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12 Reclining Sectional Sofa Reviews

Read these 12 recliner sofa reviews showcasing 12 very different reclining sofas. Figure out the attributes to look for and where to read feedback here.

Collage image of reclining sectional sofas

What’s better than the ultimate reclining chair?

Answer: the ultimate reclining sofa.

How’s that for furniture humor? Yeah, I know, not funny.

Besides my meager attempt at humor is a bit simplistic because chairs definitely serve a purpose. However, something larger with ultra comfort features such as a recliner is hard to beat for your casual living room, media room, family, game room, recreation room, man cave or wherever you want to place a casual couch.

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One big problem with sofa reviews

The big problem with reviewing these types of products is twofold:

  1. There are so many models available. That doesn’t inlcude the many other types available.
  2. Furniture is a very personal choice. Assuming the quality is reasonably good, it’s a very personal choice.

Nevertheless, we provide review information that we think is helpful.

The best reviews to get you started

The best place to find feedback is to read customer feedback on the major websites that sell this type of furniture. The following are where we think you’ll find the best customer feedback for many, many models:

  1. Amazon
  2. Wayfair
  3. Hayneedle

The above 3 sources are by far the best options with the most selection for this type of product.

What you do is when you visit those sites is you click into individual product pages and scroll down for the customer feedback. While there may only a few or a handful of reviews, they will be very helpful.

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Another way these customer ratings are helpful is you can roughly assume that specific models with a lot of reviews are popular. If popular with a high average rating (4 to 5 stars), you can assume it’s a pretty good option.

BUT, you must like it.

How we go about reviewing these sectional sofas.

I’m afraid it’s not terribly scientific. Instead, we chose a smattering of options and provide feedback based on stated features and design. That’s it. I wish we could offer more, but we couldn’t. That said, since our site is largely about interior design, we think our aesthetic opinion counts for something.

1. Curved Beige Ultra-Comfortable Sectional

Beige l-shape suede reclining sofa.

Traditional, casual and comfortable!


Here’s a casual beige option with the overstuffed look.

It’s uber comfortable in a traditional design.

It’s definitely not for the formal living room, but ideal in the contemporary or traditional style family room, rec room or even media room.

The curved design gives it a soft look matching the overstuffed cushions and arms.

It’s large enough to accommodate 5 to 6 people comfortably, which pretty much covers the whole family.

While not every seat kicks back, it includes that option on the end.

While the photo doesn’t show it, this model has two recliners plus a console.

2. Club-Style

Large l-shape reclining sectional sofa that accommodates 6 people.

 Elegant but NOT Stuffy


I liken this gorgeous couch to a club-style because it looks just like the popular old school, large club chairs.

This is one of my favorite options featured here. I like the chaise-lounge/recliner combo. Notice how the end seats with these features are extra wide.

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This handsome couch is the ultimate in comfort.

Another feature I like is deep seats so that you sink back and become immersed in the sitting experience. If you have the budget, this is definitely an option to consider.

3. Overstuffed Leather “Media-Style”

Large high-back leather reclining sectional sofa.

Double recliner with double console 


This option is the one you want for Netflix binge-watching.

This type of sectional is definitely one you would put in a room with some sort of screen.

It’s all about comfort and convenience; just take a look at the dual recliners each with their own drink and storage console.

Moreover, the inside seeding each has its own nicely padded armrests.

This is definitely the perfect couch for game day, movie night, or just a good old fashioned binge-watching Netflix session.

4. Black Smaller Sectional with Chaise

Smaller black leather reclining sofa.

Smaller and comfy – ideal for an apartment!

=> Wayfair

Here is a slightly smaller model compared to the three featured above. Moreover, this is the first black version in our coverage.

This model includes one reclining section accompanied with a push-back chaise.

Each and seat includes an armrest with drink storage.

This model comfortably seats for to five people.

Designwise, this features a fairly smooth surface versus the distressed, creased and or tufted varieties you’ll also find.

It really boils down to personal choice with respect to this design feature.

Also of note, is the matte finish versus the shiny or glossy finish you’ll see on other models.

5. Modern Style!

Compact taupe modern reclining sofa.

Sleek & Modern!

=> Wayfair

This is a sleek sectional that includes both chaise and recliner.

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It’s very small relative to the other models featured here. In fact, this model will only accommodate three people. It’s ideal for small spaces or in a living space with additional furniture.

The greatest feature here is the modern, sleek look.

It would enhance pretty much any space. In fact, modern and or sleek are not terms normally attributed to recliner sectionals.

A few other pretty cool features include:

  • Adjustable headrests and
  • High quality leather.

If short on space but you still want a comfortable sectional that doesn’t look like it belongs in a media room, this is an excellent option.

6. High-Back Modern Variety

Modern white chaise lounge sectional sofa that reclines.

Learn your head back in comfort!

=> Wayfair

Don’t worry, if white is not your colour this model comes in a wide variety of colours including grey, cream, brown, dark blue and red.

What sets this model apart from many of the other reclining couch is featured here is the high back.

While I am not crazy about the aesthetic of this design, as a person over 6 feet tall I certainly appreciate the high-back which is actually comfortable for leaning one’s head back.

Stylewise, this is curved with a fluid chaise and accompanied by a recliner on the opposite end.

Finally, it is a platform bottom; which means you don’t really see any legs.

7. Small Chaise/Recliner Combo

Small black leather reclining sofa.


=> Hayneedle

Typically I think the bigger the better when it comes to sofas.

However, not all homes have the space for a gargantuan sectional sofa that you often see in featured.

For those of you with smaller spaces such as a condo or apartment or simply have a smaller sofa need, this is an ideal option that is both compact and comfortable.

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Comfort features include a chaise style accompanied with a recliner on the opposite and.

It also features over stuffed cushioning making for a comfortable sitting experience despite it being a fairly small size.

8. Large, Curved and Red

Huge deep red leather reclining sectional sofa.

Elegantly masculine

=> Hayneedle

We’re delighted to feature this red wine model.

The starting point when discussing this model is the quality of the leather which is soft and durable.

With respect to its reclining future, each end of the couch features a power recliner.

My favourite feature of this item is how gorgeous it is. Red may not be for everyone, but this hue of red is definitely right up my alley as it splashes a little colour in the room without being blindingly bright.

Design wise, it is definitely elegantly masculine. The unit accommodates five people very comfortably; in fact, you can see from the photo that each seat is clearly demarcated.

I also like how the arms seamlessly flow from the seat portion each end.

You’ll also notice that there is one console area one seat in from the left side (when looking at it).

While most furniture items in this category are not suitable for a living room, this is definitely an exception.

9. Dark Leather and Large

Contemporary brown leather sectional sofa recliner.

3 Recliners!

=> Hayneedle

Finally, an option where almost everyone gets to recline.

Notice that there are three reclining sections, which is very unusual for any sofa, including the largest options.

Upholstered in rich dark brown leather, this is a contemporary piece that will fit perfectly in any family room or rec room.

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The furthest left area includes a full console as well.

The surface is fairly smooth and means on the flat matte side versus a glossy finish.

If you need a large furniture piece where many people can sit comfortably and that doesn’t look like a row of the theatre reclining seats, this is an option to consider.

10. Compact with Cool Console

Small high back dark gray reclining sectional sofa.

Check out the console!

=> Wayfair

This leather model is a contemporary design that features a reclining and and a very cool table like consul on the other end.

One designed feature is how the back looks like a series of smaller pillows.

I’m not particularly wild about that design feature, but you may like it and it’s definitely a design feature to note.

While it’s not the smallest model available, it’s definitely on the compact side of L shaped sectionals.

One aspect I really like above this is how much of the space is dedicated to seeding; in other words, the frame has a relatively small footprint for the amount of seating it provides; the table like consul being an exception.

You can choose from a variety of colours including beige, dark blue, ruby red and others.

11. Beige Microfiber

Comfortable beige microfiber reclining sectional sofa.

Grand and Soft

=> Wayfair

This is a high quality furniture piece built with wood and metal.

The microfibers’ makes for a soft sofa.

But for our purposes in this post, the notable features include the massive chaise lounge on one and and the extra wide recliner on the other end. Other comfort features include large cascading over-stuffed cushions as well as over-stuffed armrests.

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While I am not wild about the beige colour, because I prefer dark browns, dark reds, and charcoal grey furniture, I appreciate how this lighter beige colour can work very well in particular spaces.

The one thing I can’t argue with his comfortable this sofa appears.

12. Theater Style

Ultra comfortable brown leather sectional with multiple reclining seats.

12b-rec-sLet’s watch


You know you mean business when the year so far photos include a diagram explaining each section.

In all seriousness, this is actually super handy to get a birds eye view of each section so that you know exactly your seating options before you buy.

We would be remiss if we did not include at least one option that is essentially a theatre seating style.

While this item only features one reclining section, it also offers a chaise section on the other end which is essentially the same thing.

Finally of note is the size of the storage console that includes a built-in drink holder.

I would certainly not place this in my living room, but would love to have it in my video room.