40 Industrial Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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2018-11-08 at 7.32.02 AMkitchen-without-cabinets-W4 Arquitetura Criativa 3

Designed by: W4 Arquitetura Criativa | Photos by: Cristiano Bauce

Industrial kitchen with wall mounted wine glass rack, metal LED wine letter block, and interior barn door.

Source: Wayfair

Industrial silver kitchen with white walls and lined up pendant lights together with glass windows and door framed with black painted metal.
Industrial silver kitchen with built-in shelving and recessed ceiling lights together with glass door.

Photo by

Eilmann Architekt - Search kitchen


Industrial silver kitchen with glass windows and pendant lights.
Industrial U-shaped kitchen with stainless steel appliances.


by Paul Craig Photography - Look for kitchen design


Industrial silver kitchen with stainless steel appliances and pendant lights.


by Rose-Leigh Design - Discover kitchen design


Large industrial kitchen with pendant lights, built-in shelving and tile flooring.

Designed by: SuperLimao Studio


Designed by: Baran Studio


Designed by: Slade Architecture


Designed by: Slade Architecture


Designed by: Slade Architecture


Industrial Design Features

If you decide on an industrial design for your kitchen, there are several elements that you should include in the room. An industrial look calls for open, airy spaces with both natural and electrical lights.

If you’re renovating your house and the kitchen is enclosed, consider eliminating a wall to open the space. Industrial designs for home kitchens are not that popular because only about 0.69% in a recent design survey of over 1.78 million kitchens had them.

Exposed Materials

Exposing brick and overhead joists are easy ways to introduce an industrial aesthetic into your kitchen. Since the industrial style is imitating what is found in old factories, the room should have an unfinished look to it. Instead of hiding the ductwork of your home’s HVAC system behind walls, leave it exposed to add to your kitchen’s industrial appearance.

Bringing in Light

Light is also important when giving the kitchen an industrial design. Leave windows bare to allow natural light to flood the space. Install metal industrial light shades to hang over the counters or island as another prominent feature. This information about industrial design can tell you which elements are important for creating this kitchen style.

Flooring Options

Like most kitchen designs, hardwood flooring works well in an industrial kitchen. Choosing wide planks to imitate reclaimed wood can help to create an unfinished appearance. However, concrete also works well in many homes.

Concrete is inexpensive, but a creative medium for flooring. It can be stained any color and, during installation, the concrete can be stamped to resemble other flooring types like tiles or wood floors. Concrete flooring was found in about two percent of over 575,000 kitchens in the same survey.

Industrial Furnishings

When choosing furniture and accessories for your industrial kitchen, consider shopping at second-hand and construction salvage shops. Metallic tables, chairs, and metal canisters can add to the industrial vibe.

Stainless steel appliances will also fit in well with an industrial design.

9 Tips for adding industrial style elements to your kitchen

The factories that spread throughout the United States and other Western countries in the 19th century are nothing like the modern industrial facilities of today.

While OSHA regulations and product specifications are the central areas of focus in design today, the first generation of factories were simply awe-inspiring, built of towering brick walls. On the inside, you could see the steel girders and beams that held everything in place. Lights plummeted down from the ceiling to hover over work areas. While the safety record of those factories left a bit to be desired, the aura of those edifices is a popular look for kitchens in modern homes.

Check out some of these ideas and photos of industrial kitchen design ideas for your home to take your guests back to the Industrial Revolution when they enter your kitchen.

1. Place an emphasis on brick

Loft kitchen with brick wall

If you’re lucky enough to have brick beneath your sheet rock, you can simply take it off to expose the masonry beneath. If not, you have a couple of options. You can still strip the sheet rock and then apply a brick veneer, or even put a layer of bricks in over the studs. Then, you can either use the natural color of the bricks or paint them to match the color scheme you want for your kitchen.

2. Expose the joists overhead

Open concept kitchen with large exposed beams

In an authentic factory, you wouldn’t see a finished ceiling. Instead, you would look and see exposed ductwork, pipes and beams. Take out the finished ceiling in your kitchen so that the joists overhead can show through, as well as the ducts. If your ductwork isn’t really worth showing, you can have new ones installed, or you can refinish it.  Click here for a project featuring gorgeous ceilings!

3. Let the lights hang down

Industrial kitchen in home with hanging lights and exposed beams

If you look at pictures of old factories, you see gorgeous light fixtures hanging on long downrods that run up into the ceiling. You can find many of these at secondhand shops or websites like Overstock.com at bargain pricing.

Run them up into the ceiling, if you keep it, or up to the point where the wiring connects in. Then run the lights down above your kitchen island. This allows you to replicate the feel of an industrial workspace, and the art deco effects of the lighting can serve as the conversation piece in your kitchen.

4. Make your counter space look industrial

Modern kitchen with stainless steel counter tops

The typical kitchen island features a countertop of tile, granite or marble, with wooden cabinetry below. To give your kitchen more of an industrial feel, put in a stainless steel top or concrete, and instead of cabinets, have exposed metal shelving. This gives you easier access to your pans and other items you put down there, and it also gives your kitchen the aura of an industrial workshop.

Leave the finish on the metal below a little distressed, because real factories wouldn’t have had shiny surfaces on equipment shelves. On the top of the island, you can use a more glossy look to the metal.

5. Hang copper from the ceiling

Pot rack with copper pots hanging in kitchen

If you have some copper pots and pans, you can install a copper rack that hangs from the joists or the ceilings, and then hang the pots from it. This would work really well with a copper-colored island worktop, and natural wood color in the joists above and the cabinetry above the counter surfaces. The more metal (and particularly the more antiqued metal) you have going in the kitchen, the more effective the industrial look will be for you.

6. Make the furniture match as well

If you are willing to spend some time going to flea markets and trolling eBay and some of the furniture-specific secondhand forum sites, you can find some unique pieces to go in your kitchen. There are stools you’ll find that date back over a hundred years that would work well next to your bar. Put a stainless steel flat surface on top of the bar and slide the stools up to it.

If you are going for more of a silver and gray look, paint the stools a matte black. If you’re going more for the wood look with the joists and a butcher block look, you can leave more of the brown oxidation on the stools.

You can even get creative and build your own factory salvage furniture!

7. Add some modern touches where desired

Open concept kitchen with exposed stairway

Just because you want to create that factory look doesn’t mean that every touch has to come from the Ulysses S. Grant era, of course. On top of the brick, you can hang some modern gridwork to make things a little more eclectic. If you have a stairway coming down into the kitchen or adjacent room, give it a metal railing that matches the look in the kitchen, and attach that gridwork to the bottom of the railing.

8. Open up the space

Open concept kitchen with concrete walls and ceiling opening up to concrete living room

Take a look at the walls, particularly where you need to support a load. If you have an exterior wall that has points where you don’t need as much support, think about converting it to a glass surface. That way you can convert that wall into windows that bring in natural light.

While artificial light coming from some period fixtures is definitely a great idea, natural light spilling in from one wall can also be a breathtaking effect. Many factories from that time period featured walls that were some or all glass, to allow the heat from the industrial processes to escape.

9.  Use Concrete

Concrete kitchen interior design

Concrete is becoming more and more popular for home interiors – it’s used for walls, floors, ceilings and countertops.  It can be left in the natural state giving it a more industrial look or can have finishes applied that provide more color and design.

Kitchen with concrete ceiling and exposed pipesConcrete, while more expensive than other materials, can be a terrific material for building a home because it’s durable, strong, provides excellent insulation (sound and temperature) and looks very chic (especially if you want to add an industrial look to your design).

These are just some of the ideas that decorators have used to create unique industrial spaces inside kitchens.

There are as many different possibilities as there are kitchens, and the only limitations that you face come from the available space, the structural requirements of the walls in your kitchen as far as supporting the house, and the money you want to spend.

Once you decide on the colors you want your industrial kitchen to highlight, then you have the adventure of picking out the various pieces of your new space. After putting it all together, you will have a space that makes entertaining your friends more exciting.

Talk to a decorator in your area if you want an in-home consultation on the best moves for your space.

Industrial apartment design with open kitchen, stainless steel island and exposed wood beams