100 Glittering Foyers with Chandeliers (2018)

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Foyer with a glittering chandelier

When you have a foyer with a tall ceiling, a chandelier is an ideal lighting option.  You can brightly light up the entrance to offer a well lit entry for guests, plus they can look fabulous.

However, if you have a lower ceiling, a chandelier is not the best ceiling light option because you don’t want your guests to walk into the light upon entering your home.

Like with most lighting options, what works best for your room/home largely depends on each individual space.

Below is our foyer chandelier gallery to give you an idea of what different types of chandeliers look like in various foyer designs.

Photo Gallery

The home's glittering foyer features an elegant staircase along with a chandelier and classy furniture.
Bird's eye view of large foyer with chandelier and upper landing.
Curved stairs lead into marble floor foyer.
Mediterranean style foyer with winding staircase, arched front door and chandelier.

Listed by: The Joffe Group

Source: Zillow DigsTM


If you don’t like what you see or hope to see more, bookmark this page because we’re constantly adding more foyers to our entry hall galleries and those with a chandelier will be added here.

Where should you put your foyer chandelier?

It should be centered in the space so light is evenly distributed throughout the room and because lights off-center can give off an odd aesthetic.

What type of chandelier is best for the foyer?

Unlike chandeliers for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, foyers with tall ceilings look great with long, large chandeliers that fill up the space.  You can definitely get away with 4 or 5+ tiered options.

What other lights work well in tandem with foyer chandeliers?

Wall sconces are a great additional light in a foyer with a chandelier.  They’re out of the way, offer ambient lighting and help decorate what are usually barren walls.  Because the room isn’t usually all that large, there isn’t a lot of ceiling surface area for scattering recessed lighting.  I prefer the chandelier/wall sconce combo; however, it may well be that the chandelier on its own will do the job.

Aren’t chandeliers expensive?

Yes and no.  Large, extravagant crystal chandeliers will cost you thousands of dollars.  Whether you spend that much is up to you, but it’s not always necessary unless you have an unusually large foyer.  Smaller, less formal versions will do the job as well.  In fact, large, fancy chandeliers aren’t all that popular these days.  People lean toward a more casually designed home.

Consider a matching window

One cool curb-appeal affect is that your chandelier can be seen from outside the home.  If your chandelier hangs just above the door, place a window above the door so your chandelier shines outside too.  It’s a cool effect, especially with more traditional styles of home such as Georgian, French, Federal and Antebellum.