your eyes at first. Guests inside your home may find the stairs a bit confusing because of these decals. After a bit of time though, you should grow used to these sprouting decals.

9. Fymural White Brick 3D Stair Stickers

3D Stair Sticker DIY Wall Mural Decorative - White Brick Pattern -Removable Self Adhesive Decor -Stair Risers Sticker 7''W x 39''L (Set of 6)

After some time, your stairs will inevitably show wear and tear that’s accumulated over the years. Those scratches and other marks can be quite unsightly. What I really like about Fymural’s brick decals is that they present homeowners with a way to cover up those home blemishes without having to add a design they may not necessarily like.

The simple brick pattern does not get in the way and just brings a subtle tactile element to your home décor. Simple can certainly work for design purposes and you’re getting that from these decals.

10. FLFK 3D Oil Painting Rainbow Stair Stickers

FLFK 3D Oil Painting Rainbow Art Self-Adhesive Stairs Risers Stickers Removable Vinyl Staircase Stickers Home Decor 39.3Inch x7.08Inch x 13PCS

You won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but when you’re exhausted from a long week at work, you may prefer your bed anyway. FLFK’s Rainbow Stair Stickers strive to bring as much color as they can into your home, which is why it’s so frustrating to see how they turned out. The uneven colors present on each individual sticker don’t look great together.

It’s an odd design choice. The manufacturers could have just gone with one block color for every sticker and made something better. Alas, these Rainbow Stickers aren’t perfect, but they will do if your only aim is to make a more colorful home.

11. Zhiyu & Art Décor Christmas Tree Stair Stickers

zhiyu&art decor Christmas 3D Stair Risers Stickers Decals-6Pcs/Set Christmas Tree Stair Stickers Decals Removable Staircase Decals Waterproof Wall Stickers for Stairs Decoration

Some people absolutely love going all out with their Christmas decorations and if you are among them, then you’re probably going to like the Christmas Tree Stair Stickers from Zhiyu & Art Décor. Rudolph will feel right at home in your living room with these stair decals. The bright red color is striking, but I don’t mind it.

It looks even better when set alongside your verdant Christmas tree.

12. FLFK 3D Snowflake Snowman Staircase Stickers

FLFK 3D Snowflake Snowman Self-Adhesive Staircase Stickers Wall Murals Stair Riser Decals for Christmas Xmas Party Home Decoration 39.3" w x 7" h x 13pieces

I didn’t want to give you just one seasonal decorative option, so here are the 3D Snowflake Snowman Staircase Stickers (try saying that 5 times in a row) from FLFK. It’s an image of a snowman wistfully looking up at the snowy skies ahead. What makes these decals stand out to me is just how well they carry the entire image.

They don’t break at unusual points or create odd distortions in the image. It’s a well-made set of decals is what I’m trying to say. Install these decals in your home to give your guests a nice holiday treat.

13. LoccoStickers Vintage Field Flowers Stair Stickers

StickersColoray Washed Out Vintage Flowers Stair Stickers

Source: Etsy

Something about the design of these decals just hits me the right way. The flowers themselves are illustrated well and turn out very detailed. You can say the same thing about the accompanying elements in the image.

But what I really like about these decals is the way the faded effect is done right. The image doesn’t look worn out or blurry. The intention behind the design of this image is clear and executed well.

These decals probably don’t deserve a spot in the Louvre or anything like that, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

14. Crowbabys No Design Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Crowbabys No Design Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

I talked earlier about how the 3D brick decals can help you cover up any damage to your staircase without being disruptive to your established home décor. But if you still found them to be too much, you will probably be best served to use these Riser Decals from Crowbabys instead. The decals feature completely no design.

They function more as protective coverings more than anything. They work great if you want to create a noticeable contrast along your stairway. They also come in different colors so just pick the one you feel works best on your stairs.

15. Crowbabys Trellis Decorative Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Crowbabys Trellis Decorative Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

Colors are not the only design elements useful for the purposes of elevating the look and feel of a room. Patterns can work just as well for that and you can see as much in these stair stickers from Crowbabys. The interlocking pattern is beautifully done and the color contrast works wonderfully too.

Multiple color options are available if you don’t like the gray and white pairing very much. I feel that these decals are worth a try. They don’t draw that much attention, but they can certainly transform the look of your staircase.

16. Crowbabys Starburst Style Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Crowbabys Starburst Style Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

If the interlocking pattern featured by the most recent set of stair decals included in this article is not what you’re looking for, then check out these stickers instead. They come from the same company, but the pattern this time around is modeled after a starburst. It’s harder to match up the starburst pattern with a traditionally designed living room, but they fit in great inside a kid’s bedroom.

You can use them to line the stairs going up to your kid’s bed for instance. Once again, the decals are offered in different colors so ask your kid which one he/she would prefer.

17. Crowbabys Fabric Stripes Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Crowbabys Fabric Stripes Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

I swear this is not a paid post by Crowbabys, but I just can’t help but gravitate towards their simple yet beautifully executed designs, or in the case of one set, the lack of a design. Here, the designers offer classic stripes for your stairs. Stripes are known for adding height and they can do the same thing for your stairs.

These decals can almost work to extend your space visually. The white and powder blue pairing is my personal favorite, but you are given many options to choose from.

18. LeenTheGraphicsQueen Number Stair Stickers

LeenTheGraphicsQueen Number Stair Stickers

Source: Etsy

How many ways can you decorate your stairs? Let us count the ways with these decals. What you see is what you get from these decals. Numbers on your stairs won’t wow anyone, but they are nice little flourishes at the very least.

Do be careful with these stickers because they only go up to 17. You don’t want to run out of them with steps left to go.

19. SnazzyDecal B002 Beadboard Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

SnazzyDecal B002 Beadboard Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

I absolutely love these B002 Beadboard stickers from SnazzyDecal. The design they feature doesn’t look good when you view the decals individually, but once they’re on your stairs, you begin to understand why this choice was made. The way the pattern converges is a sight to behold and it even looks better when you’re on the ground.

You also don’t have to worry about damaging your stairs if you opt to use these decals.

20. Crowbabys Chevron Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Crowbabys Chevron Vinyl Stair Riser Decals

Source: Etsy

The Chevron Vinyl Stair Riser Decals can play trick your eyes. Depending on how you choose to play with the colors, you can create stairs that look as though they’re coming right at you. It’s the zigzag pattern that creates that 3D effect.

With so many colors to play around with, you’re sure to find something that you’ll like on your staircase.

21. QuoteMyWall Bird Decals

QuoteMyWall Bird Decals

Source: Etsy

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of birds. They’re just not my jam, but even my bias against our feathered friends can’t overcome the fact that this is a gorgeous set of decals from QuoteMyWall. My love for minimalist art probably affects how much I like these decals, but I do believe most people will agree with me when I say that they look great.

You can even tell a story with your stairs depending on how you choose to arrange these decals.

22. HomeArtStickers Green Terrazzo Pattern Stair Decals

HomeArtStickers Green Terrazzo Pattern Stair Decals

Source: Etsy

HomeArtStickers’ Green Terrazzo Decals are kind of disappointing. When you see them, you get an idea in your head of what they’re supposed to feel like. That’s why it’s somewhat disappointing to be met by the smooth texture when you do get your hands on them.

It’s a testament to the look these decals feature that they can fool you that way. I won’t use them on all staircases, but they work great on white steps.

23. SnazzyDecal Geometrical Blue S002 Vinyl Strips

SnazzyDecal Geometrical Blue S002 Vinyl Strips

Source: Etsy

Have you seen those pictures of Santorini before? I’ve never been there, but just from the pictures I’ve seen, I can tell it’s the kind of place with a design scheme that I’ll fall in love with right away. Anyway, if you want to make your home interior look like it belongs in Santorini, you will want to use these stickers from SnazzyDecal.

The interplay between the different shades of blue and the white background is really something. I also want to highlight the fact that the designers went the extra mile to offer more than just one pattern. Feeling blue?

Then these vinyl decals are for you.

24. World Menagerie Arla Tiles Wall Decal

World Menagerie Arla Tiles Wall Decal

Source: Wayfair

I remember seeing these decals from World Menagerie and thinking I must not be seeing things right. Ordinarily, when you see patterns that intricate, you expect them to be bathed in different colors. But nope, that’s not what you’re getting here.

The designers kept the patterns in black and white and the result is something unique. Try out these decals in your home if you want to showcase something different.

25. Walplus Marrakech Wall Decal

Walplus Marrakech Wall Decal

Source: Wayfair

We’re finishing up with the Marrakech Wall Decal from Walplus. Similar to some of the decals I pointed to earlier, this set from Walplus is pattern-heavy, but I like that. I don’t mind the busy pattern because it is well-constructed.

The colors used were also smartly picked. These decals are just what you need if you want to add some excitement to your home.

How Do You Install Vinyl Stair Riser Decals?

Most vinyl stair riser decals are designed to be user-friendly, so much so that you don’t even need any specialized tools to install them. To start, you will want to clean the surface that you will place the decal on. You need to do this in order to apply the decal evenly.

After you’re done thoroughly cleaning the surface, pick out a decal and start to peel it away from the pad. Go to the open spot and line the decal over it. Carefully place the decal over the surface of the step.

Get it aligned right to prevent the pattern from looking askew. Press down on the decal to ensure that it has stuck to the surface. From there, just repeat the steps until you have covered all of the stairs.