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20 Outstanding Small Futon Ideas

Small futon midcentury style.

Futons save space. A small futon saves even more space. Here’s a list of 12 small futons. As you’ll see below, there are many types of futons (even among space-saving models). Some of them have head and foot rests, also known as side rests, or arm rests. Browse through the selection to find the ones that do. They are highly coveted.

Below we set out some of our favorite styles.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Two-Tone Modular/Convertible Sleeper

Divano Roma Furniture Modern 2 Tone Modular/Convertible Sleeper (Purple/Beige)

Based on looks alone, this is an exceptional futon. In rich, deep purple and beige, with beige piping highlighting the fronts of the arms, this convertible sofa works well as a focal point in a stylishly decorated studio apartment or kids’ room. While some small futons scream “futon,” this one really transcends that with a stylish look that goes with modern as well as classic décor.

The fabric is soft linen and the cushions/mattress are made of memory foam. In addition to purple and beige, this futon comes in blue-green (or teal) and beige, navy blue, and beige, and gray and dark gray combinations. Though it looks fantastic, beware that the part of the couch you sit on is a very light beige color, so staining is a concern.

As for comfort, the memory foam cushion, hardwood frame, and arms make it very comfortable for sitting. Folded out, it makes a great video gaming seat. If you plan on using it as a sofa bed, it comes with a caveat. When folded out, most of the sleeping surface is made of memory foam, but a portion of it is just a hardwood frame.

This makes it potentially uncomfortable for some adults. However, throwing some pillows over the hard part helps, or sleeping with your head at the soft end and your feet on the harder part. For children and smaller adults, it’s very comfortable. Seats two adults. Sleeps two small adults or three children.

VASAGLE Futon Sofa Bed

VASAGLE Futon Sofa Bed, Convertible Sleeper for Compact Living Space, 66.1 x 31.9 x 29.5 Inches, Blue

This futon sofa bed, which comes in blue, brown, or gray, is covered in a tufted velvet fabric – making it both elegant to look at and soft to sit on. It has a eucalyptus wood frame supported by gold-tone metal legs. (The metal legs come with “footpads” to keep them from scratching your floor.) This is not only a nice-looking futon but a sturdy, supportive one.

It’s got a cushion thickness of 7 inches and a weight capacity of 550 pounds. Though it doesn’t have arms to lean on, the slightly tilted back makes sitting comfortable. Assembly is really easy. All you have to do is attach the four legs. Converting the futon to a bed and back into a couch is also simple. Seats 2 or three adults. Sleeps one adult comfortably.


FCNEHLM Futon Bed, Modern Folding Convertible Sofa with 2 Cupholders,Removable Armrests, Metal Legs, Couches for Small Compact Living Space, Dark Gray

What we love most about this convertible sofa is its practicality. Not only can you use it as both a couch and a bed, but it has cup holders!  The middle part of the back cushion folds down when you want to use them, and folds back up again when you don’t. Covered in linen upholstery, it comes in two shades of gray (dark and light). With an extra middle support leg, it can hold up to 300 pounds in each of its two seats.

Another great feature is that the back adjusts to two different angles (or three, if you count flat). The couch’s arms are actually two flat cushions that attach with Velcro. We like this because, when converting this sofa to a bed, it’s nice to be able to move these cushions out of the way. This futon bed seats two adults and sleeps one.

Milemont Futon in Dark Khaki

Milemont Futon Sofa Bed Convertible Folding Modern Armless Couch Daybed for Small Spaces, Dorm, Living Room, Apartment-Dark Khaki, Loveseat

The split-back design of this couch allows you to adjust the angle of the back separately for the two seats. Two back positions are available. We like that the dark khaki color of the futon cover is neutral without being too beige.

The armless design looks great as part of modern, minimalist decor. The couch’s legs are understated, made of sturdy dark brown plastic.

When used as a sofa bed, this futon is an ideal size for a small adult or teenager. Its hardwood frame, shredded memory foam cushions, and serpentine spring make it very comfortable. Seats three adults, and sleeps one.

Magshion Solid Color Folding Bed With Pillow

Magshion Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Choose Color & Sized Single,Twin or Full (Twin (5x36x70), Burgundy)

Unlike many futons, this one doesn’t double as a couch. It is a floor mattress that folds up into something sort of resembling a chair, but doesn’t be fooled: it’s not a chair. It’s a foldable mattress with a built-in headrest. (The headrest might be mistaken for a chair back when viewed online.) And it’s a great extra bed for the price.

It also comes in an incredible range of 20 colors and three different sizes. Sizes are single (very narrow), twin (a bit wider), and full (luxuriously wide for one person).  Made of high-density foam, the five-inch thick mattress is supportive and comfortable for occasional sleeping. The acrylic-coated cotton cover has a zipper so you can remove it for cleaning.

It’s perfect for camping or RV use because it folds up into a storable size. It’s really great for occasional use as a guest bed anywhere space is limited, like a dorm room or studio apartment. Sleeps one adult comfortably. In a pinch, the full size can sleep two adults cozily.

D&D Futon Furniture Folding Foam Mattress

D&D Futon Furniture Folding Foam Mattress, Sofa Chair Bed, Guest Beds (Twin Size, Black)

Like the Magshion folding bed, this is more of a foldable mattress than a convertible couch or futon chair, because it doesn’t have a frame. It also isn’t meant to be used with one, as many futon mattresses are. Unlike the Magshion, though, it’s constructed so that part of the mattress can be folded into aback. So, when you’re not using it as a bed, it can double as a cozy chair or couch, making it an ideal dorm futon.

Another great feature of this futon is its generous width. It comes in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. The twin is a full 39 inches wide, while the full and queens are 54 inches and 60 inches wide, respectively. The mattress, which is 6 inches thick and made of high-density foam, is comfortable for both sleeping and sitting. This futon comes in a choice of 16 colors. The manufacturer does not recommend removing the cover for washing, but covering the mattress with a fitted sheet when using it as a bed.

Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress

The Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa with Memory Foam Mattress from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

This cute little convertible couch comes in 11 different colors and has a memory foam futon mattress.  The upholstery is elegant linen with piping details. The cushioned backrest is ribbed tufted, which gives it a unique look compared to many couches. Ribbed tufted means the tufts, or cushiony spots, are rows rather than the usual squares. Other styling details include wide track arms and wooden legs. And the couch cushions feature independently encased coils for comfort.

Rather than the couch’s cushions being the mattress that folds out for sleeping, this couch is more like a traditional sleeper sofa or “fold-out couch” (the kind your grandparents might still have). The cushions you sit on are removed, and the mattress is based on a metal frame that folds out into a bed. Because not many mattresses can fit inside a couch constructed this way, the mattress is only 3 inches thick, which may not provide enough support for some.

This futon is easy to assemble with just the Allen wrench that comes with it. As a couch, it holds up to 40o pounds, and, as a bed, it supports 225. Mattress size is twin, big enough for one adult.

JUMMICO Faux Leather Futon

JUMMICO Futon Sofa Bed Faux Leather Couch Bed Modern Convertible Folding Recliner with 2 Cup Holders for Living Room (Black)

If you’re looking for a compact futon that’s sleek and modern-looking and does its job for a great price, you can’t go wrong with this. Covered with faux leather in black, chocolate brown, or gray, this convertible couch is perfect for the home office or living room. It’s comfortable to sit on, though not so soft that you sink into it. The backrest is adjustable, giving you two different options when you’re sitting.

And it folds down into a bed that comfortably sleeps one adult. It also has a secret middle piece that folds down when the futon is in “couch” position, to reveal a set of cup holders. When you’re not using them, just fold the piece back up and the cup holders disappear. The couch provides comfortable seating for two adults or three children.

Diophros 4-in-1 Folding Bed and Ottoman

Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper Bed, 4 in 1 Multi-Function Adjustable Ottoman Sofa Bed Bench Guest Sofa Chair Convertible Sofa for Living Room (Dark Grey)

This versatile and unique piece functions as both a large, comfortable recliner and a bed for one. One thing we absolutely love about this futon is that it really makes the most of a small space. It can be folded into something as small as an ottoman and used as a footrest.

It can be positioned as a comfy chair with the footrest folded down or up. It reclines to four different angles. And it can fold completely flat to be used as a bed. In any of these configurations, it is only 37 inches wide!

The imitation cotton hemp fabric cover comes in 10 colors and is removable for cleaning. The fabric looks better in real life than it does in online pictures. The chair’s metal frame makes it pretty heavy (about 70 pounds). The upside of the metal frame is that it’s sturdy, and will support 440 pounds of weight. Another advantage of this piece is that, at 74 inches long, it comfortably sleeps even tall adults.

Faux Suede Sit-Sleep-Lounge Futon

Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge Sleep Smaller Size Furniture is Perfect for College Dorm Bedroom Studio Apartment Guest Room Covered Patio Porch. Key Kitty Key Chain Included. (Black)

We give this futon high marks for coziness, versatility, and looks. With big, soft pillows to support your back and a 5 to 6-inch thick mattress, this futon has an adjustable metal frame that lets it function as a sofa, chaise lounge, or twin-size bed. Covered in faux suede, it comes in 7 rich color options.

It is filled with a mixture of 80% cotton and 20% polyurethane foam, making it somewhat like a traditional futon, which is always 100% cotton. The advantage of cotton is it keeps the sleeper or sitter cool in summer and warm in winter. The futon frame is made of black, powder-coated metal, and wooden slats support the futon mattress. At 33 inches wide, it’s not the widest of beds, but it’s not the narrowest either! Sleeps one adult comfortably.

HOMCOM Single-Person, 3-Position Futon

HOMCOM Single Person 3 Position Convertible Chaise Lounger Sofa Bed with 2 Large Pillows and Oak Frame, Dark Blue

The look of this small futon hearkens back to more traditional Japanese futons, with its black oak frame and tufted mattress covered in a cottony fabric. The way the futon mattress drapes over the armrests, and the two fluffy pillows that rest against the back part of the frame, give it a cozy bowl shape that almost makes you sleepy, it looks so comfortable.

And it is comfortable. It’s also very down-to-earth looking. The futon frame adjusts to make either a couch, a chaise lounge, or a bed. We appreciate that it’s advertised as “single person” because it perfect for one and, with a mattress width of 26 inches, a bit too snug for two. Available in four earthy colors: creamy white, dark blue, charcoal gray, and light gray.

Small Futon with White Metal Frame

White Metal Frame Small Futon Lounger Furniture for Studio Loft College Dorm Apartments Guest Room Bedroom Covered Patio Sunroom or Porch-Twin Size

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is just a good classic futon. With a 5-6 inch high mattress and two big cushions, this 3-position futon is comfortable to lounge or sleep on. And with its white metal frame and earth tone covers, it looks great in rooms with lighter color schemes. In fact, the fabric of this futon – both the colors and the textures – is one of the best things about it. It’s available in linen and faux suede (both made of 100% polyester).

Linen color options are gray, stone, and aqua. Suede is available in gray, peat, black, chocolate, and navy. Pillow covers are removable and can be washed, which is always appreciated. The futon frame is made of powder-coated steel. The mattress fill is 80% cotton and 20% polyurethane foam. This futon is designed to seat two people cozily as a couch. When positioned as a lounger or bed, it’s ideal for one adult or child. Weight capacity is 400 pounds.

Zipcode Design Eugene Square Arm Sofa Bed

The Zipcode Design Eugene Square Arm Sofa from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This made-in-U.S.A. small futon is in a class by itself when it comes to comfort, looks, and functionality. Though extreme 90-degree angles may not be for everyone, if you do enjoy the non-traditional sharpness of its corners, you’re in for a treat. Every piece of this couch, bed, and two ottomans is made of 11-inch thick foam, which is way above average when it comes to futon thickness.

That makes for a very cushy sleeping – or sitting – experience. Also, as a couch, it’s got a really deep seat. Between the depth of the seat and the extreme thickness of the foam blocks that make up the arm and backrests, it’s hard not to feel cozy. The couch comes with two ottomans (also made of 11-inch thick foam). When it’s time to sleep, unfold the couch, pop the ottomans into a rectangular space in the middle of it, and, voila, you’ve got a queen-size bed.

To assemble this futon, all you need to do is release the pieces from their plastic wrapping and let them expand, put their covers on, and zip them up. Covers come in 8 understated, natural tones. And they’re removable and machine washable. This queen-size futon can hold up to 500 pounds and sleeps two adults very comfortably.

Sirugo Round Arm Convertible Sleeper

The Sirugo Round Arm Convertible Sleeper from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

It’s hard to say which is better ─ the yummy colors this futon comes in or how deliciously puffy it is. Lots of futons are tufted, but the square tufts on this one are exceptionally plump and soft, like a good down comforter. And it comes with a couple of matching pillows, which just add to its cozy softness.

As for the colors, the pictures online don’t do them justice. The blue is a deep turquoise, the orange a ripe cantaloupe, and the pink a true dusty rose. This futon comes with tapered oak legs, and screwing them on is the only “assembly” required. You can also not screw in the legs, and simply place the sofa on the floor for a very bohemian look.

Assembled, this futon can hold up to 440 pounds. On top of all this, it has pockets on the sides, for storing your remotes and such. The only thing we don’t love about this futon is that it opens out into a sort of T-shape, rather than a rectangle. The long part, which is the only part that can really be called a bed, is just a little over 24 inches wide, which isn’t very wide. Definitely not for two people. Still totally worth it.

Harper & Bright Floor Sofa

Floor Sofa Adjustable Lazy Sofa Bed, Foldable Mattress Futon Couch Bed with 2 Pollows (Blue)

If you could turn a fluffy comforter into a couch, this is what it would look and feel like. Made of high-density foam, it’s soft and cozy, with just enough padding to not feel like you’re sitting or sleeping on the floor. It has an internal steel frame that lets you adjust the backrest to just the right position (there are five different options).

One of its best features is how easy it is to adjust, unfold and refold. Just pull the back forward, then push it into whatever position you want. Comes in beige, blue or red coral fleece, and black faux leather. A good size for one or two people.

Tannis Pillow Back Futon Chair

The Tannis Pillow Back Chair from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This is a stylish futon chair with a Danish modern look. If your taste is midcentury modern, this will fit right into your decorating scheme. In charcoal gray, light gray, mustard, and peacock blue linen-look polyester, it has splayed, light-colored wood legs. In addition to being a great chair, it easily transforms into a lounger or bed.

The futon mattress is 6 inches high and made of foam. When folded into a chair, it’s comfortable, yet firm, because of the double layer of padding. The solid wood frame also provides nice support. To turn the chair into a lounger or bed, unfold it and unzip compartments containing hidden legs. The back can recline or lie completely flat. This futon has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is designed for one person. Comes with a throw pillow.

Artemiy Cotton Split Back Convertible Sofa

The Artemiy Cotton Split Back Convertible Sofa from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This small futon’s got both form and function. Its dark wood legs are striking against the orange or blue 100% cotton fabric that covers the mattress. And the back leg is angled, giving it a unique, unquestionably stylish detail. The foam mattress is 10 inches thick, making it the second thickest one on our list. The split-back is adjustable, allowing for multiple reclining positions.

And when you fold the couch down into a bed, the back cushions lie nicely along the top of the bed, adding a little extra comfort. The bed is supported by metal legs. With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, it is designed to sleep one adult comfortably. And with a width of almost 60 inches, that one adult will be very comfortable indeed. Of all the small futons on this list, this one may be our favorite.

Angelyne Cushion Back Futon and Mattress

The Angelyne Cushion Back Futon and Mattress from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This compact floor sofa has a 4-inch thick futon mattress covered in a lovely gray linen fabric.  It also comes with two small throw pillows. It has an internal steel frame that adjusts to five different reclining positions. At 45 inches wide, it provides plenty of space for one adult, and can even accommodate two. Weight is not an issue since it sits on the floor.

Barner Convertible Sofa

The Barner Convertible Sofa from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This contemporary modern faux leather futon is a real statement piece. Tufted with a stunning red and black checkerboard pattern, it has a sturdy black metal frame and an innerspring/coil mattress. The couch comfortably seats two people, while the sofa bed is designed for one.  The weight capacity of this futon is 400 pounds.

Gilleland Wide Round Arm Convertible Sofa

The Gilleland Wide Round Arm Convertible Sofa from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

It’s not often you happen upon a futon quite this special. Not only is it compact, sturdy and comfortable ─ for both sitting and sleeping ─ but, in terms of looks, it’s absolutely gorgeous and truly one of a kind. As a bonus, its orange, yellow, red, blue, red, brown, and off-white checkerboard patterned upholstery is made of tear-resistant canvas. The back of this sofa is made of foam, while the seat has sinuous springs. A quality piece with a wooden frame and legs, this small futon will hold up to 500 pounds. Makes a cozy seat for two, and sleeps one. Comes with two throw pillows.

Our Previous List of Favorite Small Futons

1. Small Black Chelsea Convertible Futon

Small Black Chelsea Convertible Futon

Learn more

This is a compact futon with a modern design. It can be used for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. It has a wooden frame and faux leather upholstery. The futon mattress has a foam core and a square-patterned surface with indentations at the center square. It is black, and the legs are chrome colored.

This futon is designed for two people. One half of the futon can be lowered into a lying position, while the other half remains upright in a seated position. It has a weight limit of 600 pounds. Place it in the living room, basement, or office. It complements most types of contemporary room décor. This futon is part of the Ameriwood brand.

2. Compact Modern DHP Convertible Futon

Compact Modern DHP Convertible Futon

Learn more

This is a comfortable futon with multiple positions. The backs and the sides (left and right) are adjustable. Lower the sides if you don’t want to rest your arm while sitting. Lower the backs if you want to lie down. The mattress has a foam core and a microfiber/micro-suede surface. It is charcoal-colored and patterned with squares. The frame is made of metal and is chrome-colored.

This small futon has a 300 pound weight limit. If you want to share the futon with another person, push both backs and sides down. If you want to lie down by yourself, keep the backs up and one side of the futon (left) in the upright position to rest your head. Push the other side of the futon (right) down. Then, lie across the futon. This futon comes with a one year limited warranty.

3. Midcentury Delaney Split Back Brown Futon (Armless)

Midcentury Delaney Split Back Brown Futon (Armless)

Learn more

This futon has a split back design, which makes it perfect for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. The mattress is covered with brown faux leather upholstery, and it has a foam core. The surface is segmented into squares and separated by double stitching. The intersection of four squares is indented. The legs are slanted and are dark brown. The futon frame is made of wood.

This futon is part of the Dorel Home Products brand. It has a transitional style that stands out in the room. It compliments most types of modern décor in a brightly lit room. The best arrangement includes light colored hardwood floors, light colored walls, tan colored rugs, and a black end table. Place it near a corner in a room with a floor-to-ceiling window to complete the look. This futon comes with a one year limited warranty.

4. Red Contemporary Futon

Red Small Contemporary Futon

Learn more

This red futon has adjustable sides (left and right) and adjustable backs. The futon cover consists of squares that intersect at an indentation. It is made of microfiber/micro-suede upholstery. The core is made of foam, and the frame is aluminum, including the legs. As a standalone futon, it compliments medium-colored hardwood floors, light-colored brick walls, and chrome stands.

This futon comes with a one year limited warranty. It is manufactured by Dorel Home Products. This futon can be used for sitting, sleeping, and lounging. The sides of the futon can be used as a headrest or footrest by one person while lying down. If two people need to use, it, lower both backs and both sides. The weight limit for this futon is 300 pounds. There’s storage space under the futon.

5. Comfortable Chocolate Brown Futon

Comfortable Chocolate Brown Futon

Learn more

A chocolate-colored futon stands out in most rooms. This one is made of aluminum and micro-suede. The mattress has a foam core. The ends of the futon are adjustable and so are the backs. It can provide rest for one person if they lie down across the futon using the head and foot rests (ends). Two people can lie down at the same time if both backs and both ends are pushed down. The weight limit is 300 pounds.

This futon comes with a one year limited warranty. It is manufactured by Dorel Home Products. Place it in the living room or in a small space in the basement. The mattress is soft enough to sit or sleep on for hours. The surface consists of squares that intersect and indent. There’s storage space underneath this futon. If you are looking for a futon that’s unlike anything else on the market, then select this one.

6. Blue Linen Pillowtop Futon

Blue Linen Pillowtop Futon

Learn more

This futon bed would fit in a beach house. It has a blueish-gray mattress and brown legs. The surface of the mattress consists of squares that intersect to create indentations. The pattern looks great in a room with light-colored hardwood floors, white walls, and a lush green plant placed in the corner. A brown version is available as well. It can be used as a second bed for a guest room.

This futon is strong enough to hold 600 pounds. The wooden frame and tapered dowel legs are sturdy. You can sit on it or sleep on it safely. It comes with a one year warranty. This futon is designed for two people. Each person can lie down side by side on the mattress. They can also sit up and watch TV.

7. Narrow Black Convertible Futon

Narrow Black Convertible Futon

Learn more

This is a black futon with a metal frame. It has a split back design. There are four rectangular sections on each seat and back. Both backs can fold down to create a bed. Up to two people can lie down at the same time, and it can support up to 600 pounds. If you prefer something in between sitting and lying down, then this is the futon for you. It features multiple recline positions. Choose one that is comfortable and rest for hours.

The ideal place to put this futon is in the living room or office. It looks good on a medium-colored hardwood floor. It complements light green walls and bright rooms. Place pictures behind it to finish the look. This futon comes with a one year limited warranty. It is part of the DHP brand. The mattress core is made of foam and faux leather.

8. Contemporary Red and Black Microfiber Futon

Contemporary Red and Black Microfiber Futon

Learn more

A red futon will immediately attract attention. This one features plush microfiber upholstery. The top surface is red, while the rest of the mattress is black. It has a foam core, and the top surface is only 2.5 inches thick. Another noticeable feature of the mattress is the rows and columns of squares that make up the mattress. It is as soft as a pillow. The frame is metal, and the entire futon is supported by chrome-colored legs.

This metal futon is part of the Furniture of America brand, which is known for selling furnishings that appeal to urban-minded shoppers. Buy this one with other plush furniture and create a collection. Place it in a living room or the basement. You can spend hours watching TV or sleeping on this futon. Fold it down to reveal a twin flat bed.

9. Black Soft Futon with Wood Legs

Black Soft Futon with Wood Legs

Learn more

This futon is covered with microfiber upholstery. The backs and seats consist of large pillow-like sections with indentations in the center of each one. There are several colors to choose from including black, brown, charcoal, and red. The legs are darkly colored and shaped stylishly. The overall shape of this futon is rectangular. It can be placed in several locations including the living room or an office.

This futon is built for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. The flat bed is thin and can accommodate one person. As a sofa, it can seat at least two people. It is part of the Dorel Home Products brand, which is a leading manufacturer of home furnishing products. The company is known for style and versatility. The DHP Lodge Futon looks like it belongs in a ski resort. Now, you can have one in your home.

10. Club-Style Brown Futon (Compact)

Club-Style Brown Futon (Compact)

Learn more

The Milo futon from Furniture of America can be placed in an office. It is built for rest, but it may not look like it. Sit down on it during the workday to relax. It is made of black faux leather and flame-retardant foam padding. There are rows of squares separated by white stitching. At the intersections of these squares, there are indentations. It is a twin sized mattress, which can be folded flat to reveal a bed.

This futon has a transitional style. Match it with similar furnishings. It will standout in a bright room. Place it against a wall, and place a coffee table in front of it. This arrangement will attract weary employees as they pass by. They may even take a seat and rest before returning back to work.

11. Euro-Style Futon with Arms

Euro-Style Futon with Arms

Learn more

An upholstered futon with chrome legs and adjustable sides is the ultimate futon to have in the home. This one has a linen covering and a foam core. The frame is made of metal, and the sides have storage slips similar to the back seat in a car. Store magazines and newspapers here, and read them when you like to.

The sides fold down to reveal a bed. The back section remains vertical, which is an interesting design for a futon. There are three color options – tan, purple, and navy linen. This futon look great in a bright room with white walls, wall-mounted black shelves, light-colored hardwood floors, and a gray rug.

12. Color Block Adjustable Futon Sofa

Color Block Adjustable Futon Sofa

Learn more

This sofa bed has a wooden frame and flannel covering. The blue surface is divided into squares that line the backs and seats. They create indentations at the point where they intersect. The legs are stylish and strong.

The ideal place for this sleeper sofa is in the living room. It looks great near large windows. It contrasts well with tan walls and silver-colored granite or marble floors. Place a rug in front of it to complete the look.