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Sleek Home Renovation by Inbetween Architecture

a room full of functional shelves for storageA once dark double brick home is now full of natural lighting that highlights beautiful, carefully defined features, such as the timber pod shelving in the library. Inbetween Architecture provided a stunning delivery by breathing life and light into once dark and somewhat closed off rooms. Now the home feels more open and airy as you can tell from the photos found below.

Eye-Catching Exterior

The exterior of the home is what catches your eye first. This 1970s home, which is in Doncaster, overlooks Ruffey Lake Park. For that reason, the exterior received renovations so the home matched the beauty of its surroundings. The once outdated home now has a modernized, 21st-century appearance.

Where you once saw old brown brick, you now see bricks in a perforated pattern combined with salvaged steel. The large windows of the home are also framed with aluminum and deep brown cladding, which gives it a nice, complimentary appearance. As an added benefit, I love that this home is termite-proof.

Impressive Interior

The interior of the home is just as pleasing to the eye as the outside. The large windows let it more than enough natural lighting. They also captivating views of Ruffey Lake and its surrounding beauty. Prior to the renovation, the home suffered from closed off, redundant rooms, and inadequate lighting.

Inbetween Architecture made improvements to the home’s exterior by doing the following:

  • Opening up the floor plan: Once neglected rooms now offer a whole new lease on life with plenty of family-friendly options
  • Adding large windows: Inadequate lighting is no longer an issue thanks to plenty of natural lighting filtering in through massive windows, particularly on the north-facing front of the home
  • Providing seamless integration: The kitchen, living room, and dining area offer seamless integration from one room to another
  • Using timber materials: The addition of light colored timber materials appears modern, yet it still matches the rustic beauty of the home’s surroundings
  • Implementing white paint and light woods on the walls: The walls appear fresh and airy and make rooms seem larger, yet more cozy thanks to a blend of light wood walls and bright white paint

The designers also incorporated sliding doors so that certain areas of the home could be sectioned off for more privacy when necessary. However, the doors slide open to afford the home an open feel that flows beautifully from one room to another.

Surprising Additional Features

The home features plenty of shelving for book lovers or for those who prefer showcasing trophies, décor, and other items. When designing the home, Inbetween Architecture made sure to incorporate some design elements that would welcome sustainable elements in the future. The windows are positioned in such a way that they maximize rainwater harvesting and solar gain.

Overall, the once poorly sub-sectioned 20th century home is now a feature of modern delight complete with fully maximized spaces throughout. The fully renovated home still retains some of its traditional values thanks to the fact that it features materials salvaged during the renovation process. However, it certainly has more to offer compared to before thanks to the redesigned, open interior layout.

Design by Inbetween Architecture

Design by Inbetween Architecture