38 Living Rooms with White Couches

What I love about white sofas is they go with any color scheme and with wood flooring offer an amazing contrast. You're gonna love these best-of-the-best living room designs with white sofas.
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Living room with a long white couch

My wife and I have a white couch and club chair in our living room.  Amazingly, it’s not stained and that’s with two young kids in the house.  The fabric comes off so we can wash it and because it’s white, if necessary, it can be bleached.  So, while white may sound like a crazy color for a sofa, if you get one that’s either stain-resilient or the fabric can be removed and washed, it’s actually good.

On top of that, and not to blow our own horn, white couches look fabulous. I love it contrasting with our hardwood floors.  It’s a simple color scheme we have, but it looks great.  We’re not the only ones who think so.  White is a very popular color for living room furniture.

Below we cherry-picked the very finest living room designs with a white sofa.  I think you’ll agree with me that the designs below are nothing short of spectacular.


White Couch Collection

White Color Chart

Below is a chart setting out the various shades of white.

Shades of white color chart


The white couch is hot.  After all, we have one… kidding.  Actually, we do have one, but that’s not the reason it’s trending of course.  Check out the trend chart.

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