101 Tray Ceiling Design Ideas (Photos)

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Great room with tray ceiling

For flat, lower ceilings, the tray ceiling is a simple way to add depth and the perception of a taller ceiling to any room.  It’s a simple concept – it’s aptly named for the inverted tray-like appearance.

Below we set out an extensive photo gallery showcasing a huge variety of different tray ceilings in all kinds of rooms in the house.

Tray Ceilings Photo Gallery

This view of the dining and living space showcases the beautiful white walls and classy flooring along with glass windows overlooking the Los Angeles city.
Luxurious dining room with chandelier, tray ceiling and columns.

Listed by: The Joffe Group

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Luxurious master bedroom with large canopy bed under tray ceiling.

Listed by: The Joffe Group

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Elegant and contemporary formal dining room with tray ceiling.
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Modern master bedroom with platform bed, tray ceiling, ceiling fan and floor to ceiling windows.

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What is a tray ceiling?

A tray ceiling appears as an inverted tray on the ceiling with a drop-down ledge around the perimeter of the room.  It creates the perception of a higher ceiling.

Some tray ceilings have a slight lift while others have an extensive lift.

Which rooms work with a tray ceiling?

Just like a coffered ceiling, most rooms can look good with a tray ceiling including a bathroom, family room, living room, dining room or kitchen.