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4 Practical and Convenient Mirror Alternatives

Photo collage of different types of mirrors.

Having mirrors in the house have their obvious advantages. They’re well-known for making a room appear larger, they’re convenient for brightening up gloomy areas of the house, and they can be used to complement your home decor. However, not everyone likes to have glass mirrors and not all rooms can accommodate typical large wall mirrors.

If you’re after practicality and convenience, check out our list below of mirror alternatives.

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1. Acrylic Mirrors

Decorative Acrylic Mirror

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Acrylic mirrors are actually the most well-known mirror alternative on the market. People often use these types of mirrors in the place of glass mirrors. The item being shown here is an acrylic mirror sheet.

This type of mirror is actually preferable to a glass mirror for certain situations. The most interesting feature of this mirror is that it is flexible. That ability makes these types of mirrors very hard to break.

They won’t shatter as glass will, and they will be capable of withstanding bumps and dings. You’ll be able to feel safe placing a mirror like this in a high-traffic area without having to worry about it breaking.

People use these mirror sheets for various DIY projects. You can place the sheet inside of a wooden frame to create your own mirror. It will come in handy for many purposes and is actually very affordable. You won’t have to spend a ton of money to get an acrylic mirror, so it is definitely a great alternative.


It is very tough to break one of these acrylic mirrors. As long as you aren’t specifically trying to break the mirror, you should be able to use an acrylic mirror for many years. They are flexible and can withstand some damage.

You’ll be able to feel safe placing these mirrors just about anywhere in your home.


The overall feel of these acrylic mirrors lacks some of the sophistication of a glass mirror. If you are looking for mirrors for decorative purposes, then you may want to look elsewhere. These acrylic mirrors can look fine, but they may not be able to match up with the glass mirrors in every way.

As long as you temper your expectations, you should be fine purchasing mirrors like this for regular purposes.

2. Other Plastic Mirrors

Plastic Mirror

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It should first be noted that acrylic is a type of plastic. While acrylic is a type of plastic, not all plastic is considered to be acrylic. For this reason, there are other types of mirrors on the market that are made out of plastic.

These mirrors are considered to be safe to use in more dangerous spots and can come in handy for various purposes. If you need a mirror to put inside of your child’s room, you may want to go with a plastic mirror. Many parents feel concerned about glass mirrors and the danger that they pose to children.

Glass is rather fragile, and if it breaks, it could cause your child harm. Plastic mirrors are a lot safer, and you will not have to worry so much.


Plastic mirrors are actually very inexpensive. You won’t have to pay a lot of money to get a decent plastic mirror. These are good for use in children’s rooms, and they can even be handy for certain DIY projects.

You’ll be glad that these are on the market, and they can be preferable to glass mirrors in some ways.


The negative of using these plastic mirrors is that they will not be quite as nice as a traditional glass mirror. Cleaning the plastic doesn’t seem to be as smooth as wiping off a glass mirror either. It’s going to look a little bit shabbier overall and may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

The safety of these mirrors is the important factor to consider, though.

3. Door Mirrors

Door mirror in a modern bathroom.

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Sometimes the reason that you are looking for a mirror alternative will be due to a lack of space. If you don’t have the room to hang a mirror in your bathroom or your bedroom, then maybe you should think about purchasing a door mirror. A door mirror will be able to provide you with the mirror that you need, while not getting in your way.

You need to have a door on your bedroom and your bathroom, so it is the perfect spot to place a mirror. Most door mirrors are very easy to install, too. They will generally be close to as tall as your door, leaving a little bit of space at the top and at the bottom.

You will be able to screw the mirror into the door and use it to your heart’s content. This will solve your problem, and you’ll never have to worry about not having a good mirror again.


Having a door mirror will allow you to see your entire body. This can make getting ready in the morning easier than it would otherwise be. You need a large mirror to be able to ensure that everything looks right before you leave the house.

This door mirror will help you to hang one without having to take up space in your home.


This is more of an alternative type of mirror than a mirror alternative. Even so, this will prove to be useful to some people. If your lack of space is preventing you from hanging a decent mirror, then buying a door mirror is sensible.

4. Cameras

Woman primping her hair using a camera phone to check her reflection.

The purpose of using a mirror is often to see yourself. You need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror in order to get ready for your day. If you are in a pinch and need to get ready but do not have a mirror available, then you could try using your camera.

Everyone carries a camera around with them every single day in the modern era. Take out your smartphone and put it in video mode. You will be able to see yourself and can check out your hair.

This is a bit of an annoying way to have to get ready, but it will be adequate when you are in a bind. If you need to be able to groom yourself and there is no mirror to be found, you may as well use your smartphone camera. It’s an intelligent way to solve your problem that won’t cost you anything.


It is clever to make use of the resources that are available to you when necessary. If you need to be able to see yourself to get ready, then you can always use your camera. There is no reason to lament not having a mirror when you can go ahead and get ready using your smartphone as a visual guide.

You will be able to see yourself very clearly through the camera and can groom yourself accordingly.


This is going to be a bit cumbersome in some ways. If you need to get ready, then you will need to use your hands to comb your hair or to shave. You can’t hold your phone at the same time that you’re doing these things.

It is possible to set your phone up on the counter somehow, but that may feel tedious, too. This idea works, but you won’t want to use it as a permanent mirror alternative.