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DIY Home Theater with Stadium Seating, Projector and Killer Sound System

You will love this DIY home theater design which includes many photos stepping you through exactly how this professional-looking media room was built from a bare room to an incredible cinema-like entertainment space.

Photo of the finished DIY home theater from behind showcasing the 4 seats built on stadium-like seating platform all having a great view of the screen.

This DIY home theater project was kindly provided by a reader of Home Stratosphere.

The room is capable of watching regular TV, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu as well as Blueray DVDs. It’s the ultimate TV Room.

Below is a series of photos that step you through exactly what he did to create a professional-looking media room with some very nice flourishes that give it a vintage cinema look.

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Total Cost: $20,000 (approximately).

How long:  Worked 1 weekend day per week for 1 year to complete.


As you can see in the finished result above, the room includes stadium seating with large, plush leather (real leather) armchairs that cost $3,200 for all four. No expense was spared on the chairs, which I think was very smart. After all, comfort is paramount when enjoying a movie or TV show.

Make and model:  Valencia Syracuse Home Theater Seating


The projector is a Panasonic PT-AW-100U floor-mounted projector.


You’ll also notice that the format is a projector with screen. This is ideal for a home theater, but given the size of today’s televisions, you can also opt for an 85″ TV that’s wall-mounted. If going the TV route, it’s more of a media room than a home theater.

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What’s cool is that the projector is mounted on the floor placed in a custom-built wood box.


In addition to the Tannoy speakers at the front and rear, shaker bass speakers were wired into each seat.

Color scheme

I love the two-tone gray walls, matte black ceiling and red color scheme used. The splashes of red on the walls under the lights look great as it matches the deep red carpeting.

Universal remote control

Everything in the room is controlled by one universal remote control – lights, sound and viewing material. Homeowner went with the Genesis MX-900 universal remote control.

Not just the room

The builder of this custom home theater created a fun entry area into the theater creating a “home cinema” effect.

Below, you can scroll through photos that depict the step-by-step process for building this top-notch home theater.

Step-by-Step Instructions (Photos)

The Finished Result (Photos)