30 Spectacular Groin Vault Ceiling Designs (Photos)

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Kitchen with spectacular groin vault ceiling

If you really want to impress with your ceilings, get a groin vault ceiling.  They are something else to look at. Just look at the intricate, very complex groin vault ceiling in the kitchen above.

Below we showcase over 30 really cool ceilings in this style for a variety of rooms. As you can see, these ceilings are used in mostly very expensive homes given this is not a cheap style of ceiling to use.

The formal living room offers a cozy fireplace and a grand piano with a nice elegant rug and well-placed lighting.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Another living space is surrounded by white walls and well-placed lighting along with a nice rug and a groin vault ceiling.
Leonardo DiCaprio
The patio just beside the garden boasts a special Italian flooring and elegant seating sections.
Barry Bonds
The living room looks grand with special Italian floors and rug perfectly fits with the sofa set.
Barry Bonds
The living room boasts a traditional style vibe. The hardwood flooring is perfect with the white walls while the sofa set is perfectly placed in front of the fireplace.
The hallway is full of groin vault ceiling with elegant pendant lights and stylish designs on it.
Ziggy Marley
The entry to Ziggy's home makes you feel the old Spanish-style mansion's beauty. With its 2 storey cathedral ceiling, tiles flooring and chandelier, you'll truly fell in love in this home.
Ziggy Marley
Contemporary kitchen with tall vaulted ceiling, arched doorway, green walls and dark brown cabinetry.