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14 Useful Realtor Business Software Options for Growing Business and Serving Clients

grreen and white Real estate software interface

Thanks to modern technology, the real estate marketplace is slowly going paperless. With real estate software tools, realtor business software, real estate agencies, landlords and homeowners can keep tracks of their residents, properties, leases, rents, maintenance tasks and finances. These tools provide everything from helping a client book a slot for visiting a for-sale house to giving them a 3D experience of the interior of the home.

Here are some of the best realtor business tools:

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1. Zillow Premier AgentZillow Premier Agent interface with map and images on the right side

This extremely powerful realtor advertising tool helps real estate agents connect with more than 160 million Zillow visitors every month.

Zillow Premier Agent allows you to submit new listings on the platform for free and “claim” listings that were uploaded from your MLA to Zillow. This allows you to exclusively add your name and contact information in the upper right corner of the listings page. This is beneficial because when a buyer sees your listing from Zillow or Trulia, you have better odds of getting their inquiry and earning a full commission.

For a little bit of cost, Zillow Premier Agent can also help you advertise on the local listings of other non-Premier Agents.

2. Placesterreal estate software interface on laptop placed on wooden table with plants, journal and phone around it

Placester is an Internet Data Exchange Website Builder for real estate professionals. The software is perhaps the best solution on how to avoid spending hours trying to integrate CMS with a WordPress or fine-tuning CSS.

Placester provides real estate agents with sleek, lead-capturing websites, marketing automation, email marketing, lead management, built-in CRM, performance analytics, free training material, and a 24/7 support center.

The all-in-one realtor business software gives you more time to generate leads and address your clients’ inquiries rather than waste hours on your IDX website.

3. DocuSign Transaction Roomssmartphone with DocuSign app open in front of computer screen with charts

The world’s most trusted electronic signature platform, DocuSign, offers realtors the best platform to sign their documents and close property deals. Agents can access their contracts, send them to the client and have them signed in a second. DocuSign is used by over 250,000 companies worldwide and processes over 2.5 million transactions in a year.

DocuSign is the only tool that offers a realtors exclusive edition and provides ZipForm Plus integration with brokerage houses and real estate agencies. That means seamless integration of NAR documents with all ZipForm Plus members.

The platform also allows agents to keep track of all transactional documents like property contracts and agency disclosure, and set up advanced workflows and approval processes.

4. BoxBrownietwo people discussing architectural plans displayed on a white tablet

When you are posting a listing for a home, you want to make sure you have high-definition photos that engage potential buyers. BoxBrownie allows realtors to provide virtual staging by adding furniture and fixtures to picture of an empty home. It can also enhance images, offer day-to-dusk editing services, and create 3D floor plans.

Realtors can log into a dashboard on BoxBrownie to check the progress on their listings in real time. It also stores images in a library which users can access and download from the back end.

The software has a limited free-trial version as well.

5. Dotloopthree young men looking at a tablet screen and smiling as they talk to each other

DotLoop is a document transaction system acquired by the Zillow Group and provides users with a single platform to complete transactions. It also includes document storing capabilities and electronic signatures.

The software creates customized workplaces or loops for every transaction, where realtors can create custom templates, collaborate on transactions with teams, track and manage documents and loop clients and brokerages in on their progress. During a transaction, you can also view the photo and contact details of each member for easy communication.

Dotloop for teams is a free software tool which offers logo builders, chart reviews and team performance analysis with real-time management software.

6. Key.meKey attached to house shaped red keychain on wooden table

This wonderful tool solves one of the biggest toothaches for realtors: keeping track of clients’ keys. The software allows realtors to snap a picture of the seller’s keys, go to the nearest kiosk and make a copy of it. Now, realtors don’t have to risk losing the clients’ keys.

What is so great about this app is that if you lose a copy, you can simply go back to the kiosk to make another one from the photo that you previously saved in the app. This is a great app for those realtors who don’t want to bother their sellers if they are locked out of the house.

7. MatterportMatterport camera technology signboard on 352 East Java Dr.

Nowadays, all buyers demand virtual tours of their property, especially if they live in remote areas and are unwilling to pay a visit to the house that they want to buy. Matterport is a wonderful real estate tool that helps realtors provide 3D walkthroughs of the property to their clients.

Realtors can hire photographers with Matterport cameras to give their clients a 3D tour or buy the camera themselves. It is a bit on the pricey side but if you are able to primary it, you can find yourself with a lucrative business, making 3D tours.

Matterport provides clients with images that capture color and depth and its powerful cloud processing can make a virtual environment seem like real-world experience.

8. HutchModern and minimal Interior home decor

Like the previously mentioned BoxBrownie, Hutch is a home staging tool; however, it has several more interesting options. Realtors can enrich the images of their listing by adding actual home furniture that you can buy.

Instead of fake-looking ball chairs that would look more appropriate in an outdated video game, Hutch offers realtors the ability to upload a photo of a room and fill it with real chairs, tables, hangings, rugs and mirrors that one can actually purchase. The tool also offers an option which points to the vendors who offer the furniture and other items displayed in the photographs.

Hutch is not just a great image enhancing software; its ability to make the client see how a house would look with stuff inside, also makes it a great interior decorating software.

9. Showing SuiteShowing Suite realtor software tool on tablet and smartphone placed on wooden table with architectural plans

Open houses require realtors to manage a ton of dynamic things. As a result, many real estate professionals are left struggling with how to manage clients’ contact details, lockbox codes and organize notes. That’s where Showing Suites comes in.

The software offers digital sign-in sheets, automates open house showing schedules, manages buyer agent feedback and takes care of all the images, videos and notes that you want to store with your listing. It also allows syncing with Senntrilock and Supra EKey lockbox software. Additionally, having all the information in one place helps you quickly and efficiently writes regular showing reports for your seller.

10. ZumperZumper rental tool link on search result on a computer screen

Real estate apartment renting website, Zumper, has a software tool for realtors that takes away the pain of managing rents processes. The all-in-one app comprises features from almost a dozen rental apps, like Trulia and Padmapper.

The app connects property managers and brokers together with the renters by presenting your listing in an easy-to-search site. It can also run rental applications and Experian credit reports directly on your iPhone or Android phone.

One of its features, called Instant Apply, gives potential renters an edge over the competition. If there are multiple offers on a single property, an interested renter with Zumper can immediately apply from his phone and beat others who were considering the same property.

This app does the work of rental agents for them.

11. BombBombtwo people discussing the image of a house on a tablet

A picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to video, you can just multiply the effect exponentially. BombBomb helps realtors create engaging, interesting, easy-to-make video email content. The app allows you to create customized videos and insert them directly into emails. It even tracks how many recipients have watched it.

BombBomb claims to have received 80 percent more replies from its client after using this technology.

12. HubSpotHubSpot marketing tool website on a computer's browser window

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales tool that helps companies generate leads and enhance customer engagement. For realtors, HubSpot provides features to achieve their lead targets. It also helps create and manage SEO-compliant content, landing pages, blogs, social media, email marketing campaigns and ads that work in collaboration.

With its cloud-based CRM platform, HubSpot helps small and big B2B and B2C companies analyze their business metrics in a variety of segments like real estate, marketing, retail, construction and accounting. Additionally, it offers a real-time view of the sales funnel and tracks client interactions through phone calls, email and social media to analyze email performance. It also sends a real-time notification every time a client opens an email or downloads an attachment.

13. RealScoutwife and husband standing in front of their new home with the keys and smiling

RealScout is a software solution that helps realtors grow their leads by showing them listings that they care about. RealScout BrokerIQ generates insights about a brokerage’s buyers and then uses this data to help realtors win listings and close in-house deals.

It browses through your MLS for new listings based on any of the 400 criterions that your lead selects such as the number of bedrooms, waterfront location etc. It automatically sends them an email that looks like it was written by a realtor.

With this technology, realtors can build a whole list of clients that are interested in active and future listings. It also provides analyses of brokerage buyers’ demand data which helps them negotiate price reductions from homeowners.

This tool can also help generate powerful listing presentations while taking in account the real –time demand insights. Using RealScout can mean the difference between an average month and an exceptional month.

14. TurboTenantrealtor having a discussion with clients that have a bag with them

This free tool for property owners encompasses all the important aspects of real estate rentals. TurboTenant allows you the opportunity to market your property by integrating it with numerous listing sites and uploading vacancies on Craiglist. In addition to that, it also accurately prices your property and protects it.

The website allows you to create a professional-looking listing that displays all the relevant details of your rental property like the monthly lease, required deposit, terms and conditions and so on.

TurboTenant offers a tool for potential tenants to submit their application online. On the other hand, it offers realtors free tenant screening report that includes information about evictions, criminal records and credit scores. In short, you can use this information to decide whether you should accept a tenant’s application or not.

In Conclusion…

Realtor business software tools are an excellent way to streamline and simplify team processes like open houses, lead generation and CRM management. Because of this, it is important that realtors utilize the very best and most updated tools in the market to enhance client experience and win cutting edge competency over their competitors.