Platinum House by Atelier Spinoza

Platinum House by Atelier Spinoza

Architect: Atelier Spinoza

The Platinum House is a three-story building located in Tokyo, Japan designed by Atelier Spinoza. It is situated on a narrow lot, hence the architects extended the home vertically to maximize the home’s space. Inside, a cozy interior flooded by natural light heightens the airy vibe of the house. There’s an internal courtyard that invites more natural light as you grasp a feel of the outdoors without compromising privacy.

The triangular courtyard opens to the main living space so it can distribute the natural light inside via floor to ceiling windows and glass patio door. It is topped with an open grating of the second-floor deck so light can freely flow inside. The central staircase is also open to allow light in different parts of the house, keeping each corner off the dark.

The spacious feel of the house is integrated with a minimalist interior. White walls create larger visual space while wooden ceilings and floors clad the home with a cozy atmosphere. You’ll find fresh green plants everywhere which is a nice touch as it not only adds a pop of color to the house but it also provides a feeling of being close to nature.

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