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Modular house “TOPOL 27” by DublDom Club

Front view of the modular house with snow

Studio: DublDom Club

Architects: Ivan Ovchinnikov, Olga Sandakova, Kirill Kazakov

Interior design: Anna Kandybovich

Location: Pine River Country Hotel, Zhukovsky district, Kaluga Oblast, Russia.

Production: DublDomClub 

Dates: design, production and installation – 2021

Photographer: Arseniy Rossikhin 

Video: TOPOL27 


About Studio

We dreamed of creating a house that the buyer would be able to pick up from the warehouse on their own, install on their own on the same day and immediately begin using, without wasting time on finishing, selecting furniture, kitchens, dishes and decor. Our new product DublDom TOPOL 27” is exactly like that.

We have put all the functions in one module and you no longer need to assemble a house from separate blocks. In 27 square meters there are 5 functional areas: a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and dressing room – a maximum of comfortable space on a minimum area. And all this arrives in one car and got installed on the foundation.

The project was created as a product for business, based on the experience of production and use of more than a hundred rental houses of the DublDomClub.

The project uses eco-friendly and wear-resistant materials suitable for active use in daily rental conditions. Natural oak is combined with black metal, stone kitchen countertops, and glass. On the floor are a wear-resistant and hypoallergenic material «Forbo Flotex. A large amount of glass harmoniously connects the interior and the natural environment.

The interior was designed as a universal solution for network projects. Everything you need and nothing more. Each item has its own function, is in its place, and is an integral part of the house. The set includes furniture, a kitchen, curtains, dishes, cutlery, household appliances, outdoor and indoor lamps, and a terrace. All the decoration work is done at the factory, so you only need to make a bed and put towels in the bathroom.

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Most of the interior items are selected in chain stores so that they can be quickly replaced, which is important for the rental business. Expensive materials, stone kitchen countertops, wooden windows, and doors set a premium level of decoration and service, emphasizing the contrast between the wild nature and a comfortable modern interior. The compact oven easily heats the entire room, creates comfort, and can be used for cooking

The exterior is made of black metal and wood. This solution delicately fits into any environment, does not dominate nature, and looks harmonious with a large number of identical houses.

The house is set in the PINE RIVER country hotel on the Protva River bank. The stained-glass window by the bed is turned towards the river and the forest on the other side. The location combines openness to the outside world and privacy, opening up to nature from one side and hiding the room from curious eyes from the roadside.