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Where Can You Put a Mirror in a Bedroom? 16 Options

A collage of bedrooms with mirrors.

The ideal place for a mirror in a bedroom is in a place where you can stand back far enough to see your entire self in it.  That’s ideal; it’s not always possible.  Regardless, below we set out 15 options, many of which are space-saving options for mirror placement in small bedrooms.

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2 main types of mirrors for a bedroom:

  • Wall-mounted mirror
  • Free-standing mirror

The best mirror size is fairly large. The bedroom is where you dress so you want to be able to see head to foot. In other words, find a place and buy a full-length mirror if possible.

Lighting considerations

Large framed mirror in bedroom

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If you have options (see below), then choose a place where the lighting is best.  Opposite a window is really good so that the natural light shines on you.  Consider the overhead lighting as well. You’ll want to avoid a bright light shining directly down on you from above in the space you’d stand.  Does lighting really matter?  Yeah, actually it does a lot. 

Lighting can be flattering very unflattering. I’m sure you’ve been in various places with mirrors and in some you look better than others… it’s not the mirror but the lighting.

15 Mirror Placement Ideas for the Bedroom

1. Build a loft dressing room with mirrors

Loft style walk-in closet with clothing storage in bedroom

I’m going to kick of this list of ideas for where to put a bedroom mirror with this unique solution which is a custom-built loft walk-up walk-in close with all kinds of storage and mirrors. While you don’t necessarily need to build something like this (or have built), it might give you some ideas of how to create more bedroom storage, a better closet and of course more places to put a mirror.

2. Create a mirror out of an entire wall

Entire wall that's a mirror in a bedroom

Not only do you get a ton of mirror to admire yourself but it makes your bedroom look much larger. On the flip side, many people don’t like the “mirror wall” look so it’s not for everyone.  It’s definitely a good option for saving space though.

3. On the Wall

ANDY STAR Full Length Mirror, 18" x 48" Black Metal Frame Full Length Wall Mounted Mirror for Bedroom, Living Room Hangs Horizontal Or Vertical

An obvious option is to hang a full-length mirror somewhere in the bedroom where you have some clearance in front of it.

4. Next to the bed

Mirror next to bed

You can hang a mirror or use a free-standing mirror next to the bed. It’s actually a good place for a mirror because usually there’s quite a bit of clearance to stand a bit further back in this location given you’ll have at least the length of the bed as clearance distance.

5. Corner

Mirror in the corner of a bedroom

The corner can offer both function and aesthetic. It can dress up the corner of a bedroom like the example above but also provide a good place to check yourself out.

6. On the wall above the bed

Mirror on the wall above the bed

This is a good space-saving option although it’s not full-length which isn’t ideal. It’s also not ideal because you need to stand fairly far back (behind the bed) which might be too far to get a good look at yourself.

7. On a vanity

Mirror on vanity in bedroom

A great place for a secondary mirror is on top of a vanity (or bedroom desk) with a chair so that you can sit down and carefully look at your hair and face.

8. On the door

Americanflat Over the Door Mirror - Full Length Hanging Door Mirror for Bedroom, Bathroom, Dorm and More, Black

Hanging a door mirror on the inside door of your bedroom is a great space-saving option. Most bedrooms have a door and if tight on space, you can hang a full-length mirror on the door. The downside is it doesn’t look very good. You could get a custom door made with a mirror built in which would look better but if going to that expense you might as well find a better solution.

9. On a sliding closet door

Mirror on closet door in bedroom

Getting mirror-coated closet doors is an excellent way to get a full-length mirror and save space at the same time. The only issue is you need to plan it so you get some clearance in front of the mirror.  The above example doesn’t look great but fortunately the sliding door slide to the side where there is clearance in front of the mirror so you have room to check yourself out.

10. On an Armoire

Armoire with mirror

Source: Wayfair

If you buy a large armoire, you could place a mirror on the inside of a door, the side of the wardrobe or on the front. A wardrobe offers some excellent mirror placement options. I like armoires because they look good and offer a lot more clothing storage.  Getting one with a mirror is a great idea for a full-length bedroom mirror.

11. Wall-Mounted Organizer

HollyHOME Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Organizer Storage with Mirror Black

Source: Amazon

The above hooks onto a door or you can hang it on something else. It not only offers clothing accessory storage but a full-length mirror as well.  I like this solution especially in smaller bedrooms.

12. Sitting on a shelf or bench

Mirror sitting on a bench in bedroom

If you don’t have much space, you can lean a mirror on top of a nightstand or dresser as shown above. It’s not quite full-length but it’s pretty close.

13. Above a dresser

Mirror above the dresser in a bedroom

Most bedrooms have a dresser so hanging or sitting a mirror on top of it is not a bad way to get a mirror in the bedroom. It’s not to the floor which is the biggest problem but it can do. If you get a mirror coated dresser, then you have a full length (although it won’t be nearly as helpful as a real full-length mirror.

14. In the walk-in closet

Walk in closet with mirror

If you’re fortunate to have a walk-in closet you may have additional space for a free-standing mirror or you can get one built into the cabinetry as shown above.

15. Mirror Coated Dresser

Mirror exterior coated dresser nightstand

Check out the mirror-coated exterior dresser and nightstand above. Not great for checking your outfit but good for checking your footwear, you could buy a dresser with a mirror coating exterior.

16. Opposite the bed

Full-length mirror opposite the bed in a bedroom

Another place for a mirror is opposite the bed. The best spot is where there’s plenty of clearance like the above example shows.  Directly opposite the bed is okay if there’s sufficient space between the bed and the wall.

Where’s a bad place to put a mirror in the bedroom?

Any place where the light on you is bad (you’ll never be happy with how you look) and if there isn’t sufficient clearance to get a good look at yourself.  These are two main considerations when placing a mirror in your bedroom.

What’s my favorite place for a mirror in the bedroom?

It really depends on the bedroom. I like the idea of a mirror on a closet door since it kills two birds with one stone. However, a long freestanding mirror can be moved around which can be convenient. Come to think of it, there’s no reason you can’t have both. And then I like the look of a nicely framed mirror on the wall.

I’m not terribly particular except that I much, much, much prefer full-length mirrors regardless of which type I get and where I put it.

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