201 Tall (2-Story) Ceiling Designs (Pictures)

75 soaring and gorgeous cathedral ceiling designs for many different rooms. Incredible.

Living room with a very tall ceiling

Tall ceilings, some of which tower to 2 stories or more, can incorporate other types of ceilings such as vaulted, cathedral, beamed, etc.

A tall ceiling is just that – something that’s taller than the usual 8 to 10 foot ceiling.  More and more homes incorporate tall ceilings in part of their homes, usually the living room or great room because it’s simply fabulous.  Check out our massive gallery showcasing tall ceilings.

Tall Ceilings Photo Gallery

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What is a 2-story ceiling?

A 2 story ceiling is one that rises at least two stories (20 feet).  However, tall ceilings could be shorter or taller than that.


Which rooms work with tall ceilings?

Mostly extra tall ceilings are incorporated into the living room or great room of a home.  The rest of the living space usually has a second floor above it.  It’s rare you see a kitchen with an extra tall ceiling, or bathrooms for that matter.

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