50 Shed-Style Ceiling Design Ideas (Images)

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Great room with shed ceiling

Shed ceilings can look great in the right room with a one-way slope.  They can be a mild slope or steep.  They can span large or small rooms.

We put together a huge collection of shed style ceilings below.  Browse the gallery for inspiration and ideas.

Shed Ceilings Photo Gallery


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What is a shed ceiling?

A shed ceiling is one that on an angle rising to a higher point on one end than the other.  It’s not a terribly common ceiling type, but it can be used with great effect, especially a steeper, more dramatic style shed ceiling.

Which rooms work with shed ceilings?

Shed ceilings are typically reserved for living spaces type rooms such as living rooms, great rooms and family rooms.  However, they are also somewhat used in master bedrooms.