Vaulted Ceilings Photo Gallery (100’s of Photos)

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Vaulted ceiling design ideas.

Welcome to our vaulted ceilings photo gallery for all rooms of the home.

This is our main vaulted ceilings page where we showcase vaulted ceilings for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers and all other rooms of the home.

Photo Gallery


What is a vaulted ceiling?

It’s a ceiling that is taller than the standard 8 foot ceiling, but it also includes some form of an angle to it.  It could be one angle (also known as a shed ceiling).  It could be two angles joining together, wither asymmetrically or in the center (when joined in the center it’s also known as a cathedral ceiling).

Moreover, the ceiling may be curved or bowed, which is another distinguishing factor from cathedral ceilings, which join symmetrically and have straight angles.

In a nutshell, a vaulted ceiling is an umbrella term for any ceiling taller than the standard 8 feet… but often involves some angle.  If there’s no angle but the ceiling is fairly tall, that’s a tall flat ceiling, but often referred to as vaulted.