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300 Ceiling Design Ideas (Pictures)

Get ideas for custom ceiling design here with these 300 ceiling ideas (photos). Filter by ceiling type and for room to get inspiration for exactly what you're looking for.

Welcome to our ceiling picture gallery where you can get all kinds of ceiling ideas.

Scroll all photos below or filter by room and/or ceiling type.  Jump to various ceilings:  Vaulted | Cathedral | Coffered | Tray | Tall | Shed | Cove | Beams | Groin Vault

Not only are there many ceiling options, you can search the above for ceiling options by room which can be helpful when designing an entire home or a specific room.

Without a doubt, the ceiling can be the star of any room’s design.  When you walk into a living room with soaring 20 foot ceilings, that’s the first thing you’ll notice and appreciate.

Likewise, when you walk into a kitchen with a gorgeous coffered ceiling, that certainly stands out and enhances the overall aesthetics.

While it’s easier and much less expensive to go with a regular flat ceiling, if you have a few extra dollars or want to really make your home’s interior stand out, put some thought into ceiling design for key rooms such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom.

Of course, creating a spectacular ceiling isn’t cheap, especially if you go with a vaulted variety which requires structural planning and design.

If your home has regular ceilings, you’re not without options.  Simply adding some crown molding or a coffered design can enhance the ceiling design.  However, always be mindful of the height… adding features that lower the clearance could be a bad idea.

We hope our hundreds of ceiling photos help give you some really good ceiling design ideas.

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Tags: Categories: Ceilings

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