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Maple Wood vs. Cherry Wood (Furniture, Flooring, and Cabinets)


Man hands doing wood carpentry works.

Carpentry is a unique hobby or profession that combines creativity, skill, and hard work.  When entering into a project like this, choosing the correct wood will make the job easier.  We will be looking at the uses of Maple wood and Cherry wood regarding furniture, flooring, and cabinets. 

Maple wood and Cherry wood are both hardwood and will last a long time.  Maple wood is distinctly known for its use in heavy-duty flooring, while Cherry wood is known for the distinct color that darkens with time.  Both Cherry and Maple are durable and robust. 

While both kinds of wood are considered a hardwood, they both possess unique characteristics that make them uniquely suitable for specific projects.  By comparing these characteristics and qualities, we will specifically look into furniture, flooring, and cabinets. 

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Can Maple Wood be Used for Furniture? 

A couple of maple cushioned chairs paired with a round table over wide plank flooring.

Maple wood is one of the most durable woods when it comes to furniture making.  It is the kind of wood that will allow us to build furniture that can be passed down to our grandchildren.   Even though it is considered the second most complicated wood, the wood is not difficult to work with, coming second only to Oakwood. 

The wood has a soft grain and is a light brown in its natural state.  A characteristic of this wood is that it can be stained easily and can, therefore, be made to look like a darker wood.  The wood has a clean finish and can be used in the making of different furniture. 

Maple wood is prevalent in making office furniture or dining room tables, thanks to its long-lasting durability and the effortless manner in which it can withstand dents and scratches.  It is one of the best woods to use in heavy-duty furniture as it is shock-resistant and robust.

Can Cherry Wood be Used for Furniture? 

Cherry wood bed with red striped bedding.

Cherry wood is prevalent for furniture making, thanks to the uniqueness of the wood and its coloring.  The color of the Cherry wood is magnificent as it has a dark-rusty red glow, and the wood will become darker and more prosperous as it ages.  Like good wine, age will improve the state of the wood.  The wood is considered warm and stylish when added to any room. 

The wood is not water-resistant and should be treated in accordance when making furniture from this wood.  It is also important to note that direct sunlight will cause harm to the wood and make it age faster, an observation to consider with outside furniture. 

Cherry wood is also easy to work with and has a glossy appearance when it undergoes treatment. 

Can Maple Wood be Used for Flooring? 

Close-up of basketball court floor made of maple hardwood floor.

Maple wood is considered one of the best woods to use for flooring.  It has a remarkable endurance to heavy underfoot activities due to the hardness of the wood.  Maple wood is smooth wood, and it is easily stained, which means that it can have the power of Maple wood but the look of other wood. 

The wood is primarily used in bowling allies, restaurants, and offices for flooring.  It is also often used in dancehalls. 

It is straightforward to maintain and will only need a good sweep and wash once in a while.  The strength of the wood will also ensure that the wood lasts a long time when used for flooring, and it will not need regular replacement.  In the long run, it is considered an investment in flooring that will last decades. 

Can Cherry Wood be Used for Flooring? 

Loft type apartment with taupe and brick walls, white framed windows, and cherry hardwood flooring.

Cherry wood is famous for flooring, primarily due to the color of the wood.  The unique color that deepens over time gives the room a warm and welcoming feel that will make anyone feel at home. 

Other than the color, Cherry wood also has a natural ability to take the water out of the air thanks to the hardness of the wood.  The floor will preserve for a long time, and it should be maintained regularly. 

Can Maple Wood be Used for Cabinets? 

Spacious kitchen with white appliances, tile flooring, and maple wood cabinetry.

Maple wood is an excellent wood to use for cabinets, and its usability is primarily due to its unique characteristic for withstanding and adapting to humidity and heat.  This characteristic makes it uniquely suitable for kitchen and bathroom cabinets when the humidity and temperatures might change constantly. 

The hardness of the wood will also ensure that it will last longer than other woods, and it is also durable to hits and scratches, which is a crucial thing to consider when building cabinets for rooms that will often be used. 

The cabinets can also be stained to give it a warmer appearance, or it can be left in its original state, giving it a lighter and more serene appearance.  No matter the style you are going for, the vital thing to remember is that Maple wood can last for as long as 30 years when used often and even longer when not used often. 

Can Cherry Wood be Used for Cabinets? 

Kitchen with black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and cherry wood cabinets.

Cherry wood is once again famous for the kitchen, thanks to the warmness of the wood.  Although the wood is hard, it does not contain the ability to withstand the elements naturally and should therefore be treated when it is used in the bathroom or kitchen. 

There are two ways to treat the wood to help preserve the cabinets giving it more extended durability and a shiny finish.  Both these treatments will work well, but the choice depends on the style of the kitchen. 

  • Glazed Wood:   To give the wood a nice finish while protecting it from water damage, glazing the wood is a treatment that can be applied.  The glazing will preserve the original and natural color of the wood; it will also complement the wood as the wood ages. 
  • Tung or linseed oil:  Finishing the wood with Tung or Linseed oil will make the wood darker while preserving its natural state.  The treatment will accentuate the character of the wood, keeping it in an almost natural state. 


When comparing Maple wood and Cherry wood, we can see that Maple wood has a greater variety of uses and is also more durable in most instances.  Cherry wood, on the other hand, is a sophisticated wood that tends to need a little more care and treatment. 

If practicality is what you need, Maple is the kind of wood that will provide that, while Cherry wood will provide a classy and warm feeling to the room. 


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