601 Examples of Living Rooms with Area Rugs (Photos)

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2-story living room with large area rug

Welcome to our gallery of living rooms with area rugs!

Below is our huge photo gallery featuring living rooms with area rugs.

Area Rug Photo Gallery

The living room boasts elegant furniture set along with a grand chandelier and a fireplace.


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Hardwood and tile floors are much easier to keep clean than carpet, but nothing beats a plush, warm place to rest your feet after a long day. I hate resting my feet on a cold, hard floor, so I prefer a rug. When it gets dirty and worn, it’s easier to replace than carpet (and cheaper too!)

A nice area rug can add not only warmth, but color and texture to an otherwise neutral room. Bringing in accent pillows to pick up colors from the rug is an easy way to tie in a rug that may or may not match the colors of your walls.

There is a variety of ideas on how large your area rug should be: some rooms have all furniture legs on the rug, some have only the front legs on the rug. Some have no legs on the rug or maybe one leg from the chairs and two from the couches.  The living rooms in this selection may not all be arranged with the same size proportions, but they all follow the most important rug rule:

There must be at least 18 inches of bare floor around the perimeter of the rug. (The exception to this rule is in smaller rooms, where you can reduce the distance to 8 inches.)

We hope you’ll enjoy this gallery and come away with inspiration for your own living room.

Are large area rugs best for a living room?

Generally, you’ll get a large area rug for your living room because it will fill out a good portion of the space.  You’ll notice many examples in our extensive gallery above have large sizes.

However, sometimes and depending on your living room layout, you may opt for a smaller rug off to the side demarcating a section of the space such as a small reading nook.

Updating Gallery

Recently we’ve implemented software in our site so that our galleries, including this one, automatically updates with new photos and designs as they’re added to the site.  We add new interior design projects and portfolios every day so over time, this gallery will grow with more and more examples of living room designs with area rugs.

Bare Floor vs. Area Rug?

This is the main question, isn’t it.  It boils down to personal choice.  I love the look of a nice area rug on top of hardwood.  I also like that it helps reduce noice, adds warmth to the floor and softness when in stocking feet.

All in all, I think it’s a no-brainer to opt for an area rug if you have hardwood or laminate flooring in your living room.