150 Transitional Living Room Ideas for 2019

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If you find that the Traditional style for your living room is too formal, but a Contemporary style is a little too minimalist, the Transitional style may have all the elements you want when designing your living room.

Out of the 916,645, living rooms and 18 styles analyzed, 13.49 percent (or 123,633) have a Transitional style.

Understanding Transitional Style

The Transitional style can be best described as a “happy medium” between Contemporary and Traditional styles. While both Contemporary and Traditional have many great elements that can make a living room feel comfortable and an ideal place for gathering, both styles can be a little too much (or too little) for some homeowners.

Living rooms with a Traditional style typically look and feel formal. All the fabrics, from the accent pillows to the drapes, either match or complement each other. While the Traditional style can be beautiful, it can be less than inviting or comfortable for people who just want to kick back and relax.

Contemporary styled living rooms are the opposite of Traditional living rooms but can be equally uncomfortable or uninviting for some. Contemporary style is “funky” and minimal. The furniture is simple, and most Contemporary living rooms opt out of matching accessories or even hanging drapes.

As you look through our Transitional Design Gallery, you will see how the style might be “just right” for many homeowners.

The In-Between Style

Like many styles, the Transitional style may be open to interpretation, depending on the personal preferences of the homeowner, but the style is truly designed to be “in-between” Traditional and Contemporary.

This means that colors throughout the living room are neutral and furniture is neither too ornate or too rigid. Rather than having matching lamps and vases, or none at all, a Transitional style may have a few accessories that pay homage to either Traditional or Contemporary.

Not Too Showy

Transitional living rooms are also a suitable place to showcase eye-catching accessories that are eclectic, vintage, or that add a pop of color to the soft and subtle colors throughout the living room.

As we mentioned earlier, a Transitional style living room should be comfortable and welcoming. Transitional living rooms are perfect for formal gathering with work colleagues as well as an impromptu hang out with friends. While the style can still look “put together” it can also look like space where one wants to spend the afternoon lounging around and enjoying the quiet space.

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