Quartz Countertops Cost Calculator (30 Seconds Or Less)

Kitchen with quartz countertop

Do you need to figure out how much your quartz countertops will cost? Use our very simple calculator to calculate the approximate cost of quartz counters - whether you're buying just the materails and installing yourself or cost of materials plus installation.

Quartz countertop is my favorite countertop material. I like the fact it can come in a less “busy” design than granite and offers more color options.

The downside is quartz is just as, if not more expensive than granite.

How expensive is a quartz countertop? Check out our calculator below to get an approximate cost estimate.

Quartz Countertop Cost Calculator


The above calculator is based on the following assumptions:

Quartz costs:

  • Low: $55/sq. ft.
  • Mid: $70/sq. ft.
  • High: $90/sq. ft.

Labor costs:

  • Basic: $45/sq. ft.
  • Some additional work needed: $75/sq. ft.
  • Lots of additional work needed: $90/sq. ft.

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Disclaimer: Our calculator is intended to be used as a guideline only calculating a rough approximate cost. There are many variables involved which makes it impossible to calculate with any certainty the precise cost of your quartz countertops. Moreover, our calculator is not a quote for fees. We do not sell quartz counters, nor do install countertops.


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