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Living room and dining table's look from the house's second floor. Photo credit: BorxuAtelier RZLBD

Another living room boasting a grand piano and a collection of guitars as wall decoration. Wide screen TV keeps the entertainment in the room at high level.Trulia

The living room comes with a complete set of plush furniture and rug along with bright table lamps.Trulia

Just behind the staircase is the large bookshelf placed near the living area.la SHED architecture

The living area boasts a large bookshelf and a nice rug perfect for a reading time with family or friends.la SHED architecture

Large 2-story living room with upper landing, white furniture, fire on rich dark wood floor and incredible ceiling beams.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Large rec room with billiards table, TV area and bar.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Incredible great room with living room and dining area and upper landing looking down.Source: Zillow DigsTM

The formal living room looks very elegant with tiles flooring and a stylish rug. The sofa set and table are all very stylish while the canvas wall art adds elegance to the room.Trulia

Another living room that features an oversized sofa on an elegant rug.Trulia

The room can be transitioned into a kids bedroom because of its outer space themed ceiling. The carpet flooring looks perfect with the light blue walls.Trulia

Huge formal living room with a vaulted ceiling and a nice sofa set together with a fireplace and chandelier.Zillow DigsTM

The home also boasts a long white bench seating with multiple glass windows.Trulia

Huge living room with a vaulted ceiling and glass doors together with a white sofa set and laminated flooring.Zillow Digs TM

Vaulted ceiling living room with glass doors and a fireplace together with bookshelves and white sofa set.Zillow Digs TM

The hardwood-filled living room of the singer creates a relaxing feeling along with the soft and contemporary sofa set. There's also a fireplace and a piano to make the stay in the living room much better. The vaulted ceiling is filled by recessed ceiling lights the bar is just behind the sofa set.Trulia

Another shot at Charlie's living room focusing o the beauty of the glass windows, sofa set and the fireplace.Trulia

The large living room offers comfort and relaxation with its contemporary sofa set in front of a stylish fireplace.Trulia

Source: Zillow Digs TM

Source: Zillow Digs TM

A living room with high ceilings can create a “Wow!” factor that will you leave you and your guests impressed.

In a living room with a tall ceiling, it can feel like you have an endless amount of space. However, if you use the wrong design tricks, the luxury of added space can make the room feel empty and uninspiring.

Features of a Living Room with Tall Ceilings

A high ceiling in your living room is useful for ensuring that the room receives the proper air circulation that it needs to feel spacious while effectively improving the feel of the room once a person steps inside of the room.

While a living room with tall ceilings can inspire feelings of freedom and awe, the additional space and the extra cost of a high ceiling can go to waste if the high ceilings aren’t properly incorporated into the overall look of the room.


The lighting in a room with high ceilings can help bring the spacious and sophisticated look together. You have the option of illuminating your living room in more than a few stylish ways. You could hang pendant lights or a light chandelier from the ceilings, and you could arrange your lights so that they fall on a coffee table or whatever you’ve used to center the room.

Hanging a statement piece of lighting like a chandelier will help connect the upper and lower portions of your living room.


Accents like beautiful pieces of furniture can highlight the tall ceilings in your living room. If you’re a book lover, tall bookcases can assist with pulling the room together. If you’re an art lover, you should consider placing paintings higher up on the wall and it will help to emphasize your tall ceilings

If you have a large budget, an extended fireplace is also a beautiful addition to any living room with high ceilings.

Color Schemes

You can make your living room feel more cozy or intimate if you incorporate your high ceilings into your overall color scheme. If you’ve taken a note from the info above about hanging pieces of art from your personal collection, you’ll want to make sure that you take risks with bold colors: reds, yellows, oranges.

However, if you prefer something more simple, a classic coat of white paint will help your high ceilings brighten and add height to the room.