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Phyllis McGuire’s Mansion in Las Vegas, NV (Listed for $6.5 Million)

This is a look at the back of the mansion from the vantage of the pool. You can see here that it has rows of glass doors that open the interiors to the backyard pool area. Image courtesy of

Born in 1931 in Ohio, Phyllis McGuire was the youngest of three sisters who later formed a band, aptly named “The McGuire Sisters.”  Her career also included acting, and she appeared in several films and on The Ed Sullivan Show.  When she built her very one-of-a-kind home in Las Vegas, the city was a popular hangout for Hollywood stars.  She was known to host lavish parties with as many as 500 guests.

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If you’re heading to Las Vegas anytime soon there’s something you might like to do besides hitting the Strip.  There’s a mansion in the city that once belonged to well-known 1950s singer Phyllis McGuire.  It’s for sale, so you might want to check it out — it’s located at 100 Rancho Circle.  It’s listed for $6.5 million, so if you hit the jackpot at the casino, who knows?  You might be in the running to make an offer.

When you enter the home, you’re likely to feel as though you’re half a world away from Las Vegas.  Walk through the foyer and you’ll be greeted by a replica of the base of the Eiffel Tower, standing 44 feet high.  You will pass under decorative arches that lead the way to the rest of the 26,000-square-foot mansion.

Like the foyer, the living room is elaborately decorated and furnished with enough sofas and tables to accommodate a small crowd.  The focal point of this room is the elegant grand piano in the center.

This larger-than-life dwelling also boasts a sizable bar area.  Its green countertops may remind you of the felt coverings of the blackjack tables at the casino.  Checkered floors and wooden stools give this part of the home a bit of old-school charm. Not far from the bar is a pool table, illuminated by vintage fixtures.  There are other bars and living areas throughout the home, including a cabaret lounge.  Clearly, this massive structure was designed to entertain large crowds of Hollywood elites.

There’s also a miniature museum that displays dresses and other attire worn by McGuire and the other members of the McGuire Sisters band.  Other “quirks” of this home include bulletproof windows, automatic shutters, and a room decked out with chairs and globes.

Another unique feature of the home is the primary bedroom with its four closets.  Each of them is spacious enough to serve as a separate room.  By the way, the home has a total of 5 bedrooms and ten bathrooms.  There are also two dining rooms connected to a chef’s kitchen, ballrooms, and a disco in the basement.

The sprawling home was built on a 2-acre parcel.  On the grounds, you’ll find two swimming pools, a lagoon, a detached billiards room, a tennis court, and lush gardens.

In addition to the mansion, there is a large guest house and another area that is open to the public.  This spot, Phyllis’s Place, includes a soda fountain, ice cream bar, and grill.  The public sections can accommodate hundreds of people.